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I regularly get questions from readers who ask me how to report the results. No What is the general subgrade moisture level? Dry. Yes No N/A The subgrade is the in-situ soil on which a pavement section is constructed. IVINS CITY - MINIMUM FIELD TESTING CHECKLIST. 100 Contract Administration & Inspection Procedures 200 Earthwork Inspection Checklists 300 Subgrade Preparation, Foundation Course, Base Course, Shoulder Construction and Aggregate Surfacing 400 Lighting, Signs, and Traffic Signals and Traffic Control 500 Bituminous Pavement 600 Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Inspection Checklist and Observations. Due to the weight, the equipment can damage underground utilities in parks. 1. The Applicant shall be responsible for all subgrade inspection and soil compaction testing associated with any work within a City right-of-way, private property subject to a public access easement, or ENGINEERING IMPROVEMENT PLAN SUBMITTAL CHECKLIST The following items are expected as a minimum on all site improvements plan submittal. The Construction Division performs inspection and testing and provides administrative oversight for all department construction contracts. Subgrades and Subbases for Concrete Slabs Having good support for your concrete slab on ground is critical to success By Bill Palmer, Concrete Network Columnist A well-compacted subgrade keeps construction out of the mud and provides uniform slab support. All curbs must be backfilled and in conformance to Clark County standards. . 8. home home-improvement. W. I. 2. Property Address: Cover Sheet Earthworks Subgrade Preparation & Sub base. Permittee to supply Design Engineer with delivery tickets for all materials used in SM structure construction. Forms - Official FDOT Forms (Links to FDOT Forms and Procedures Office) Forms - Sample Certification. Subgrade Preparation Area beneath embankment stripped of all vegetation, topsoil, and organic matter 3. FIELD SAMPLING AND TESTING MANUAL . The Basic Keyword Search searches for exact phrases. Steel reinforcement is properly placed and is the correct grade (R404. The objective of this manual is to provide guidance and strengthen the application of Construction Critical Inspection throughout the life of a construction project. ☐ Where the system design calls for no subgrade compaction, inspect soil subgrade to determine if remedial work is required, and conduct necessary remedial work. Wood-framed Residential Structures Structural Inspection Checklist-10/8/18 If Geotechnical Report or sub grade inspection is required, verify compliance with  Four types of site development inspections are performed: These inspections include road sub-grade and base compaction tests (proof roll), inspection of  3-3. QUALITY ASSURANCE REVIEW CHECKLIST COR 350 SUBBASE. ) It’s Much Easier With Southland Custom Homes We specialize in building custom homes for a wide iv) Inspection of compacted subgrade and approval of the subgrade prior to commencement of gravelling operations. Visual inspection. The checklists are based on the 2012 International Residential Code® and include common construction components found in residential construction. , ICPI) or local agencies may have sample inspection checklists. 1. Clark County inspector to review subgrade prior to rock placement and also review sub-base rock and final grade prior to paving. However, not all developments are required to go through the PIA process. General Information (2) Proof-rolling of the sub-grade base shall be performed in the presence of a representative of the  CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION CHECKLIST . Sources and Production A. □ . Appropriate  It is anticipated that owners and builders will use this checklist to be sure inch depth, the footing has been dug a minimum of 12 inches into solid subgrade soil. G - H . Guidelines & Checklist The Private Improvements Agreement process was established to address right-of-way improvements resulting from private developments. We fix problems before they become problems – you enjoy smoother, more efficient business. Basecourse Compaction/Relative   1704. The numbers in parentheses ( ) in the headings refer to Specification references. INSPECTORS' FINAL Yes-No-N/a Was sub-grade accepted? Holdpoints. 0. Final Inspection. - Special inspection – finalization letters - Digital imaging - Flame spread & smoke developed interior finish material affidavits - Site work inspection - Landscaping inspection *PLEASE NOTE – When calling in for your inspections please have the permit number and address of the job. Building Safety Residential Inspection Checklist Please note: This list is not inclusive of all items that may require inspection. An inspection plan may be as simple as reviewing the drawings and specifications and the responsible person deciding when on-site inspection is required. S. WAPA’s Objectives WAPA and its members are dedicated to fulfilling the following objectives: BIORETENTION CONSTRU CTION INSPECTION CHECKLIST Layout (prior to beginning excavation) Square footage of the facility meets or exceeds minimum shown in Stormwater Control Plan Site grading and grade breaks are consistent with the boundaries of the tributary Drainage Management Area(s) (DMAs) shown in the Stormwater Control Plan Pre-Construction Checklist and for each inspection or maintenance port. has been moved away. OFFICE OF NATURAL RESOUR. Perform a site inspection. Testing requirements covered in this section address only the tests required to satisfy Council that the finished subgrade of the pavement is competent in both  17 Jul 2011 If you have any questions regarding the checklist or inspection . Permit No. ♦ Rig the crane prior to the date erection is to start. Sure, you can cruise with a busted muffler, but you can’t ‘make do’ with a faulty piece of track. 01. Subgrade . ♦ The panel contractor should verify that the Forms - Commercial Inspection . ? • Identify areas of excessive surface deformation which may indicate soft subgrade conditions or drainage deficiencies. 2. to provide cut sheets to Inspection Division prior to P. Earthwork Inspector - IA Checklist FM 1-T238 Density of Solid In Place by the Nuclear Method Item Scale Level & Stable (not applicable for digital scales), protected from the sun, wind, tarred before test begins. Approved by. When the structure is designed to Seismic Design Category C, D, E, or F, special inspection shall be provided in accordance with AISC 341. Final inspection for imperfections in the subgrade surface and observe repairs. SECTION 4 Paving: a. It may also assist service providers in developing their ITPs, as a guide to the content of ITPs. 05 ft below subgrade. Full Depth Reclamation Checklist 5. Inspection #210 must be approved before permit final approval. inspection checklists are available in the Construction and Materials Manual ( CMM). But here are a few guidelines to prepare a document that suits your needs. This inspection guide answers common questions and provides a checklist of Footings are inspected to ensure that the bearing surface will sustain the loads  Inspection Test Plan (ITP). A copy of this completed checklist must be submitted as part of the stormwater management as-built package. Inspection Checklist. 1 Subgrade Inspection where the lowest above-grade floor or the lowest subgrade floor of a building is to be raised, lifted, elevated or moved. ( = Indicates inspection may be required at this time. iv) Inspection of compacted subgrade and approval of the subgrade prior to commencement of gravelling operations. Brad Porteus. 9 & PFM 6-1307 Page 3 of 3 Final Stabilization and Plant Installation CHECK PHOTO DESCRIPTION DATE OF INSPECTION / COMMENTS A properly compacted subgrade may fail proof roll and an improperly compacted subgrade may pass. com Document Name: Contractor Quality Control Plan for Civil Work Inspection and Test Plan for Civil work 5 - Joint sealer - Subgrade paper 12. THE INSPECTOR SHOULD ALSO CONSULT WITH THE PROJECT ENGINEER AND OTHER EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL IF FURTHER CLARIFICATION IS REQUIRED. 9. Proper construction of permanent stormwater best management practices (BMPs) is essential to ensure that BMPs achieve their treatment objectives; namely reducing the amount of stormwater runoff and pollution discharged to local lakes, rivers and streams. Sediment Prevent siltation and overcompaction of subgrade. TOWN INSPECTION #1 Inspection Checklist – Footing & Foundation Inspect2code©2014 Page 2 WWW. g. The plans shall Fill ‘Report’ with: / (Satisfactory/Yes/in Good Condition) X (Not Satisfactory/No/Not in Good Condition) NA (Not Applicable) Checklist General Requirement for Subdivision and Preconstruction and initial EPSC Inspection 24 hours’ notice given to verify and “proof roll” subgrade the pavement at a joint inspection. 7. To ensure a stable, long-lasting, and maintenance free roadway, the subgrade is We provide extensive ground and soil testing, site maintenance, foundation buildup, and retrofitting services. Appendix B6_Engineering Works Checklist – Council Hold Point/Witness Point Record Issued November 2014 City of Whittlesea Guidelines for Urban Development Page 2 of 2 ITEM TYPE INSPECTION REQUIREMENT 1PASSED PAVEMENT Base Course CHP Proof roll prior to covering Intermediate Course CWP Proof roll each layer prior to next layer The performance of infiltration BMPs is also very sensitive to soil compaction and excavation technique; equipment that compacts or "seals" the soil subgrade can greatly reduce infiltration rates. P. Inspection on a full time basis during sealing operations. SWIMMING POOL INSPECTION CHECKLIST. Inspect subgrade vapor retarder (Sec. review list for preliminary plans subgrade, ditches, hinge point grading, cuts a list of field inspection questions are attached to field Re-Inspection Checklist. 15 Oct 2018 Masonry Elements Requiring Special Inspection . Cover Sheet 1. Call 913-715-8520 for Johnson County sewer inspections. Computer Calculations shall include design input load summary, output summary and explicit cross quality control QUALITY CONTROL is more than a checklist of procedures or a general warranty that paving work will conform to an engineer’s specifications. determine that the inspection requirements could be modified. The footings are constructed per the approved plans. FOR ALL TESTS . Concrete Construction (Table 1704. All living areas elevated to or above the FPE; areas below the FPE are used only Construction Critical Inspection . March 18, 2015. High Density Polyethylene Pipe Information . Treat the subgrade under the area to be paved with an approved herbicide. Before you No plumbing to be in concrete pours or slabs, it must be buried in sub grade. Has the sod, topsoil and vegetation been removed? An ITP lists in detail the required inspection and testing performed on a specific element of the work (say Subgrade Preparation) while a checklist or QVC is generally a subset of the ITP that is used in the field as a record that the personnel responsible have verified conformance with the specification. 2 BR / ADOS Before Installation Visual / Measurement Each Location Section 5 As per approved submission Apply Adhesive with Notched Trowel A property inspection contract, also known as a property condition assessment (PCA) or a commercial building inspection is very similar. 2, R506. Water meters and service connections have been relocated to accommodate cell design. Failure to be ready for a requested inspection may result in an extra re-inspection fee. 1, R506. No. 4. 09 January 2019 (A) Routine 1. B. The following typical checklist for Inspection and Test Plans has been designed to assist customers in assessing the Contractors ITPs. CONSTRUCTION INSPECTIONS: DELIVER ONE(1) FULL SIZE HARD COPY OF PRELIMINARY RECORD DRAWINGS (Include all Civil & Landscape plan  M:\_FORMS\Infrastructure\Servicing Agreement Forms\Inspectors Final Inspection Checklist. Plumbing Final: When plumbing work is complete; inspection is included with the rough-in inspection. These items either do not compact well or cause non-uniform compaction and mat thickness. The liner contractor does not need to complete this section. Quality assurance inspection for liner installation primarily consists of the visual examination of these activities as described in the following paragraphs and as listed in Table 5. Construction . On construction or railroad capital improvement projects, TxDOT inspection of the railroad company is typically done by an inspector from the area office. Visit www. v) Inspection and approval of the pavement prior to commencement of sealing operations. ) Prepare the subgrade according to plans. The resubmittal will be considered a first submittal in the review process. ☐ Conduct soil compaction measurements per specifications. See the Parking Area Subgrade Checklist to determine if potential subgrade problems exist: Checklist For Pre-Job Site Inspection. Warrnambool City Council – Inspection & Test Plan. The following checklist provides a basic outline of items typically observed and documented during the Minnesota Temporary Traffic Control Field Manual 2018. Be aware that the checklist may not cover all aspects of inspection. 00 per day, per construction manager Depending on the nature of the project, additional experts may be required ☐ Inspect soil subgrade and remove any roots, rocks or other debris. This checklist does not necessarily distinguish between the use of an infiltration sump below an underdrain, or an infiltration sump with an “upturned elbow”. Building Construction Inspection Checklist for Bioretention Basins. Combine the samples to form a composite sample. ____ Perform recommended compaction testing on prepared subgrade. Basic knowledge of concrete mixes, installation, weathering, and the other factors that can affect how it ages, in addition to the illustrations and photo examples provided here, will give inspectors the best chance of making sound decisions and recommendations to their clients. At practical completion (on maintenance inspection) The Superintendent should submit the On Maintenance Inspection Checklist (refer Appendix A) to Council Delegate and request an On Maintenance inspection. By Nicole Nichols-West / Dec 29, 2018 / 41 tasks. The major causes of non-uniform support from the subgrade are hard and soft spots, back-filling and frost susceptible soils. Call for inspections 24 hours in advance no later Sanitary Sewer Checklist. The subgrade supports the subbase and/or the pavement section. The DPIE Site/Road Inspector may waive an inspection and allow the permittee per a prior written scheduled arrangement. Road Checklist 2017. d)e) completed checklists in Appendix D and Appendix E;. Subgrade constructed to correct - width - grade - crowned 8. ) 4. 55 . e. Subbase and base courses are higher quality materials having greater strength that are placed over the subgrade to protect it from being overloaded when subjected to traffic. The Excel files on this page have been redesigned and do not contain all the information you may need. . Attach additional sheets for comments as needed. Video Inspection. Appendix B 2017 Landfill Visual Inspection Checklist and Photographs . 1994 TOWN OF LADYSMITH STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS A-5 7. No suggested changes submitted by end users since last formal review so either no changes were made or no substantive changes were made. A subgrade inspection must address: • Subgrade stability and bearing capacity • Slope and grade • The adequacy of surface conditions 1. Ensure subgrade is structurally sound and all delaminated concrete is   23 May 2011 Abstract: This document provides guidelines on subgrade soil stabilization and covers FORMS AND CHECKLISTS . com GRADING AND DRAINAGE PLAN CHECKLIST Yes No N/A ITEM OR DESCRIPTION RETAINING WALL PLAN REVIEW Plan drawn clearly? Plan on 24" x 36" sheets? Plan contains north arrow, legend, and scale? (if applicable) Plan contains all applicable general notes, procedures for installation of retaining wall, special inspection items, materials, etc. It may not address all items required of the QA inspector, and some Chapter 3 Inspections and Reports Page 3-2 Washington State Bridge Inspection Manual M 36-64. Roads Test each layer of pavement material and obtain approval for each layer from the Authority or an Accredited Certifier prior to placement of subsequent pavement layers. Search Documents Online Welcome to the documents resource page, the official source for Development Services documents. Subgrade constructed to width (600 mm beyond base course width each side - Rock shattered to 300 mm below subgrade). Link to this table To access an Excel version of form (for field use), click here. Indicates that there is a specific process the contractor must comply with to allow MoDOT to collect data electronically. This section (A-H, below) must be completed by the inspector listed in Part II. □. Holdpoint Preseal Inspection Checklist (51KB). Address soft spots; remove roots, rocks or other debris. All living areas elevated to or above the FPE; areas below the FPE are used only rutting, potholes, or exposed subgrade material was not observed. 7 Feb 2019 203. 31 23 23 . Among many things, the method statement requires a pre-construction conference to where the project inspector(s) needs to be present. Subgrade Preparation 3. Australian Standard: AS3798 – 2007 Subgrade Preparation & Stripping Inspections – The area on which the fill is to be placed and the area from which the cut is to be removed should be stripped of all vegetation and of such soils as may be unsuitable to support the proposed loadings or for incorporation in fills subject to density, moisture or other GO DIGITAL TODAY Convert your paper checklists into digital forms. SECTION 2 EARTHWORKS Standard Specification for Urban Infrastructure Works 2-5 Edition 1, Revision 0 / September 2002 formation, ensure that the stream is a broad sheet flow which crosses roughly at right angles to the alignment and minimises the likelihood of subgrade softening. subgrade which ultimately carries the traffic loads. Subgrade is defined as a well-grad ed and compacted surface, constructed as specified herein to the grades, lines and cross-section shown, bladed and compacted to the specified density, preparat ory to constructing pavements, or other improvements thereon as shown in the typical sections. Including an observation well is a good practice to ensure that the permeable pavement system is properly dewatering between rainfall events. hy are footings inspected? Footings are inspected to ensure that the bearing surface will sustain the loads presented by the buildings and confirm compliance with the building permit documents for architectural layout. Permeable pavement may provide additional benefits, including reducing the need for de-icing chemicals, and providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface. 7 & PFM 6-1304 Page 2 of 2 Stone Reservoir Aggregate Placement CHECK PHOTO DESCRIPTION DATE OF INSPECTION / COMMENTS Sides covered with geotextile with no tears, holes, or excessive wrinkles. Concrete saddle to be used if there is less than 3 feet of THE INTENT OF THIS CHECKLIST IS TO PROMPT THE INSPECTOR TO RESEARCH SOURCE DOCUMENTS TO DETERMINE ANSWERS. NEH 645 CL 3. 3. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE Washington, DC 20590 202-366-4000 SUBGRADE INPECTION FORM List the special circumstances on the back of this sheet QC INSPECTOR INITIALS QA Sign-Off YES NO Did QC complete the checklist accurately Before the Concrete Arrives, Part I Inspectors share how they handle common situations: -What to expect at the pre-construction meeting -How to handle a subgrade that's too wet or too dry -What to An inspection plan should be considered for installation of every conservation practice. Sub-grade Construction. Spec 2- The accompanying checklist is intended to help a building owner or manager identify and keep an accurate record or inventory of the building’s problems to facilitate systematic repair and maintenance. 01 To determine by direct observation if on-site construction is being accomplished in accordance with the license application, license conditions and construction specifications. Make notations of any corrections that need to be made or any hazardous areas. underlying subgrade or base course. (BFE + freeboard) No basement; the floor is not subgrade on all sides. 1 Subgrade The inspection staff should be able to perform a visual field verification of the soil/rock material for comparison to supplied geologic boring logs. Pavement organizations (e. ITP100-003 CHECKLIST STEP. 06. UpCodes offers a consolidated resource of construction and building code grouped by jurisdiction. Determine if vegetation, topsoil and foreign material have been removed from within the foundation walls where the slab is to be placed. Final acceptance of the works (off maintenance inspection) Floodplain Permit – Final Inspection Checklist . 22 Overview ESC Checklists Overview 1. Additional Resources. 00 ECMTS -- POM & PUB 10X APPENDIX T-- Environmental commitments and mitigation activities ensured to be completed and the Environmental Commitments and Mitigation Tracking System (ECMTS) Subgrade & Test Roll Inspections. DISTRICT DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT . Subgrade surface is free of rocks and roots, and large voids. Pre Inspection Checklist Plan Review Checklist, Structural – Page 2 of 2 TRT/DOC/00706 7. SECTION 1: PRE-CONSTRUCTION CHECKLIST. An inspection plan does not always need to be written. Work completed without DPIE approval may result in the permittee having to remove and reconstruct the unapproved work. The recommendations for Construction Critical Inspection are minimal inspection requirements and based on preventing high risk consequences of checklist divides the construction project into seven (7) groups based on typical project stages: 1) Offsite Utility and Street Development, 2) Site Preparation and Earthwork, 3) Forms Construction and Slab Pouring, 4) Subgrade Preparation and Paving, 5) Building, 6) Landscaping, and 7) Activities for Every Stage. Have soil surveys, laboratory reports, plans, and specifi cations been reviewed and correlated with job condi tions? 2. Planning o Subgrade compacted density o Geotextile materials and placement . 4 Dec 2018 Post Construction ESC Inspection Checklist. 1 All material sources and the quality of materials proposed for use in the Works shall be approved by the Engineer prior to procuring or processing material from such sources. Scan this QR code to use this paper checklist on your smartphone or tablet. Overall subgrade construction and inspection practices appear acceptable and  In most cases, grading construction projects require professional inspections, soil sub-grade was completed in conformance with the approved grading plan. How to mix and cutting layer of sub grade for road construction [Construction Training Cambodia] - Duration: 3:18. Mark the box GEOTECHNICAL NOTES November 2016 1. Stabilizer (lime, cement, etc. Bed preparation Installation trench excavated with specified side slopes Stable, uniform, dry subgrade of relatively impervious material (If subgrade is wet, RE: Subgrade Inspection, and backfill dirtsqueezer (Geotechnical) 17 Oct 16 14:50 If you are backfilling over soft soils, the engineer may allow overexcavation to a reasonable depth and graduated compaction to your first left. 02 GENERAL A. 3. Construction Inspection Checklists Draft District of Columbia Stormwater Management Guidebook Page L-9 GOVERNMENT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA . Subgrade Inspection - The Owner/Developer/Contractor shall notify the. xlsx Review Engineer_____ Date_____ 1 of 6 inspection) The Superintendent should submit the On Maintenance Inspection Checklist (refer Appendix A) to Council Delegate and request an On Maintenance inspection. * * * NOTES: 1. The following checklist provides items for the construction inspection of Bioretention Practices. b. (Owners Geotechnical Co to submit documentation) Inspection should take place prior to backfilling system with crushed angular stone. Does a tractor trailer and a crane have the ability to get within 2 feet of the actual install site? YES NO This checklist is intended to be a guide for an NRCS QA inspector in preparation for and in performance of the inspection of construction of NRCS projects. Off Maintenance Certificate. 141. NRC INSPECTION MANUAL LLUR INSPECTION PROCEDURE 88001 ON-SITE CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM APPLICABILITY: 2600, 2801 88001-01 INSPECTION OBJECTIVES 01. Initial ESC Inspection Checklist Construction ESC Inspection Checklist Post Construction ESC Inspection Checklist Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Inspection Note: Factsheets have been developed for Eastern and Western Washington to support checklist implementation. GO DIGITAL TODAY Convert your paper checklists into digital forms. 5 Asphalt Plant Checklist. , base aggregate, subgrade) Has all placement equipment been checked for operational condition? (vibrators, screeds, shovels, trowels, laborers) Is saw-cutting equipment required? If yes, is it on standby and in operational condition? An IPRF Research Report Innovative Pavement Research Foundation Airport Concrete Pavement Technology Program Report IPRF-01-G-002-1 Best Practices for Airport Portland Cement Concrete Open for Inspection checklist: 10 things to check before buying a house. Subbase Compaction/Relative Height. Proof rolling Site Development Checklist and Certification Form This tracking sheet is also to be used to indicate items where an inspection (Dimension s, Subgrade The Swale Construction Inspection Checklist app outlines the tasks necessary to complete before construction begins. type and condition of the insulation and ventilation in viewable unfinished attics and subgrade areas as well as the installed tsca landfill inspection guidance manual march, 1990 u. The checklist serves as a reminder of what information should to be gathered and provides the means of checking off information Road Standards and Paving Standards ASTM's road and paving standards provide the specifications and test methods pertinent to the material, physical, mechanical, performance, and application requirements of road surfaces and pavements. top of an existing sewer main and service laterals to bottom of subgrade. Subgrade Preparation city of allen commercial development project pre-construction conference checklist date: approved plans, specs, and details on project at all times project: this checklist may not be all inclusive - it is the contractor's responsibility to Checklist CAC064M Concrete Pavement Base - Assessment of Nominated Mix Submission (DOCX, 75 KB) MRTS42 Supply of Wax Emulsion Curing Compound for Concrete (July 2017): If you are looking for the Excel inspection worksheets they have been moved to the Local Systems Project Inspection and Administration page, under the Contract Administration heading. DPS inspector may waive an inspection, provided the design engineer and/or geotechnical Footing subgrade (GEO). Materials 101 Form - Excavation New EMBANKMENT SUBGRADE TREATMENT, MOISTURE DENSITY CONTROL AND Construction Inspection Manual Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Lexington, Kentucky January 1, 2005 Buildings Bulletin 2014-017 3 of 5 the corresponding 2008 NYC Building Code special inspection categories, along with the associated duties and responsibilities for all 2008 NYC Building Code TR1 submissions and 2008 NYC Building Code filings. Construction of Civil Engineering 13,617 views 2. Subgrade. Refer Section 6 for details of the requirements to have the work formally accepted On Maintenance. Have all soft subgrade areas Chemically, concrete is a complicated material, and a visual inspection will not always answer those questions. com GO DIGITAL TODAY Convert your paper checklists into digital forms. : Address: Flood Protection Elevation (FPE) for this structure is . Check whether for the inspection chambers are at the correct location shape and to  Subgrade Inspection Report. The reinforcement steel is spliced per approved plans with two ties per lap. 26 Aug 2019. 3 Special Inspection Categories Required for all applications, continued on page 2; indicates report required. A. R506. ft. ☐ Proof roll soil subgrade to determine presence of soft spots or localized pockets of objectionable materials. The surfacing of the pavement should not proceed until Council Delegate responds. 1) 3. The complete set of approved plans must be on site for all inspections along with the sign off card. Is the subgrade (top 12 inches) being constructed with suitable materials that have a maximum dry density of at least 100 lbs. Site Development Permit Application Form A site development permit application form shall be included with the initial submittal of all improvement plans. January 2019 Page 1 of 3 . 124, Checklist and Table for New and Certificate of Acceptance of Soil Subgrade (Municipal Solid Waste Plans that are incomplete as per the checklist items will result in an incomplete review and will be returned to the consultant. The program covers inspection during preplacement, placement, and post-placement operations. , State and Tribal offices, emergency response office, police department, office of public health or environmental health, zoning office, recorder of The 2002 edition of the Maryland State Highway Administration Construction Manual is a revised updated version of the Construction Manual dated June 12, 1998 to reflect the 2001 Standard Specifications, construction practices, techniques, and record keeping in effect today. Permeable Pavement – Public ROW Construction Inspection Checklist for Stormwater Code Compliance Last updated February 25, 2010 3 specifications and that geotextile overlap is per design. Introduction. In transport engineering, subgrade is the native material underneath a constructed road, pavement or railway track (US: railroad track). CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR’S CHECKLIST FOR STABILIZED SUBBASE, BAM, CAM, PAM & CAM II . Have all past inspection and testing requirements been completed? (i. 2: Quality assurance inspection of 30 mil PVC placement includes: 1. Tasks include: excavation to swale subgrade conforms to approved plans, placement of underdrains and installation of observation well, cleanout, check dams, or weirs conform to approved plans, placement of backfill of sand, gravel and soil, if applicable, installation of final parking lot project begins with a subgrade of compacted soil and the base layers and continues through the paving process. Sample E107 viii. Signature of TxDOT Observer Observation Date Subgrade Inspection MD X NA Documentation Attached 1. 4 Jul 2017 Subgrade Construction Inspection Checklist Download this checklist Subgrade is free from oversize floaters (more than 75mm) and surface  Stormwater/Wetland Pond Construction Inspection Checklist. MINIMUM Footing (not strip) Subgrade Field Moisture/Density. 21. Concrete formwork placement 5. Holdpoint Road Subgrade Inspection (50KB). Various hold points and check points are part of the construction execution to ensure that the construction work is progressing according plan. 04 feet for base coarse) top of each other until the level of the subgrade surface is reached. 16. Here, in checklist form, are all the steps of building your home. 1 Construction Inspection Guidance for Sec 203 This "checklist" should be used as a reminder. The inspection staff should consider the need for the following additional specific documents and equipment in addition to their customary inspection equipment: Weighted 100-Foot Tape Construction Checklist. The holes appear to be related to abandoned utility valves. suitably thick geotextile cushion material should be utilized to protect the liner from damage. The following checklist is designed to help the onsite inspector or owner’s representative identify key aspects of the process and understand best practices known to produce a quality pavement project. Footing Inspections This inspection guide answers common questions and provides a checklist of deficiencies. January 2017 Review of Certifications for Stormwater Management Facilities Projects that require Civil Engineering Plan submission Projects that are site plans, use permit, form based code, by-right and any project that disturbs more than CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION CHECK-OFF LIST FOR STORMWATER MANAGEMENT PONDS STAGE DESIGN ENGINEER (DE) GEOTECHNIC AL ENGINEER (GEO) COUNTY INSPECTOR MNCPPC & OTHER * MANDATORY NOTIFICATION: Inspection and approval by the parties indicated is required at these points prior to proceeding with construction. Final Inspection Checklist. Although the Field Manual is contained in the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, a separate printed document is available. ☐ Confirm no groundwater seepage and/or standing water is present at subgrade. Holdpoint Preseal Inspection Checklist (51KB) Holdpoint Road Subgrade Inspection (50KB) Holdpoint Sewer Rising Main Pressure Test (73KB) Holdpoint Sewer Vacuum Test (87KB) Holdpoint Water Main Pressure Test Initial ESC Inspection Checklist excavation at least 1 Working day prior to placement of any Materials or subgrade soil scarification. Thanks! Conduct the final inspection. The subgrade slopes away from a generally trending east-west centerline UDOT Construction Inspection Guide Chapter 9: Landscaping, Fencing, Incidental Construction Boundary Survey Inspection Checklist… 01892 – Reconstruct Catch Basin, Cleanout, Meter, Valve - Subgrade: construction managers required for any project activity on CSX - Aerial: construction managers required for project set-up and final inspection - $1,500. Also included is a comprehensive Inspection Checklist (Appendix A) to help an on-site inspector follow best practices known to produce a quality pavement project. This procedure is a brief but comprehensive overall building inspection. W ☐ Inspect soil subgrade. Pavement performance can be largely attributed to the care given in designing and preparing its foundation, which is comprised of the subgrade and base layers. penetrations. See construction specifications for detailed requirements. Results of all quality assurance tests, including, road subgrade and  Interlocking Concrete Pavements - Inspection Checklist. 28 Mar 2015 QUALITY CHECKLIST FOR SITE WORKS SURVEYING AND SETTING OUT 1 Check the formation of subgrade with specified camber. 1 Project Details. Holdpoint Sewer Rising Main Pressure Test (73KB) . To correct subgrade problems the reclaimed material typically is moved to one side or completely removed, then the subgrade is either: o dried and re-compacted, o stabilized with cement or Subsurface SWM Inspection Checklist (to take place during construction) Prior to installation of stone bed. Staking Inspection: (Required Inspection). Sanitary Sewer Checklist. 1 Introduction. type and condition of the insulation and ventilation in viewable unfinished attics and subgrade areas as well Table 2. II. e. 3rd Party Construction Inspection Checklist and Certification: Bioretention DEQ Spec. 5 inspection and testing An inspection checklist can help maintenance crews identify key indicators of maintenance needs. subgrade soils indicate the need for subgrade stabilization? Y N X a If removal and replacement is applicable, has the detail of subgrade removal been shown on the plans, including depth of removal, station limits, lateral extent, replacement material, and plan notes (Item 204 – Subgrade Compaction and Proof Rolling)? TR1: Technical Report Statement of Responsibility This form must be typewritten TR1 August 2016 House No(s) Street Name Work on Floor(s) 1 Location Information Required for all applications. Local regulatory authorities and response agencies (i. 38. doc. Whether you need a subgrade inspection for your construction project or a consult for pilings and retaining wall support, the Salk Group has the experience and dedication to help you solve any problem. Appendix G: Construction Inspection Checklists and Asbuilt Subdivision Road Construction and Inspection Procedures. The inspection shall verify that the inspect subgrade and Pre-Listing Comprehensive Home Inspection Checklist. 1) 2. Source documents include but are not limited to: ATSSA Quality Standards for M & S Standard Plans Floodplain Permit – Final Inspection Checklist . There are many ways to prepare a QC inspection report. These services are performed during excavation activities and serve the purpose of qualifying all load bearing surfaces or areas, as being in accordance with the project requirements and/or able to provide the necessary bearing that has been specified. Construction Inspection Checklist: Permeable Pavement . Subgrade Compaction/Relative Height. Calculations One copy of Structural calculations that includes vertical and lateral structural analysis and sealed by the structural engineer of record. Structure. The client and the building inspection company need to establish the parameters for the property inspection. Objectionable materials are those having characteristics which may cause an unstable subgrade or lead to instability in the cut. Samples shall be taken after grading is completed and the subgrade is rough cut. Before construction of a road, the top 12 to 24 inches of existing ground is usually prepared by removing large boulders, stumps, bushes, and other objectionable materials. Pavement Preparation Confirm that all necessary contractor and agency personnel attend the pre-construction meeting. Inspection-for-Industry. Therefore, if you would like to be notified of changes or updates to manuals on this page, simply click "Subscribe". While its use is not required, this checklist has been prepared to provide the field inspector a summary of easy-to-read step-by-step requirements relative to the proper construction of Continuously Reinforced PCC Pavement (Section 421). FINAL INSPECTION CHECKLIST FOR ROADWAY CONSTRUCTION. INSPECTION CHECKLIST ASPHALT PAVEMENT INSPECTION PROCEDURES (Cont’d) Code Requirements Code section Req’d Page 3 of 4 1/1/2011 S:\BUILDING INSP\Inspection checklist-PW\Update\Asphalt Pavement Inspection Procedures. Inspection Checklist Component Observed Condition Further Action Required Soft subgrade Location shown on site map Areal extent_____ Remarks: Minor settlement Bioretention Cell – Public ROW Construction Inspection Checklist for Stormwater Code Compliance Last updated February 25, 2010 2 bedding, Type 26 and bioretention soils, are protected from contamination and stormwater runoff. Any voids should be refilled with the  REQUIRED ENGINEERING INSPECTIONS. Determine if vegetation, topsoil and foreign material have been removed from within the Operation and maintenance of permeable pavement Green Infrastructure: Permeable pavement can be an important tool for retention and detention of stormwater runoff. The generic method for proof rolling is to use a fully loaded (20 us tons of material) tandem axle dump truck. d. Identify any underground hazards, overhead wires, rough terrain, or soft subgrade upon which the crane will travel. Task The subgrade surface is moistened prior to placing remotely mixed soil-cement. Drainage of the subgrade and bases is essential during construction and for the life and parking lot project begins with a subgrade of compacted soil and the base layers and continues through the paving process. 3(1) 2. It is also called formation level. the OE Inspection Performance as witnessed by the TxDOT observer. Stormwater Drainage Inspection Report Subgrade Inspection Report 1 Project Details 2. Concrete Liquid Manure Storage Structure Construction Inspections Keywords Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, water quality, feedlots, concrete manure storage structures Concrete Liquid Manure Storage Structure Construction Inspections Keywords Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, water quality, feedlots, concrete manure storage structures Checklists have been developed as an aid for more complex inspection. Parameters of property inspection The checklist is developed from the ICPI PICP manual and the PICP certificate course. CONFORMANCE. Erosion and. division 100 contract administration & inspection procedures earthwork inspection checklist 302. Attending an open for inspection can be a daunting task for anyone A Concrete Construction Special Inspector is a person qualified to inspect and record the results of concrete construction inspection based on codes and job specifications. Inspection and Test Plan QC Inspection Checklist . The inspection is based on observation of the visible and apparent condition of the structure and its components on the date of the inspection. environmental protection agency pesticides and toxic substances branch region v 230 south dearborn street chicago, ill 60604 On-Maintenance Checklist Prior to a Request for an On-Maintenance Inspection, please complete and submit the following: Subgrade course material quality ☐ 13 Nov 2013 Subgrade Inspection Checklist Was the inspection conducted with council ? Yes. ) is being mixed uniformly and at the proper amount. Required Building Inspections for One-family and Two-family Dwellings CONCRETE SLAB-0N-GROUND INSPECTION CHECKLIST 1. Health and Safety  Construction Checklist … correction, conduct a final inspection of the work and prepare a final report regarding the project. (R403. *. f)g) undertake the inspection and approve the road subgrade prior to authorising commencement . INSPECTION CHECKLIST This checklist serves as a guide for permittee and DPIE Site/Road Inspector to review construction progress grubbing and subgrade preparation. This will necessitate an inspection of the cut slopes and the ditch cuts to locate any objectionable materials or faulty drainage conditions which should be corrected. Appendix F Site Inspection Checklist F-2 3. The checklist serves as a reminder of what information should to be gathered and provides the means of checking off information obtained and reviewed, or information not available or applicable. Verify areas with existing drainage issues from DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION QUESTIONNAIRE 10. approved before any roadway elements are constructed on the finished subgrade (Curb, curb and gutter, stone, under drain, etc). Subgrade constructed to width ( 600 mm beyond base course width each side - Rock shattered to 300 mm below. 3) A. 3rd Party Construction Inspection Checklist and Certification: Dry Swales 3rd Party Inspection Firm: Subgrade surface free of rocks, roots, and large voids. Compaction test results to be submitted to Clark County inspector. Operations to be Water pockets create soft or spongy spots in the subgrade and unfit for pavement. Proper placement of compacted fill, observe subgrade and verify the site is prepared. and Planning; Subgrade and Drainage; Construction; Maintenance; and References. doc d. Site Grading 2. Identify and repair areas of excessive surface deformation and poor subgrade support. Base of excavation must be smooth, level and *Reviewed by CPAM POC only. Special Inspections Checklist 2012 NC Building Code Section 1704 (check all boxes that apply) Page 3 of 7 Periodic Continuous Application of joint details at each connection. Warrnambool City Council – Inspection & Test Plan The following checklist provides a basic outline of the anticipated items for the construction inspection of dry swales. The following checklist covers the inspection steps required to assure quality soil-cement: 1. We must remember that a swimming pool is a large investment and, like any Footing Inspection Checklist Page 1 of 2 These requirements are taken from the following adopted codes and ordinances in Hardin County: 2013 Kentucky Residential Code, IRC Code 2012, the Hardin County, KY Development Guidance System, and from the Storm Water Management Ordinances . information during the site inspection portion of the five-year review. subgrade soils to a depth of at least 5 feet below proposed subgrade elevation (10 feet below proposed subgrade on arterial roadways), at spacings of not more than 250feet unless otherwise accepted by the Engineering Division. 410-787-8320 Last Updated:04/26/16 The wide left margin is provided for your remarks or notations. The checklist 3rd Party Construction Inspection Checklist and Certification: Permeable Pavement DEQ Spec. In addition, the memo shall clearly identify any deviations from the inspection guidance outlined in the VDOT Construction Manual (such as items that will be eliminated from the Details of Inspection and/or Inspector’s Checklist) in order to inspect the work with reduced staff. Make notations of any corrections which need to be made or any hazardous areas. Every fifth hole shall be 10 feet deep. Name of project. COM Footings Yes No Comments 1. , pier, or foundation walls, that the subgrade is ready for inspection unless the requirements of section 27-209 of article twenty-one of subchapter one In a fill section, the subgrade is the top of the embankment or the fill. 5. Proof-rolling is used in earthwork and pavement construction to verify uniform behavior and stability of the subgrade before placement of fill. Inspect the rolling  be prepared to provide Building Inspector with copy of a “Subgrade” report from an In your permit package is a Occupancy Inspection Checklist for your project. Project Number : Contractor's Name : Project Name : 2 Inspection Details. PURPOSE As a supplement to the adopted Road Ordinance, the purpose of these Procedures is to establish a fair, consistent, and easily interpreted policy with respect to construction inspection practices for roadways Railroads aren’t like cars. For inspection purposes, the Applicant shall give the City’s Engineering Department at least 48 hours notice prior to commencement of construction. 1 BR / ADOS Before Installation Visual / Specifications Each Location Section 5 As per approved submission Apply Moisture Barrier (Optional) (Allow to cure) Checklist 4. 11. If areas have been filled, then verify that the fill is free of vegetation, Inspector Development Program (IDP) Handbook – July 2017 4 Construction Inspectors Career Development Guide – Introduction Online Training TCC111 Plans Reading, Erosion & Sediment Control Plans TCC114 Plans Reading, Bridge Plans TCC115 Plans Reading, Culvert Plans TCC116 Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement ODOT Home Districts District 01 Project Gateway 01-Active Projects 11-0002 (Lima Mall) 02-Quantities 0001-0038 Roadway Ref-0028 204 Excavation of Subgrade Subgrade inspection forms 02-Quantities … Subgrade inspection forms All Documents CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR’S CHECKLIST FOR CONTINUOUSLY REINFORCED PCCPAVEMENT . This Pavement Inspection Manual is written to provide supplemental information, and help thickness of layers above the subgrade so that the design traffic level can be. safetyculture. /cubic foot? Inspection Checklist Commercial Building Permit Submittal Checklist Page 1 of 7 For more information or for a copy of this publication in an alternate format, contact Planning & Development at 602-262-7811 voice or TTY use 7-1-1. Any suitable material (see §203-1. Sewer Inspections. Density measurements are being taken using the correct frequency and procedure. CONCRETE SLAB-0N-GROUND INSPECTION CHECKLIST 1. Pipe Spillway Installation Method of installation detailed on plans A. " Search Results for TCEQ Forms; Permits by Rule 106. The division is responsible for contractor pre-qualification, bid proposal issuance and awarding (letting) construction and maintenance contracts. I. Left unrepaired, subgrade ruts may reflectively cause premature pavement rutting. General Recommendation:Whenever one or more of the items in the checklist have not been met, the paving contractor shall notify the owner in writing of these TECHNICIAN'S CHECKLIST SECTION 700 CONCRETE PAVEMENTS AND SHOULDERS ACTION YES NO N/A COMMENTS Check the vibration equipment and, if furnished, verify vibration monitors are operating correctly. The 2018 Field Manual contains typical traffic control layouts that all state, county and city roadway operations staff should use. the top of proposed sewer main and service laterals to bottom of subgrade. PURPOSE As a supplement to the adopted Road Ordinance, the purpose of these Procedures is to establish a fair, consistent, and easily interpreted policy with respect to construction inspection practices for roadways Subdivision Road Construction and Inspection Procedures. Verify driveway is sub-grade to get correct measurements). 33 62 00  In weak ground conditions and/or where a high water table is present a subgrade inspection may be required along with the observation of testing as deemed . MTI provides fill placement monitoring, density testing, geotechnical observations, and many other soils related services. P:\ Commercial Building Permit Submittal Checklist TRT/DOC/00029 WEB\dsd_trt_pdf_00029 Rev. The checklist WHEN TO PERFORM INSPECTIONS Establish ahead of time at what stages of construction the inspections will be performed 1. 1 Subgrade Testing Subgrade compaction requirement as obtained in the standard compaction test 95% of maximum dry density Test every 500 mm lift at Maximum spacing of 100m Minimum number of samples per road 2 samples Compulsory Subgrade inspection In accordance the quality control checklist engineering group materials & workmanship specification for civil & structural works e/gd/09/104/a1 controlled document a1 jun 1. Soil Field Lab Inspection QC Checklist vii. 33 08 00  28 Apr 2017 In one case, where the activity is the inspection of contract work that is The Change Order Checklist (DOT Form 422-003), in addition to describing the approval Subgrade blue tops shall be set 0. 11. That’s why RailWorks provides comprehensive inspection and maintenance for your track. 4 HMA Placement Checklist . Is the gauge probe in contact with the correct wall of the hole? Wet density, density count, and moisture count recorded correctly. Each of the steps must be verified by either the Inspection CheckList: Water truck on-site Proper type of equipment on-site Properly sized equipment Well blended homogeneous placement of material Soft spots are removed or repaired (look for rutting) Surveying: Grades stakes placed, string line used to check for high/low spots (0. subgrade. 901 Inspection. The checklist is Section 3: Inspections Anchor: #i1001104 Construction Inspection. While its use is not required, his checklist has been prepared to provide the field inspector a t summary of easy-to-read step-by-step requirements relative to the proper construction of city of portland office of transportation engineerng & development construction inspection section 2015 street construction inspector's manual The checklist allocates responsibilities and establishes procedures related to concrete construction – subgrade preparation, forming, concrete mixture proportioning (mix design), necessary equipment, ordering and scheduling materials and operations, placing, consolidating, finishing, jointing, curing and protection, testing and acceptance Appendix L. www. The permittee is required to give the required A. The corresponding 2008 NYC Building Code special inspection categories are Inspection Checklist 3 Proximity to Water Supply PICP should be installed no closer than 100 ft (30 m) from municipal water supply wells or open water Soil Subgrade Rocks & roots removed, voids refilled with aggregate & compacted No groundwater seepage or standing water U. If the liner base cannot be prepared as described, the use of locally available sand and/or a . Rainwater Harvesting - CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION REPORT Anchor: #i1021617 Section 2: Base and Subgrade Preparation Anchor: #i1024130 2. Vacuum surface. 4) Stormwater pond/ wetland - construction inspection checklist. 04/18 The project construction phase of a process plant requires adequate management and control of quality, cost and timinig. Type of inspection (tick) Random  28 Aug 2017 The checklists are intended for use by OPP Construction Services personnel when reviewing 16, 2013, Planting - OPP Inspection. Guidelines & Checklist (subgrade preparation) on references to other plans or plats for necessary construction or inspection information. The term can also refer to imported material that has been used to build an embankment. If the subgrade soil is clay, a leveling course may trap water and additional under drainage may be required. TESTING PROCEDURES . In order to receive the engineering escrow that was required in the beginning of the review process, the Applicant must make an official written request for this escrow to be returned. In a cut section the subgrade is the bottom of the cut (Figure 7-1). 3-6. Placement of any material layers (e. Pre-Construction Inspection Responsibilities . com Here are a few free inspection checklists for you to download. Refer to these codes if more detailed information is needed. Call 913-971-9407 for City of Olathe sewer inspections. filter fabric, subbase, base, pavement/pavers, soil, etc. Verify shape and stability of finished subgrade through visual inspection and proof roll. Every material test taken should generate a test record. INSPECT2CODE. Index of ♦ Perform a site inspection. Manuals & Guides. Inspection Checklist, Maintenance Schedule, • The subgrade is the foundation of the road base, usually made of native soil and rock. 55. Is there any possibility of this happening? YES NO. It is essential to long-lasting pavement. Off Maintenance Inspection Checklist. Many of the manuals listed on this page are "living documents," meaning changes and updates will be made to them periodically. Date work completed/final inspection _____ The certifying professional must be a licensed Professional Engineer(PE), Landscape Architect, or Land Surveyor licensed in Maryland. The checklist is divided into sections as follows: ing the inspection steps into a routine that fits in with the se quence of construction operations. Objective 2. 00 base course and subgrade inspection inspection request system at 301-883-5390). Among the conditions the Project Five-Year Review Site Inspection Checklist Purpose of the Checklist The site inspection checklist provides a useful method for collecting important information during the site inspection portion of the five-year review. s. 82 With 419 votes. INSPECTION CHECKLIST S AND Subgrade surface is free of rocks and roots, and large voids. 1 Quality Assurance Inspection Checklist. Computerized vibration monitors are required on slipform pavers per the 2006 Standard Specifications. Inspection, sampling, testing and retesting shall be at the Operational Works Off Maintenance Inspection Application (42 KB) Operational Works Off Maintenance Inspection Checklist (53 KB) Holdpoints. High Friction Surface Treatment Guidelines (PDF-1MB) INTERIOR SLAB BELOW GRADE INSPECTION CHECKLIST INTERIOR SLAB AT GRADE INSPECTION CHECKLIST STAIRS BEFORE POUR INSPECTION CHECKLIST This checklist is intended for use to prepare for an inspection. References are to the 2012 International Codes (R = Chapter 75 / Pennsylvania Home Inspection Law (Required Text) "A Home inspection is intended to assist in the evaluation of the overall condition of the dwelling. FOLLOW-UP TO . In general, “significant” improvements in the public right-of-way require a PIA; this ensures that the A few months back, we drew an infographic to show how a random inspection works, but we didn’t get into all the specifics. CES WATERSHED PROTECTION DIVISION/INSPECTION & ENFORCEMENT BRANCH . The subgrade surface is the top of the embankment and the surface upon which the subbase is placed. Perform a detailed rigging inspection and Rig the crane prior to the date erection is to start. Inspection #200 must be in place prior to any ground disturbance activities, and must be requested first when requesting inspection for setbacks, footings and foundation inspections. 6 Mar 2018 shows that the subgrade is not in accordance with the IDOT . Look for any underground hazards, overhead wires, rough terrain, or soft subgrade on which the crane will travel. Remove all debris, large rocks, vegetation and topsoil from the area to be paved. Other findings: See attached inspection checklist forms. 3(6) 4. Together with subgrade soil, permeable pavement systems Determining Subgrade Soil Infiltration. This is only a general list and is not intended to address all possible conditions. If fill is placed over unsuitable soil, the subgrade may not provide proper support and may hinder proper compaction of the fill. •. Please keep in mind that ICPI recommends that PICP construction specifications include a method statement. specified in sub-base and base courses and in subgrades. H) may be used to construct an embankment, although the Contractor may have to manipulate this material to make it stable. Date. Loads shall be tarped on trucks to maintain the specific temperature (especially in cold weather). Construction Inspection Checklist(s) shall be prepared to provide field inspectors  Driveway Inspection Checklist. 31/27125/5380 Engineering Guidelines for Subdivisions and Development Standards 2 Part 7 - Guidelines for Testing 2. • Soil maps and . Verify installation of  22 Jun 2015 Date of final building inspection An uneven paving surface can result from the sub-grade Maintenance Overview Maintenance Checklist. DPS Inspection Telephone 2002 MD State Highway Administration Office of Construction 7450 Traffic Drive Hanover, Maryland 21076 Phone 443-572-5202 • Fax 410. Initial Routine Inspection – The first routine inspection performed on any bridge is the APPENDIX A CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION CHECKLIST FEB. Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement - Inspection Checklist If no compacted subgrade, confirm no compaction from construction equipment, scarify if  Infrastructure Inspection Checklist. Subgrade Evaluation and Pavement Design. The owner or his representative should be notified of this condition. Project: Stable, uniform, dry subgrade of relatively impervious material (If subgrade is wet,. This checklist does not distinguish between all the design variations and differences in construction between the family of practices: bioretention basins, micro-bioretention (or rain gardens), and urban bioretention. Subgrade density test and string line. If relevant per design, check dams are graded, installed, and identified with an offset for future Shotcrete Pool Inspection— Checklist By Chris Zynda S wimming pools have been around for over 100 years, and the water-containing pool shells have been built in many different ways, including fiberglass, concrete block, vinyl-lined, and concrete. subsurfaceA copy of the Inspection Checklist is presented in Attachment 2 and representative photographs are presented in Attachment 3. The asterisk by the numbers mean that the Building Inspector must check the work at this stage before construction can continue. 08 feet for subgrade and 0. In either case, you are likely to have problems later on. Finished subgrade inspection shall include density and moisture content testing. Submit all material testing documentation for sub-grade compaction. When infiltration is required, equipment (like tracked excavators and buckets with teeth) that reduce compaction and loosen, till, or "rip" the soil Checklist Records 4 Installation 4. parking lot project begins with a subgrade of compacted soil and the base layers and continues through the paving process. plans, approval of inspection #507 is required before requesting further inspections. final inspection for each type of asset and complete the QAM checklist under Appendix. This will prevent Subgrade Soil Stabilization: SG Stabilization Test Strip Checklist Form Mobile App - Use by other agencies is at their discretion and should only be done PROOF ROLLING OF FOUNDATION SOIL AND PREPARED SUBGRADE DURING CONSTRUCTION Introduction Proof rolling (also termed test rolling), a practice to examine the mass response of subgrade to vehicle-type loads before pavement layers are constructed, is performed by driving a selected heavy vehicle over designated areas of the soil surface. subgrade inspection checklist

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