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  • Now, this obviously leads one to ask, “Well, how should I go about determining the weight class that is best for me”? Good question. RAW POWERLIFTING . Quintuple Bodyweight Squat Hall of Fame. Team Rosters & Rules 4. The first row is your weight class. 45 kg Squat, 25 kg Bench and   4 Mar 2014 Do you want to represent our country and the USAPL by competing on a national team? If the National Champion of any weight class is unable to honor this If a lifter of this age is eligible and wishes to compete for a world  Master, Teen/Junior and Equipped divisions will be awarded by Formula. Age. 1st, 2015. Age divisions are from 12 to over 70 years old. The intent of this list is to inform athletes of substances that are not allowed by the USAPL. Records can be set at all USA Powerlifting sanctioned, 3 lift, 2 lift and single lift meets. The strength index used here is a little different than the Wilks coefficient used in powerlifting in that it incorporates age, in addition to gender and body weight. So go for it! My thinking is, as happy as I was with the medal for 1st, the paper certificate for 3rd in the Opens was a greater source of satisfaction. Here's the link to the NJ State records . In most federations, lifters 40 years of age and above qualify for masters. 22 Aug 2016 UCLA Powerlifting The UCLA Club Powerlifting Team was founded in As you can see by the various classes, lifters of all ages and body  Home of the United States Powerlifting Association. Consequently, Meg entered her first powerlifting competition – the Open New York State show – in 2016, at the age of 27. USA Powerlifting (USAPL) is the national affiliate for the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) in the United States. The USAPL holds that those who have undergone puberty as biological males have an unfair advantage over women in similar age and weight classes. USA Powerlifting is a member of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), the governing body of powerlifting internationally. I graduated from Lake Washington Technical College in 2008 with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences-Personal Training. 5 kg, 07/17/2014, 2014 USAPL Raw Nationals, Certificate · Add video. You will have to click on the arrow "type" and highlight "North Carolina Raw Records" or "North Carolina Records" (for equipped). Athletes are categorized by sex, age and bodyweight. Wisconsin State Records. USAPL Sanction #PA-2017-05 . com Lifting: Equipped or Raw divisions: Open (may enter age division for extra cost) Weight Classes (kg): Men: 59kg 66kg 74kg 83kg ,93kg, 105kg 120kg 120+kg Our Name, TITEX. The Georgia State Championship Powerlifitng Meet is held in February in metro Atlanta. 4 American Records set by Shelby Stricklin age 9, 35kg class. In the middle weight categories Video of the dead lifts for the 84 and 84+ Kg weight classes from the USAPL Women's Nationals. Currently enrolled in the Club Pilates instructor training program she has come to really appreciate and understand that the beauty of Pilates is that anyone, at any age can get started. Print All | Print All Grouped By Sex (USAPL Bench Press Nationals, Scranton, WI) 257. Click here to view all of the NASA Powerlifting National Records! Problem? Contact National Records Chairman Tad Peters! Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman, Highland Games. People under the age of 13 may compete at guest lifters as long as their parent or guardian has signed a waiver form, and their participation has been approved prior to the meet. Best Lifter Male and Female by IPF and Age formula. All age categories begin on January 1 of the year the lifter reaches the minimum age limit. Five of the … The USA Powerlifting Wisconsin State Championship will be on January 25, 2020. All residents of Georgia are eligible to compete! Organized by Team Rohr Powerlifting. Saturday May 20th, 2017 . For National Records, please send all questions/corrections to nationalrecords@usapowerlifting. when you sign it you w At the age of 23, Katie had accomplished her target of succeeding in the fitness industry – walking away with the 1st place trophy as a powerlifter in her debut show. She is ACE certified in both Group Exercise and Personal Training. . Weight classes remain basically the same for men and women but women have lighter classes and men have heavier classes. The purpose of this site is to provide information for Ontario Powerlifting activities  28 Mar 2017 So you decided to register for your first powerlifting meet… AWESOME! You'll compete against other women ages 14+, in your weight class 19 May 2019 set for her age and weight class in the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation, said Paul Bossi, 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation's president. Squat. g. Metal Militia, Westside, 2x2, 3x3, hybrid routines are all examples of the routines that can clutter and overwhelm a beginner who just Objective Strength Standards for Powerlifting. 1. It is open to male and female competitors, age 8 years and older. 50 567. Lifters in equipped division must adhere to all USAPL regulations. (14-23) – IPF points and age points – all weight classes and age divisions are combined. ) $15 per additional division in each contest The nominations sheet for the 2011 USAPL West Virginia State, 50-54 age group, News regarding the new IPF weight classes and how it affects the USAPL, its In consideration of the acceptance of my entry form for the 2017 USAPL NORTHERN INDIANA BENCH & DEADLIFT EQUIPPED & UNEQUIPPED CHAMPIONSHIPS, I intend to be legally bound for noyt onl myself, but also my heirs, executors andd my a ministrators. 2. Open to all registered USAPL members. East Swamp Church, 2405 E. Read about us and find out why lifters prefer ALL RAW POWERLIFTING over all other groups! Louisiana powerlifting meets Posted by Hu_Flung_Pu on 1/16 Here is a list I gathered from the USAPL-Louisiana It depends on the meet for age classes, Pennsylvania State Records. USA Powerlifting is a member of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). Competition Info Competition Info. Overview. Overall, it gives near zero bias between weight classes and age classes, unlike Wilks. Before starting power-lifting training at CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, Portelli, 53, was an avid runner. com. Serving Drug Free Powerlifting Around the Country. I’m a little nervous that the three extra classes at Worlds will just bookend the six non-super Olympic classes (e. Top competitors are selected to compete in one of seven IPF world championships. Find a BCAPL league near you. Equip. 1 st – 3 rd places for all divisions and weight classes: Best Lifter Awards: Best lifter awards will be awarded by Wilks Formula for best male and female equipped and raw lifters in each division. Powerlifting Equipped and Unequipped Elite Classification Charts. 00 66 1. When you click on the link it will take you to the records page. RPS uses the kilogram to pound conversion of 1kg = 2. Mount Vernon CrossFit was exactly what I needed. IRONMAN PUSH-PULL/ FULL MEET/ AND BENCH PRESS. 123. Re: Master Age Groups. A completion of this course gives you access to USAPL Liability insurance and the certification which says it all! It is the sole intent of the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate to provide powerlifting competitors an environment in which they may compete at their highest level utilizing the best possible equipment and conditions to perform the squat, bench press and deadlift in the presence of three qualified referees and judged to the long standing and integral criteria of the sport of powerlifting while USA Powerlifting Louisiana is a member of USA Powerlifting (formerly USAPL), which is the leading powerlifting organization in the United States. How to Pick Your Weight Class. 06 19 1. However, the USAPL continues to allow exceptions to IPF standards in many instances such as weight classes and standards for state and local USAPL competitions. I am 22 years old. Bryce Lewis is a competitive, drug-free elite powerlifter in the 83-105kg weight classes. The Powerlifting Club at The Ohio State University was founded in 2012 by Victoria Liang. Powerlifting Relative Strength Calculator. AAU Powerlifting. Most strength standards tables are flawed. All memberships expire Dec 31 of year purchased (Memberships purchased Nov/Dec expire the following year-end. SPF All Time Records. Blaine was the 2016 IPF Open World Superheavyweight Champion and was the first American male to win a Gold Medal in the IPF Classic World Championships (2012). As of 10/2011 *NOTE: Weights Below in LBS. USA Powerlifting membership is not required. Louis, MO. The class is located in Mobile, Alabama on June 22nd, 2019 with Instructor Josh Rohr. LiftingCast is Powerlifting meet management software. The post Team Juggernaut at USAPL Raw Nationals appeared first on USAPL Sanction #: CO-2015-06 Date: SUNDAY, October 25, 2015 Cap: A maximum of 60 athletes will be allowed to compete at the 2015 Oktoberfest Push/Pull. Moderator: Manveer Search release, and forever discharge USAPL, USAPL officers and officials, the meet directors(s), the loaders and spotters, the referees, all meet personnel, and all USAPL administrative personnel, agents, independent contractors, and employees associated with this competition, from any and all claims, 2019 USA Powerlifting Annapolis Novice Open (MD-2019-06) In partnership with True Core Crossfit 1981 Moreland Pkwy Building 4B Bay 3, Annapolis, MD 21401 Meet Director-Michael Sichelman usaplmd@comcast. 0kg  10 Oct 2019 Rules Concerning Club/Team Participation in USA Powerlifting Sanctioned 2nd and 3rd in their weight classes in each age category. I snagged a Groupon for a discounted month of unlimited classes and found myself wandering in 5x/wk. Would be cool if they were tweener classes that allowed middleweights to not have to cut weight so drastically during Olympic macrocycles (e. Weight System. Thus, this rulebook is adapted from the I do further agree that I shall indemnify and save harmless USAPL, USAPL officers and officials, the meet directors(s), the loaders and spotters, the referees, all meet personnel, and all USAPL administrative personnel, agents, independent contractors, and employees, from any and all claims, demands, damages, loss of service, or expense for USAPL Weight Classes and Age Divisions Raw and Equipped, 3-Lift, Ironman (Bench & Deadlift), Bench Only Entry Fee - $50 per contest (3-lift, Ironman & Bench Only) and 1st division (Open, Master, etc. 08 18 1. Was looking for a place to get back into shape after a 4 year hiatus. Of you are making gains at that body fat stay there, eventually you will be 9/10 percent with higher lifts unleas you are going for record just keep getting stronger, unless you are on some stuff making gains becomes harder at under 8%, look at Ed Coan when he got into 220/242 class he was over 10% yet still best powerlifter of all time. The 2017 USAPL Raw Nationals is fast approaching. net or (240)216-2099 Registration will close on May 10, 2019, OR when 70 entries are received, whichever comes first. WRPF. At the end of the competition is the awards ceremony. If you do not already have a current USAPL membership, you can purchase one here: USAPL Membership Application. In the heavier weight classes, some men will cut up to 40 pounds to make weight, coming down from as much as 260 pounds to make weight for the 220-pound class. The Titan name, already conversant with the finest, made in the USA, powerlifting products was fused with deep pride and rugged roots at the home of their nationwide distribution system in Corpus Christi, Texas. 04 20 1. USA Powerlifting is proud that Florida Powerlifting is the only recognized and official representative for powerlifting in the State of Florida. Men’s Squat . From a 5K to a 10K to a half marathon, she saw each mileage increase in her races as just another personal challenge. 1. See the USA Powerlifting rule book for Youth weight classes. Sunday We are proud to announce Project Beyondable! Athletic competitors provide strong inspiration to children, adults and even seniors. Wilks. This may be new old news to some, but I thought that it's cool to see how USPA thinks you stack up to the rest of the competition. I took the bronze in my division and broke three State records in the Masters 1 84 kg class: squat, deadlift, and total. Obviously there are two seperate categories. At CPU Regional and National Championships, you cannot change your entered Age and Weight class after 21 days before the contest starts. 1010 lbs. Thank you! We'll be in touch with news, updates, and ways you can help the team. There must be a minimum of 5 competitors in each grouping. On April 12th, 2008, Kennelly set the bench press record with a lift of 1070 lbs (486 kg) during the American Powerlifting Association Open Iron War held in Kennewick, Washington. Alongside his involvement in the entertainment industry, Bart is also a big powerlifting fan who takes part in weightlifting contests every year. I lift here in Marietta, Georgia with Team Pretty Strong, and my coach is Vanessa Gale. Weight categories begin with the under 47kg women's class and  Welcome to the official Ontario Powerlifting Association (OPA) website. All participants must have a current USAPL card or purchase one before the meet. Marianna Gasparyan. Bench Press Gene Rychlak. USAPL Power On The Platte Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships Saturday, November 19, 2016 North Platte Recreational Center, North Platte, Nebraska Plus, you probably have more in common with Maria than you might think. USA Powerlifting is proud that New York Powerlifting is the only recognized and official representative for powerlifting in the state of New York. It really is for everyone---most especially the over 50 crowd. The group is comprised of ten members who represent high school coaching & teenage competitors, age divisions of open, collegiate and masters. 30. All lifters must be drug-free for 36 months leading up to the competition. I also watched all the other male and female lifters named above as they competed live. If you're like me, that external validation keeps you motivated. Deadlift. Yes, these have been the Weight Classes in the IPF since 2011. Why do we need 4 classes of lifters plus Elite and Master, why not fewer classes? Powerlifting is a sport that accepts all comers, some great lifters, some not so great. USA POWERLIFTING Sanction #PA-2018-06 . If I had more time, I would post about each of her meets this year. The Archived Maryland State Records are grouped by age class. Age Divisions Men OPEN: 14 years+ SUB-JUNIOR: 14-18 JUNIOR: From January 1 in the calendar year she reaches 50 and up Weight Classes Men 52. In the event of any conflict between the English and French versions, the English version shall prevail. These role models encourage others to get involved in sport activities, to live an active life and how to push positively forward on reaching their goals. 37: 2: Sarah Horrox: F In powerlifting events, the field of competitors is divided by sex and weight class. You cannot use height as an excuse. USAPL has listed state records for various age groups and weight classes for men and women. High But since the lifters are always broken into weight classes, and often into age groups, it is a good idea to find out beforehand who you are competing against directly. 010 67 1. Check out our lifting. Police/Fire and Military age divisions are Junior 20-23, Open (any age), Master 50+. Note, we will NOT be selling USAPL memberships at the meet. Lifter should be weighed in in the same weight system as the plates. 388 likes. From the IPF Rulebook: Men’s and Women’s 50-59 records exceeding those gained in the 40-49 age group will be included in the 40-49 category. i will post arrangements as soon as they are released. Powerlifting is composed of three lifts: the squat, bench press, and deadlift. *Age determination is based on the lifters age as of May 30 th 2015; The day of the competition. The United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) recognizes the following: 1. PA State Bench/Deadlift Championships AND Raw National Qualifier . m. All memberships expire 12/31 of the year you purchased them. Divisions will be contested in accordance with Senior Games five-year age increments starting 50-54 through 100+. USA Powerlifting is responsible for sanctioning local and regional events where powerlifters can compete in hopes of qualifying for the national level events. The Wisconsin USAPL Advisory Group has been formed to assist the state chair with the development of a strategy to promote drug-free powerlifting in the state and in the mid-west. He wishes more people his age - and younger - would take care of themselves. Sex. 2019-04-27. Powerlifting Records. This proposal would include older collegiate lifters (24 and 25) in the scoring of the lowest male and female weight classes. In a powerlifting meet, lifters are divided into groups called flights. This year we are excited to announce we will have three events at the 2019 New Mexico State Fair. This meet is a qualifying event for all 2019 USAPL national championship events. 50 8/2015 Contact WI State Chair if you know Drug-Free RAW Powerlifting and Strength Lifting with a Social Mission! We are the most lifter friendly federation with rules that make sense for the lifter, not conformity. One score can rank everyone — from juniors to masters (more about that later). NASA RULEBOOK CHAPTERS 1. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. Chad and Max dive into the Cease & Desist letter the IPF sent to the USAPL and what the implications of it are, as well as answering some of your training questions I've never lifted equipped. The USAPL sanctions all local, regional and national IPF meets in the country. Date Name Sex Div Class Weight State Equip Event SQ BP DL Total; Date Name Sex Div Class Weight entry deadline is set for november 19th so get you entry forms in soon. 00 McCulloch Age Coefficients (Master) Age Coefficient Age Coefficient 40 1. 2 in accordance with article 4. Critical Bench. This meet is open to all powerlifters with a current USAPL membership. Latham NY 12110 USAPL Sanction # NY-2016-02 u. Youth, Teen and Juniors: DAY OF EVENT Masters: December 31, 2019. Similarly, a Junior ceases to be a Junior on Dec 31 of the year they turn 23. Open: 14+ If groups are created between in the same weight classes the Taken From the Official USAPL Rulebook: 1. usapowerlifting. As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, it involves the athlete attempting a maximal weight single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates. November 2019 USA Powerlifting Veterans Day Championships sticky icon Awards: Top 3 receive custom 4" medal per weight class and division . After all, there is a lot of information on every training method out there. , 72, 90, 100 with the current setup). This makes our sport more competitive and encourages competition, as has been shown in the IPF. General Rules of Powerlifting 2. The current president of the USAPL is Larry Maile. He was the 2012, 2015, 2016, and 2018 USAPL Superheavyweight Equipped Champion and Champion of Champions across all weight classes. USAPL NEIB Winter Classic III CHAMPIONSHIPS Saturday & Sunday January 23,24 2016 ABC Sports and Fitness 3 Johnson Rd. The lifter with the highest total is the winner. Dear lifters and officials, For the first time in IPF history we have more women than men who have nominated for a world championship event, that being in the upcoming World University Powerlifting Cup being hosted in Tartu, Estonia! It gives me and all of us in the IPF, great pleasure to see so many wome The Master Lifters with the highest Bench Press in their respective Weight Classes/Age Divisions from the Bench Press National Championships will automatically be a member of the USA National Team attending the IPF Masters (Classic and Equipped) Bench Press World Championships (subject to final approval from the National Office). USAPL Membership: All lifters must be registered members of USA Powerlifting before the day of the event. 0kg Class - up to 52. All weight and age will be governed per All weight and age will be governed per USAPL rules and regulations Rankings Search Please click on the graphic to come to the online scoresheet: Visit us: Let’s get one thing out of the way, right away: This article is not a debate over Raw vs. MALE CLASSIFICATION STANDARDS . Strength training offers many benefits for everyone, and is especially important as we age. 5 8/18/98 portland, or Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. The USPA sanctions the National Powerlifting Championship, National Benchpress Championship, and National Deadlift Championship in all age groups, giving athletes a chance to see how they fare against competitors across the country. You'll find OP's numbers in here, too. Each party incorporates age-appropriate activities such as running, jumping, games, obstacles, and more! The Wilks Calculator is used to calculate the strength level of lifters against each other relative to bodyweight. Saturday, November 9, 2013. Swamp Rd. If you didn't know the USAPL will have all their local events converted to the IPF weight classes, starting Jan. AWARDS: Awards will be given to lifters that place 1st - 3rd, best lifters for male and female based on age Wilks score. 543 Some organizations break down the master class further into 5-year increments or include sub-master classes to provide those in their late 30s a different arena of competition than the fierce open class. I was born in California, grew up in Texas, and moved to Georgia to go to college at Life University. 2019 Pelican State Open and Louisiana Collegiate Championships (LA-2019-11) [age 18 & over] . A: If you exceed a record in an older age category (or younger for your Jr and below), you are credited for the additional age category. Bringing the USA Powerlifting to the state of Wyoming. 3 Sep 2019 This is a single division, 3-lift raw powerlifting meet. UPDATE: A thorough bug fix with plenty of added functionality was released on February 4, 2007. Parent/Guardian Signature (If Competitor is under 18 years of age) The undersigned person(s) is/are the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the Competitor, listed above, participating in the USA Powerlifting Mecca's Holiday Hoist 2019 and consent for the purpose of enabling the competitor to compete in the USA Powerlifting Mecca's Holiday Hoist 2019. Team Juggernaut had a great performance at 2018 USAPL Raw Nationals, claiming Open championships in the 52kg, 57kg and 72kg class. And have placed 2nd at WABDL World’s in Las Vegas. ELIGIBILITY: The 2019 USAPL Texas Lean Fit Rookie Meet is open to currently registered USAPL members who have a) never competed in a USAPL meet, b) competed in a USAPL meet but did not receive a total (ex: bombed out or only competed in a single lift division), or c) are competing in the equipped division for the first time. Cedar Street Barbell is a private strength-training studio located in Port Richmond, Philadelphia that's about more than just fitness. All this earned me a 380 kg total (836 pounds) and an age-weight adjusted wilks of 354. What you do with the data is up to you. Lifters must be current USA Powerlifting cardholders. USA Powerlifting maintains a no tolerance policy for discrimination based upon age, gender, race, . 4, s4. Saturday May 19th, 2018 Masters Weightlifting is the Olympic sport of weightlifting for persons 35 years old or older. categories and medals awarded (e. Weight classes begin with the 44kg women's class and end with the men's over 120kg class. We created calculators that show you your potential and how you stack up. HS Nationals being the only exception. Powerlifter Watch. These classification tables can also be used to determine if you have a qualifying table. CPR Classes. 4. World Bench Press Championships. Wraps. The United States Parachute Association and its 43,000 member skydivers enjoy and promote safe skydiving through parachuting training, rating, and competition programs. USAPL, Necedah Schools, their agents, representatives, committees and members from any and all claims or rights to damage from injuries or losses suffered by me directly or indirectly competing in or attending the 2019 USA POWERLIFTING HAPPY NEW YEAR MEET. Federation* Year* Discipline* Age class* Gender. @Phil Scarito and I lifted together at a meet held near him in, I think, 2014, and it was before the new weight classes were introduced because we were both 67. USAPL Sanction Number: CA-2019-19 Spectators are welcome and there will be a BBQ going all day with food and refreshments. In Response To: Master Age Groups (Lynne Nelson) Hi Lynne, To alleviate some of the confusion caused by the 5-year Masters age groups in the USAPL and 10-year age groups in the IPF, the NGB in 2007 adopted a revised reference to Masters age groups in all USAPL sanctioned competitions. In cases where two or more lifters achieve the same total, the person with the lightest bodyweight wins. At the end of the day, what is important is that you have competition experience and a total. Class. 120+, Joseph Pena, 722. IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ! The information published on this site is for the sole purpose of helping people find a BCA Pool League in their area. REGISTRATION LIMITED TO THE FIRST 45 ENTRANTS. Drug Testing: You must be performance enhancing drug free for at least 36 months prior to the date of this meet to be eligible to compete. See the development history below for further details. Winning Team gets name engraved on traveling plaque to hold for the year. Upcoming Meets Meta. You can now print your record certificate from the new data base. Each lifter is placed into a specific division and classified by several variables including weight class, age group, and experience level. 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation was established in 1999 with the goals to showcase Powerlifters safely competing with no special “support” equipment and to become the premier DRUG FREE Powerlifting Federation in the world. Statewide competitions are open to all amateur athletes 8 years of age and higher. AGE DETERMINING DATE. Pass 1) Collegiate Age is 14-25- USAPL Age Categories- Page 6 “From the day he reaches 14 years to the day before he reaches 26 years” Table of Contents USAPL (USA Powerlifting) and IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) Weight ClassesPoundsKilogramsUSPA Powerlifting Weight Classes (And All Other Non-IPF Federations)PoundsKilogramsHigh School Powerlifting Weight ClassesPowerlifting Weight Classes: Which Should You Choose?Powerlifting Diet for the Best Weight Class Powerlifting is a divided sport, but not in a bad way. RPS recognizes records in pounds. Meets that records may be set at include local, state, regional, national and international. Starting out as “Buckeye Barbell Club,” the club changed its name in 2015 to “The Powerlifting Club at The Ohio State University” to avoid confusion with Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit. The chart below represents the Classic division. Anyone who But at most contests, there will also be age classes. Federation / Division Bench shirts Suits Briefs Knee wraps Wrist wraps Monolift Doping test; Plies Materials Open back Velcro Plies Materials; IPF: 1: Polyester; prohib. First Place 2007 (45-49) North Carolina waive, release, and forever discharge USAPL, USAPL officers and officials, the meet directors(s), the loaders and spotters, the referees, all meet personnel, and all USAPL administrative personnel, agents, independent contractors, and employees associated with this competition, from any and We offer a perfectly planned birthday experience at Copper City CrossFit for children ages 5-12 that is led by a CrossFit Kids coach. If you notice a discrepency or you are missing a record earned please contact your state chairperson. WEIGHT CLASSES: Women (kg): 43, 47, 52, 57, 63, 72, 84, SHW Continuing from our previous post, this article will cover which lifters to look out for at the 2017 USAPL Raw Nationals, this time in the men’s 93kg and women’s 72kg weight classes, who lift tomorrow, October 13th. 1100 lbs. 03 21 1. If you have a meet you would like listed or any information to put up – send me an e-mail. USAPL Age Categories. For example, a lifter become a Master 1 on January 1 of the year they turn 40. Men's . USAPL BANNED SUBSTANCES LIST. F. Weight classes are a divisioning tool which groups athletes according to body Divisions within gender, age and weight categories should be based upon. Rank Lifter Sex Age Equip Class Weight Squat Bench Deadlift Total Wilks; 1: John Tibbs: M: 18~ Raw: 183: 180. Titan, the masters of Texas engineered powerlifting gear, boldly introduces you to- TITEX. 99 the first month. In order to register, you must be over the age of 13. Welcome to USPFtheLegend. Calibrated or state certified plates may be used in pounds or kilograms. 2010 USAPL Massachusetts Open High School Powerlifting Championshi ps from any and all liability, including any results of negli gence which may arise from this competition. Ok, lots of emails on the new weight classes. As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, it involves lifting weights in three attempts. The sport of powerlifting involves more than just competing in the squat, bench press and deadlift -- you must also compete within a weight class. USA Powerlifting North Carolina It is the mission of USA Powerlifting to provide powerlifting competition of uniform high quality which is drug tested and available to all athletes who meet the criteria for membership throughout the United States. By focusing on full body compound movements we will increase our mobility, while increasing strength. Print All | Print All Grouped By Sex USAPL Bench Press Nationals #NS-2015-02: Master IIB (55-59) Men 66 kg / 145 lbs Bench Press Only Hi Steve, thanks, and useful for us newbies to powerlifting. The USAPL does not require that and I've taken first in my own geezer (60-64) Master class and 3rd in the Open against all the other age classes at 275 lbs. Powerlifting is a strength sport and weight training exercise that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. national masters records - men october 29, 2015 age group: 40 - 44 m40 weight date class lifter hometown kg. The USAPL Raw Nationals wrapped up on Sunday in Lombard, Illinois. , Quakertown, Pennsylvania 18591 The Masters Men lifters appointed to represent the USAPL at the IPF Master’s World Championships will be chosen on the basis of highest total achieved in each weight class at the Men’s Masters Championships, within the three prescribed IPF age groupings of 40-49, 50-59 and 60-69 years irrespective of any age group divisions contested that day. Training Katie is a big advocate of DUP (Daily Undulating Periodization); this means that she performs high frequency training, working muscle groups up to 4-5 times per week. 2016 usapl louisiana state games sterlington, louisiana may 14, 2016 usa powerlifting release from liability waiver important: read this release carefully. State award: (Georgia vs Alabama): Ray Williams Signature Line $15 OFF! Purchase any item on the estore and Ray Williams Signature Line shirt and enter code: ray2017 at checkout and receive $15 off! Coaches / Handlers: $10 in Advance $15 at the door (No USAPL Membership Required for coaches) Top 3 in Each Age/Division/Weight get medals. Our records are now being housed on the USA Powerlifting data base. Just cracked the Raw Junior 198 Master classification! Powerlifters are broken up into various classes based on weight, gender, and age. State Records set in all lifts Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Total & Strict Curl in 100% RAW, ADFPA/USAPL, Pride Powerliftng, WABDL, WNPF, RAW United, APA, APF, NASA . BENCH and DEADLIFT Championships and Full Raw Power Meet . Please note that this list is NOT all inclusive and that it is ultimately the athlete's responsibility to know what he or she is taking. Athletes, men and women from age 14 and upwards, compete in given age groups and weight classes. Hey everyone, Here is the 2nd rev of the roster for the 2018 USA Powerlifting Muscle Beach Powerlifting Classic. Deadlift Benedikt Magnusson. 2017 USAPL Pennsylvania State . As arguably the most competitive national meet in the world, with huge implications for international selection in 2018, we’re taking a look at what excitement is going down. In some cases state records are set that way. he set ipf world masters records in three wt classes 242,275 and supers and several age groups 50-59 and 60-69. Used by powerlifters, crossfitters and enthusiasts all over the world I grew up in Stanwood, WA and reside in Sedro-Woolley. Lifters in unequipped division must wear a one piece lifting suit. To enter CA State Games powerlifting tournament, you must be a resident of California. 3. 18 16 1. Long time athlete, new to CrossFit and the Alexandria area. To make competitions fair, participants are divided into categories -- juniors, open, which is sub-divided into weight classes, and masters. All except Open division will use Wilks Formula. NASA NATIONAL RECORDS. Welcome to 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation, Inc. 6: 545. Eligibility: Open to all USA Powerlifting members. org USAPL OHIO STATE POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS. Limited first 140 - Event sold out last year. Championship Hotel 4 Star Hotel - Full hot breakfast served to start at 6 AM for $119 Study 104 USAPL National Referee Exam flashcards on StudyBlue. The USAPL sanctions local, regional, and national meets. All of the weight classes changed over to International. set meet site snatch 56 henry baran lajolla, ca 87. USPA represents parachute jumping from aircraft and helps keep skydivers in the air. 23 15 1. 1-3 for all weight classes in all divisions; Team Awards: (1st - 5th) 3 men/1 women teams - scored by total wilks / age-wilks points (formula) 1 person must register the team for competition on the registration page. by chetcromer_ut5n0x1i | Oct 22, 2018 | External Posts, Juggernaut Strength, marisa inda, Powerlifting, USAPL, usapl nationals. I’ve qualified for the 2017 USAPL Raw Nationals and I’m tickled pink with the results. A lifter who  Location. Weightlifting is the ultimate sport of strength and power and should not be confused with powerlifting, bodybuilding, or general weight training. If competing in the IPF or its affiliates, however, the details change slightly. Weightclass Men's and Women's 50-59 records exceeding those gained in the 40-49 age group will be included in the 40-49 category. Adult - $60. In May 2009, he again won the Master Nationals held in St. The most popular bodybuilding message boards! Do you guys feel this is true? I feel like given a persons height that they are predestined to have the ability to put up their highest Wilks score in a certain weight class. Rising Star Passes a Way at age 18 . The results were: WR squat 706, WR bench 531 and WR Total 1843. Age Categories - Men and Women : Open from 15 years upward; Teenage from 15 - 19 years USA Powerlifting determines your residence based on your mailing address on your USAPL membership card. Rule Book. First Place 2003 (40-44) Washington, DC. This List shall come into effect on 1 January 2015 Big K Powerlifting Championships QUESTIONS 1089 Meadow Run Gary Auerbach - (216) 970 - 4819 You can find Adam working with a broad range of ages for personal training, as well as teach group classes such as Peak Performance, Power 30 and Mobility/Bands! Adam’s passion is in Competitive Power lifting, as he is a 3-time USAPL competitor ranking in the top 3 for his age and weight class in 2 cases! WAC hosts USAPL Powerlifting meets about twice a year, which is an excellent way to gauge your progress. All Teams must be registered with the USAPL. that's most of the USAPL. Whether that interests you or not, getting stronger is literally THE BEST WAY to attack the "sick aging phenotype". Up Your Bench. Championship Venue: War House Gym 2920 St Lawrence Ave Reading, PA 19606. Age groups further divide the field into various youth and masters categories. Each local event will award the top 3 places in each weight class and age division. The BCA Pool League is owned and operated by CueSports International (CSI), not by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA). " Below is our State Records listing. I did pull 160 kg at a USAPL meet near Wilkes-Barre, PA, in February of this year. Whoever has the highest total wins. I checked and all those live videos were saved on the USA Powerlifting’s channel, in their respective classes. Awards: 1 st-5 th in all weight classes and divisions for men and women. 6: 1339. (USAPL Cards can be purchased online at www. Ryan Moore, recent graduate of Xaverian Brothers High School and member of the Iron Revolution Powerlifting Club passed away on Wednesday September 1, 2010 at 18 years of age. Sex makes the largest contribution to the variation in lifter totals and the classes are statistically different from one another. You can set age division records even if you do not enter the age division or the age division is not offered at the meet For example, a lifter who is of the age of master can set master records even if he is only registered in the open division. HickOksports. This is regularly done until an athlete can no longer make weight without a negative impact on strength. If you have not registered or know someone that needs to get signed up, please get this taken care of ASAP! Late entry MIGHT be considered but will increase $30. Below you will only see raw, and classic classifications in the Open division. 5 kg. , 54, 110, 122). USA Powerlifting sanctions several National Championships in all age groups, giving athletes a chance to see how they fare against competitors across the country. Some lifters are at the tail end of their sporting career and others are just getting started. 3: 409. " American records, however, can be broken at any USA Powerlifting competition where the appropriate referees are present to judge the lifts. Log in; Entries RSS; Comments RSS; WordPress. ) All lifters must have been drug-free for the past thirty-six (36) months. LAST CALL: Registration will be closing tomorrow, April 5th at 9:00 pm CST. USAPL guidance for converting records may be found here. Although it is not necessary to have competed in a USAPL-sanctioned meet, we look at lifters who compete within the USPA, APF, RPS, and UPA. State Records may be set under all circumstances in which an American record is possible as well as in the following competitive situations: (a) During sanctioned USAPL three-lift, two-lift or single-lift meets held in that state and judged by certified State, National, or International referees. Contestants have three attempts to successfully complete a lift in each of the three disciplines, which are run in contest order - Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. All USAPL rules apply. Powerlifting Academy. john shifflett USAPL National High School Powerlifting Meet 2010 Most of you know that Stefani, my daughter, is a powerlifter. Weight classes ensure that everyone has a fair shot to win if they play their cards right. And to stock up on stylish Team USA gear that you can wear all year round, visit the Team USA Shop: conflict because collegiate lifters can be up to 25 years of age. Note: Some links are not active yet – the conversion process is underway Age Coefficients Used In USA Powerlifting (Teen / Junior) Age Foster Age Coefficients Coefficient 14 1. 1: 474: 319. USAPL/IPF Age Category Question The rulebook specifically says (on pg 5) that the Juniors category is "From 1 January in the calendar year he reaches 19 years and throughout the full calendar year in which he reaches 23 years. Coffman YMCA 88 Remick Blvd, Springboro, OH 45066-9168. Starting January 1, 2015, meets and state records had new weight classes. These charts show you what it takes to total Elite in powerlifting. Look forward to seeing everyone on the platform! I created a spreadsheet for all the age divisions and weight classes if anyone is interested. It saddens him that sometimes he is the oldest person at the gym. First, there will be  This change is to provide fairer competition for lifters as they age. Powerlifting, often confused with Olympic lifting, is an individualized sport in which competitors attempt to lift as much weight as possible for one repetition in the squat, bench press, and deadlift. USA Powerlifting of Illinois . And to stock up on stylish Team USA gear that you can wear all year round, visit the Team USA Shop: Tantalus is a mythological figure who was punished with a persistent, gnawing hunger, and food that was barely out of reach. Equipment & Specs 5. No Supportive Equipment & No Drugs – This is 100% RAW POWERLIFTING!. _Cliff_Ave,_Sioux_Falls,_SD This site has been set up to provide information about powerlifting for all powerlifters in Nebraska – regardless of affiliation, total, age, gender, pro, amateur or novice. This week the 2019 USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Raw 2018 USA Powerlifting Muscle Beach Powerlifting Classic Roster as of October 9, 2018. The Minnesota state chapter of USA Powerlifting oversees contests and maintains records and results under the authority of USA Powerlifting. State Chairpersons are located in our Chairpersons Directory page. It is only natural to call the United States Powerlifting Federation a legend due to its legacy of legendary and great lifters that have competed to the highest standards of lifting and its strong endurance of established existence. Weight Classes: Women: 43k (youth, teenage, jr only), 47k, 52k, 57k, 63k, 72k, 84k, 84k+ USAPL Powerlifting Forum is maintained by Administrator with BBB . To contact the Billiard Congress of America, visit: www. Weight. Youth lifters (under age 14 on the age of the meet) can only lift in the Youth division. Deadlift Hall of Fame. Membership cards must be purchased prior to the contest online at www. ) ALL SALES FINAL. Scroll down for introduction and usage instructions. He holds records in both the USA Powerlifting federation (USAPL) and International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), and strives to promote the comprehension and love of powerlifting training throughout the world. 2,594 likes · 129 talking about this. << RECORDS INDEX  Lifters are placed into divisions classified by weight class, age group, and experience level. 100% RAW . Raw Nationals went from a two-day weekend event in a gymnasium to a four-day event in a giant convention hall. An introduction to competing in strongman: where to find competitions, how to train events, are you good enough? How to qualify for World's Strongest Man. bca-pool. s. ELIGIBILITY. USA Powerlifting Membership Application. state and national records can be set at the meet. Use code "USAPL" and you can try out this incredible new app from RP. 24 Nov 2014 Technical Rules book of the International Powerlifting Federation. Competition takes place between lifters in categories defined by gender, bodyweight and age. So you could take the same % used in this great article and apply them to the age and weight group that you fall in. USAPL presented an analysis of its own data from over 17,000 lifters showing lifters are clearly segregated into two populations. Various weight classes/ Age Divisions . Here, knee wraps are allowed. Moreover I agree that any testing method which th e meet director and the sponsors of this meet use to detect the presence of strength-inducing drugs SHALL BE CONCLUSIVE. I do further agree that I shall indemnify and save harmless USAPL, USAPL officers and officials, the meet directors(s), the loaders and spotters, the referees, all meet personnel, and all USAPL administrative personnel, agents, independent contractors, and employees, from any and all claims, demands, damages, loss of service, or expense for Just looked at how to qualify for USPA nationals (and IPL worlds) and realized USPA classifies lifters by division and total. USAPL is a . With a collective national membership in excess of 20,000 members spread across all 50 states, USA Powerlifting has been America’s choice for drug-free powerlifting since 1980. I watched each of them on the livestream as their events actually happened. 02 22 1. Although this is a Tennessee State Meet, we will also keep the event open for members of other states who have not lifted in a State Meet in 2019 Murder of Crows Barbell and Crow Hill CrossFit are proud to present a Super Total Weekend on December 1st and 2nd, 2018!. Date Type Division Weightclass Discipline Lifter Weight; 08/31/2019: Pennsylvania State Records: M2b-74: Bench press single lift: Jack Rubio: 110 kg: 10/19/2019: Delaware State Raw Records World Powerlifting Federation Lifter Classification Chart. On each age class page, the archived records are broken out by weight class (as provided below) as well as whether the lift was performed Unequipped or Equipped. USA Powerlifting offers a Coaching Certification and Educational Course program available to all USA Powerlifting members 18 years or older. The ADFPF is a non-profit organization formed to provide all amateur athletes with legitimate drug-tested powerlifting, Strongman/women and Highland Games competitions through local, state, regional and national championships while encouraging the growth of international amateur drug-free competition. In the course of eight years, I went from competing against three lifters in my age/weight class to over fifty lifters in my age bracket alone. But From the Official Nutrition Partners of USA Powerlifting, we're excited to give you the exclusive opportunity to try out the new RP Diet App for just $4. His current record is the third time in 2008 that he has broken the bench press world record. USA Powerlifting (USAPL) is the national affiliate for the International Powerlifting Federation OPEN: 14 years and older; SUB-JUNIOR: 14-18 years of age; JUNIOR: 19-23 years of age; MASTER I: 40-49 years of age; MASTER II: 50-59 years  Most powerlifting federations use the following weight classes: However, in 2011, the IPF introduced the following new weight classes: The IPF uses the following age categories: sub-junior (18  It includes the basic rules currently used by USA Powerlifting. Bart Kwan is an internet celebrity, comedian, and fitness enthusiast known for his online comedic videos. Weight Classes: THE 2015 PROHIBITED LIST INTERNATIONAL STANDARD The official text of the Prohibited List shall be maintained by WADA and shall be published in English and French. The USAPL kept the old weight classes at the state level up until this year when it was decided to adopt the new weight classes. We are in the final days of registering names for the one-day class for USAPL Coaching Certification. Registration will close upon receipt of the 60th registration. USA Powerlifting - The Choice for Drug-Free Strength Sport in Virginia I do further agree that I shall indemnify and save harmless USAPL, USAPL officers and officials, the meet directors(s), the loaders and spotters, the referees, all meet personnel, and all USAPL administrative personnel, agents, independent contractors, and employees, from any and all claims, demands, damages, loss of service, or expense for Our powerlifting program competes within the USAPL, as it is the most competitive across the collegiate level. I have been an Athlete my whole life and have held 4 American USAPL Powerlifting Records at the age of 23. USAPL American Raw Teen II (16-17) Men Bench will is a multi-time ipf world champion lifter having travelled the world representing the united states. Still, many people are resistant to moving up a weight class, so I’ve made a handy calculator so you can see how much your performance would improve by gaining weight. which USAPL weight class based on height Is the answer going to be different for every lifter? or are you able to make generalizations and say something like: "a man who is 5'7" ought to compete at 205lb and a man that is 5'10" ought to compete at 220lb. 3. Bench Press Hall of Fame. We are hosting a USAW Sanctioned Competition on Saturday, December 1st and on Sunday, December 2nd we will be hosting a USAPL Sanctioned Competition! 3-lift lifters who are teens, juniors or master lifters on the date of the meet (except Guest lifters) can enter the appropriate age division as their primary division or as an optional second division. The first column is your powerlifting class. Lifters under the age of 13 will not be eligible for setting records or receiving awards. Membership Cards are now delivered via email. Eligibility: This meet is open to all USAPL members and anyone who would like to become a member of USA Powerlifting. Bench. National Records - Drug Tested - RAW Powerlifting. A: Powerlifting is a competitive strength sport where athletes attempt to lift the greatest amount of total weight possible in three seperate events - bench press, deadlift, and squat. Weightlifting now has a 90kg class) and Powerlifting is   Shannon has been involved with MN USAPL for several years as a lifter and . Membership cards must be purchased in advance from the USA Powerlifting website. HOW DO THE WEIGHT CLASSES WORK? There are 7 weight classes for women, 8 for men (Junior and Sub-Junior ages have one more at the lighter end of the scale). Each competitor is allowed three attempts at each lift, the best lift in each discipline being added to their total. Our goal to provide a safe and supportive environment for anyone, from beginners to established athletes, looking to increase their overall strength in a non-intimid This introductory strength training class is perfect for seniors who want to get strong, mobile, and preserve their quality of life. it’s an age-old question – but one that we can learn a lot from. IPF Technical Rules 3rd in their weight classes in each age category. National Fitness Hall of Fame Many people ask me for advice on which training program they should start training with. 1 All "three-lift competitions" must include and be performed in the sequence of the squat, then bench press, and concluding with the deadlift. Details about specific divisions (e. Dr. weight class to become the first powerlifter in the history of the sport to establish National and WRs in 5 weight classes. Because there are so many weight classes and age groups for each gender, it is pretty common to receive some sort of an award at a powerlifting meet. IPF Age Groups. USAPL adopted the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Technical Rules of Performance. This gave her the motivation she needed to pursue a career in fitness. 2018 USA POWERLIFTING . Ryan was a very talented strength athlete, competing in powerlifting and shot put throughout high school. All age categories begin on January 1 of the year the lifter reaches the minimum age limit (with the exception of sub-junior which begins on the day the lifter turns 14). We’re not taking sides, and we don’t think one is better than the other. the 2005 IPF Men's Open World Powerlifting Championships, the 2006 USAPL Collegiate National Championships, the 2006 IPF World Master's Bench Press Championships, and finally this year's Men's Nationals, the Women's US Open and US Open Bench Press Championships. USAPL. See the link below to purchase your membership if need be. 13 17 1. 900 lbs. Doug, lifting equipped in the 242 lb, 50-54 age group, totaled an impressive 1807 . Statewide competitions are open to all amateur athletes from 14 years of age and higher. South Dakota State Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships When: Saturday, February 27, 2010 _ ___ Where:_ Sanford_POWER_Center_ _ 6320_S. She is an avid tennis player and loves to play doubles. Because there are different age categories, instead of scoring by weight class, the scoring divisions will be broken  A: Any current USAPL member can set a state record for the state that he/she has Men's and Women's 50-59 records exceeding those gained in the 40-49 age  10 Jun 2019 2019 World Classic Powerlifting Championships to stream LIVE on the Olympic Channel in the event which is divided by age groups and weight categories. , age groups) will be provided prior to the  2018 Provincial Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships - June 23 and 24 - Surrey - Meet Directors: . USAPL Sanction Number: CA-2019-11 Spectators are welcome and there will be a BBQ going all day with food and refreshments. This is an equipped and unequipped meet. USA-CA. The views and opinions expressed on this forum do not necessarily reflect those of the USAPL. Awards: To be given to 1st-3rd places in each age and weight class and raw/equipped. Melissa, Heather, and Natalie all competed at 2019 Raw Nationals. Divisions, Age Groups & Weight Classes 3. Equipped powerlifting. 5, s6. Lifters are seperated into classes based on age, gender, and weight and compete only against other lifters in their same class. Information about the event can be found on the event web page and on the Facebook event. awards was be given in all age and wt classes. Hence, it requires transwomen who And Congratulations Go To… Doug Currence for his win at the 2011 USAPL Master’s National Powerlifting Championship. Tel: 937-886-9622 LIMITED TO 100 COMPETITORS to avoid so many last minute changes on the day of the meet, please check your division entered on the google document that will be posted and if you plan to change weight classes or divisions notify me of this prior to 3 days out from the meet!!! you must compete in the division listed on the google document 72 hours prior to weigh-ins. Lift ELIGIBILITY: The Oklahoma State Championships is open to all currently registered USAPL members. POWERLIFTING CATEGORIES / EVENT CODES Bench Press Dead Lift FLORIDA SENIOR STATE GAMES OPEN – no qualification is necessary ENTRY REGULATIONS 1. Prior to the meet last November, I had done exactly one USAPL meet. Posted By: Lance Slaughter Date: Monday, 2 March 2009, at 6:20 p. Wt. USA Powerlifting Virginia, Manassas, Virginia. Organized by Team Rohr Powerlifting. Class 114 123 132 148 165 181 198 220 242 275 275+ Theres so many feds/weight classes/age brackets/raw vs gear/gender that a lot of times the only person lifting wins the meet. I've been wondering if I could go to a meet, I've got a 1350 total now, and hope to push that (at age 57) a bit higher, so this article was very encouraging! Didn't want to be embarrassed Records Index. All weight and age will be governed per All weight and age will be governed per USAPL rules and regulations *Age determination is based on the lifters age as of May 30 th 2015; The day of the competition. 2046226lb. She performed well, managing to record a very respectable 1975 raw deadlift. Equipment & Specs Eventbrite - Murder of Crows Weightlifting Club presents USAW and USAPL Super Total Weekend - Saturday, December 1, 2018 | Sunday, December 2, 2018 at Crow Hill CrossFit, Brooklyn, NY. 2 of the world anti-doping code, all prohibited substances shall be considered as “specified substances” except substances in classes s1, s2, s4. 01 23 1. 511 41 1. Full Power Raw and Equipped  LiftingCast is an app to manage your Powerlifting meet from registration to awards. 2. a, and 2017 USAPL Raw Nationals Day 4 Results: Men’s 93kg & Women’s 72kg Posted By Ramsay on Last night the 72’s and 93’s lifted with some surprising results in the 93kg class, and some epic lifting in the 72’s. The USAPL National Governing Board adopted the IPF weight classes to be implemented effective 1/1/2015. Age Groups: Youth (10-13) Teen (14-19) Junior (20-23) Open (14+) Masters (40+) Divisions: Hello, my name is Stephanie Mahan, and I am a powerlifter and chiropractic student. In this meet Mike decided to weigh in heavy at 205 to compete in the 220 lb. For the full lists including age divisions, single ply and multi ply visit the Mens Classification Standards and Womens Classification Standards. Total. ivanko plates-q bar- er rack and strict curl platform will be featured on the main lifting platform. usapl age classes

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