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5. The 2000-2002 f body cars have had problems with piston slap. the engine spins, and spins, and spins, but it won't fire! [Archive] Piston slap LS1/LS2 Engine Tech. 3) the short piston skirt on the hemi causes the piston to rattle in the bores in idle. He drove the pants off that car and at 50k miles the oil consumption slowed to a quart every 5000 miles instead of every 500 miles. That is why both the Vortec and sometimes the LS1 use oil, which GM says is "normal". Cure for glazed cylinder? Rarely do you cure an uppy-downy problem with a uppy-downy remedy. You'll need a factory powerhead gasket set 389556. I am very skeptical of most additive products, whether to “clean” fuel systems or super-lubricate things, and view most of them as cleverly marketed and packaged snake oil, but both BG 44K and Chevron Techron CONCENTRATE (in the black bottle & preferably in the 20 ounce size) fuel system cleaners both do work to a certain degree i have also checked compression and its pretty even across the board. Replaced under warranty and sound g-o-n-e! Car #2, 98 2. Piston slap can be an unfortunate and mistaken by-product from a manufacturer, which picked the incorrect piston rings to match with a particular motor. Tappets are usually rattly when cold, and you can hear them at tickover. It sounds like classic piston slap, but does not behave as classic piston slap - because it is NOT classic piston slap. If you have a built engine you may have some piston skirt slap that sounds like lifter tick. Whether an LM4, LS2 or the cast iron full size truck engines. time, but in the opinion of the writer this appears to I've read up on it, but I keep finding references to people saying that "all the 5. Maybe only the turbo models had the squirters to cure the piston slap problem. piston slap is not due to a lack of oil as much as when the engine is cold the pistons are not as tightly in the bore as when the engine is warm. I'd guess pistons are getting loose (piston slap). 0's that work real hard also consume a little oil,a little more than most people like,so keep that in mind. Therefore, better understanding of the conditions favouring piston slap can be beneficial for the reduction of engine Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH). If you wanna help out go here - https://www. If it is indeed piston slap, the lifters will not affect the noise. Like the lean fuel ratio above, carbon deposits could be a sign of another problem: worn valve guides, cylinder wear, broken piston rings, or infrequently changed oil. 1920-1930 Valve Sticking Cure 1925 Piston Swap Tip 1927 Rocker Arm Replacement 1928 Standard-Six Exhaust Valve 1928-1931 Piston Slap & Offset Wrist Pins 1930's Check Valve Springs 1930's Leaky Valve Guides Cause Oil Consumption 1930's Tappets 1931-1932 Oil Pumping Eights 1934-1936 Motor Overhaul 1935-1949 Valve Stem Umbrellas 1936 Aluminum Pistons Mild tapping from a cold engine is acceptable, but should this continue after a minute or two of idling suspect sticking tappets or piston slap if the noise is more like a knock. 004"). This noise is a ticking sound. I just want it to last alittle longer and help it too run alittle better It's a sign of a worn engine and the only cure is a rebuild, but in itself, piston slap is just an annoyance rather than a problem. Just re-read my bit in said posting, and I note that mine to has quite audable piston slap when cold, but disappears after warm up. But I've never seen or heard of piston slap issues out of a 4. Question is should I fit a new B size piston which the 2000 model has, or move up to C size? The Ryan Young maintainance guide recommends in cases of bore wear replace w The engine is rugged, the piston cylindrical rod is supported at two points, the rod is a straight throw, there is no piston slap or cylinder wear. . co. My lightest modified piston, which has windows, full skirt lift and lots of metal removed from anywhere I could, is 68g. This will eventually lead to oil consumption. It has a loud rattle on start up. You can take apart one of these saws with low compression and see nothing obviously wrong with the piston until you look at it from underneath and notice that the piston wall thickness is significantly thinner on the inlet side leading to piston slap. Does it get a little quieter after it warms up? Did it all of sudden start or has it be like that for awhile? How many miles on the motor? Grab the clutch and rock the motor back and forth at different places in it's rotation, can your hear /feel the slap? Given that deep pitch, it honestly sounds more like pronounced piston slap or a rod to me. Common problems with pistons: 03 Piston slap Piston slap normally goes away after a few minutes but alifter will as well if it pumps up. Additionally the way to fix piston slap would be to reduce the clearance between the piston and cylinder, which would be easier to do vs. So the whole repair would cost around $350. e. The online Subaru and Performance Motoring Community. I don't believe this problem is due to piston slap - for one thing, as others have said, it doesn't sound like piston slap, and it would not go away quickly on start up. 004") Both also have offset wrist pins. Early piston slap occurs at approximately 45° to 50° before top dead center, when the cylinder pressure changes from negative to positive. This area, known as the squish area (piston to top of chamber), has a clearance that is about as thick as a paper clip. I'm trying to find a thread relating to the piston slap problem inherent with the 99-2002 5. Probably will also replace the connecting rod together with the piston, since it may also be defective. So does my brother's $90,000 Mercedes. If your cylinders and pistons are gone then you might as well replace the engine with a rebuilt one. 9's. i never tried additives to get rid of the piston slap in a 2007. I actually did this with another Honda that I had years ago. Either fit new rings, or if badly worn, fit new pistions and rings, and have block rebored. Jim Grant's Tech Tips '99 GMC K2500, Cold Start Knock. Piston slap is not normal on startup. S. The actual sounds are generated at combustion and the opening and closing of valves. I have had this happen with sealed power lifters, but never with MELLINGS. The previous owner had put in the high compression piston. The effect will diminish as the engine warms and the pistons expand. In it the Author said that its normal for single pistons to produce rod knock and piston slap noise. Piston slap is an unfortunate but not necessarily harmful by product of this design. Piston Slap Sign in to follow this . I had a built engine that would not stop ticking. 7-6. (Received 21 September 1964) A method for estimating the vibration and noise power produced by repetitive impacts in machines is presented. The Jeep has the infamous lifter ticking, and when I removed the valve cover to replace the leaking valve cover gasket, I noticed the rear two rocker arms were loose, and could be pushed down by my fingers. accelerating or labouring in high gear. UNGARJr AND DONALD Rossf Bolt Beranek and Newman Incorporated, 50 Moulton Street, Cambridge, Mass. You want to hear piston slap, you should hear my 8. I wish it was true but it's not. 3L in my truck. Piston Slap, Lifter Tick, or Valve Chatter? (Video Included) Jump to Latest Follow 41 - 52 of 52 Posts However, cleaning them with a steel wool will cure the marks. Piston Slap Explained “Piston slap is generally caused when the cold running clearance (piston-to-wall clearance) is large enough that when the piston rocks from side to side in the bore it “slaps” the side of the cylinder and causes noise,” explains JE Pistons’ Clayton Stothers. Chevy cast iron pistons wouldn't take a knurl, so there was a spring steel expander available that got installed inside the skirt with a special pair of spanner pliers to cure piston slap on those engines. ive just researched this fault and it sounds prety serious. . Piston slap can go away after the engine heats up and the piston expands to take up excessive clearance in the cylinder bore, or as the engine is accelerated. Piston slap is already a much more likely issue when running either piston due to the increased rod angle from the lower rod ratio, so that must be taken into consideration when putting together a street motor that needs to last, or a race motor that is going to be refreshed very regularly. If it is piston slap then it is highly unlikely that piston rings alone will cure it. The slapping is hear when on the gas, but not when I let off. 0l, 5. clean the ring lands and put the original rings back on and slap on a lot of my trucks with 454s after about 100,000 miles they all had the knock. Also, regardless of the brave statement that chains are forever, they do stretch. Symptoms of this are white smoke coming from the tailpipe and a drop in engine oil level. Consumers have differing opinions. The major cause of the tappit noise is down to not enough oil. Hey, presto, it’s running. 91000 mi US $50: Replace ignition switch. HD926 that's good news - like you, I was taught to break in engines using varying speeds, throw in a little mild acceleration in the upper gears (3rd or 4th) once in awhile (not wide-open throttle or high rpm) to load the engine and seat the rings, no extended cruising at one speed, and generally give all the machined surfaces time to adapt to each other. Different thing…. weird piston slap. It is a function of lower friction, shorter pistons and thinner oils that do not cushion as well. 025mm to . Surprisingly, it worked pretty well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk thanks guys for your comments and your views. The 8100 feels twice as strong as the 6000 under 2300RPM,form the ones ive My 18S piston makes a hell of a clonking noise under load when not hot. What Causes Piston Slap &/or galled cylinders ? The front of the cylinder is galled and aluminum melted and transferred to the front wall of the cylinder. After a few minutes, my engine is SILENT, genuinely SILENT. In other words, my 03 200 runs perfect in everyway except for that noise. 2 - Piston Slap? The problem. By smalley250, August 5, 2007 in Gas Gas. I've been reading up on the piston slap issue and as it turns out it's a very common problem that happens in a lot of engines of lots of brands, doesn't matter if it is a V2, V6, V8 or 4 in line configuration. - Answered by a verified Buick Mechanic Some say that piston slap is not detrimental to the engine and does not affect longevity or performance. It's pretty rare to replace the pistons without rebuilding the entire engine, but it can be done - however just putting new rings in to cure a mild case of piston slap isn't all that odd. General questions. Oil does not shear down to a lower viscosity when it warms, it just changes due to thermal properties of the oil. My Forester never seems to quiet down much. the Bourke engine runs smoothly on low grade fuels, even 20 Octane, hydrogen or highly diluted alcohols! It's most likely valve tappets, but these engines are prone to piston slap, even at lower mileages. How many of you guys can hear the cold piston knock on your 2002 Z06? I know that GM was going to "cure" that with the tighter, coated pistons but I think its' still there some. A piston slap will occur when the gap between the cylinder and the piston is too wide causing the piston to move sideways hence, the slap sound. If the lifter tick continues after the engine reaches full operating temperature you probably have a bigger problem unrelated to the ambient temperature. You'll determine if the powerhead need boring and if the pistons need to be replaced when you get the powerhead torn down. 003"(. Piston Slap Chattering Noise on 2. Chevy knock/piston slap Prepping to rebuild Well much to no surprise the miracle cure didn't work lol But it cost maybe an extra 8 bucks over a regular oil 2012 Hyundai Accent Engine Problems. My 2000 250 sherco has developed piston slap, I fitted a 99 sherco barrel and piston just to confirm this and the noise ceased. It’s dies down pretty quick after start up and is definitely worse when cold. The noise will be greater when the motor is cold. 1 L that only had 3000 miles on it that suffered from piston slap, and you could already see the scoring of the cylinder walls. If you are noticing a rattling or ticking noise, especially under acceleration, it is a good idea to inspect your car for potential issues. this obviously is not a good thing!and will eventually kill the engine. 19 Mar 2019 It is also crucial to drain the oil before arriving at a fix for the rod knock. Its ability to cure blue exhaust smoke, quieten noisy engines, reduce oil burning and restore engine performance and power, whilst promoting better fuel economy and prolonging engine life, means the returns you make on the investment of a can of RESTORE Engine Restorer can be enormous - saving the cost of a new engine in some cases. Typically that sound goes away once the engine warms up. The increase in width is a result of wear and tear. " Piston slap is not normal and us owners that made the foolish decision to buy a truck that clearly wasn't tested properly are now going to pay the price in short engine life and poor trade-in value. Piston slap is caused by the gap between the piston and liner being too great (or the grooves in the piston being too loose) which then allows the piston to 'wobble' in the bore. It does sound like piston slap to me, except it does it at the wrong times for a worn cylinder / piston. Either way, piston slap is normal. Check for the root cause of the deposits, fix any issues, and then remove the deposits with a chemical cleaner or via wire brush or scraper (requires removal of heads). Piston slap is a classic symptom of too much clearance between the pistons and cylinder bores. 3L piston slap issue is I have heard about recently? Have to say that not being a Chevy/GM guy before this current truck, and not working in the auto field since the mid 90's when Chevy/GMC trucks had 305's or 350's, it was not something I even thought of in relation to the 5. Only way to repair it would be to put a different type of engine in the car. My question is is there more of an issue than typical piston slap? I’m wondering if anyone knows if this reflash makes the ECU less sensitive to the knock sensor so that it doesn’t respond to piston slap (and also possibly less sensitive to preignition knock as well). Sozlnd Vib. It seems to go away after engine is warm. And never have I seen any indication piston slap could be taking place. Bike still under warranty and dealer is suggesting carbon build up in head, wants to tear down engine. Shannow. the zz 1 ans zz 2 had piston slap that sounded like a mack truck running. And, if you have an '07, it is very likely that you do NOT have piston slap since GM changed the method for matching pistons to cylinders (by size & tolerances) for the '07 model year. It's not limited to cold starts, and it does it consistently all the time. I've got audible piston slap at all RPM. 001" to . I have seen pictures of an 8. The one gentleman mentioned he had piston slap or knock now after a fuel injector change. Q: First thing in the AM the engine in my '99 GMC K2500 has a cold start knock (piston slap during deceleration or coming off fast idle) which lasts for approximately one minute depending on the outside air temperature. These engines have no iron cylinder sleeves except for a very thin coating that has worn away causing piston slap. I have an '85 4runner that has a piston slapping, does it every day, cold or hot, no matter what kind or weight of oil, it doesn't ever go away it just quiets down after the engine comes up to temp, due to the piston swelling with heat. Conventional piston slap causes the most concern to engineers and is most likely to be audible under heavy loads when gas pressure is high and cylinder piston temperatures are elevated. 7L - 2002 dodge ram 1500 4x4 with a 4. The piston slap never went If you have piston slap the noise will have been greatly reduced or even eliminated…. and its made the knocking sound presumed to be piston slap worse in my 09 6. Technician B says that the thermostat regulates the flow of coolant through the engine and cooling system, which in turn regulates the temperature of the coolant in the engine. I will not get What you guys are describing sounds more like lack of lubrication, than piston slap. Hammering basically metal to metal. Again, turned out to be a T-belt tensioner, again replaced under warranty and again, sound g-o Well, the past month has been horrendous for my impreza, now to add more pain i think ive developed piston slap. 2L FI) seems to be developing a noise that can only be described as a chattering noise on startup. I would not hesitate to buy one of these cars. Regards. Piston slap is caused by worn pistons or cylinders, collapsed piston skirts, misaligned connecting rods, excessive piston-to-cylinder wall clearance or lack of lubrication, resulting in worn bearings. In my experience, oil viscosity doesnt affect piston slap much, but it does affect valvetrain noise: and M1 10W30 much quieter than 20W50. One connecting rod will also be replaced. The Northstar is a completly differant engine from the 4. It sounds like a Cummins turbo diesel!! But after about a minute after it warms some, oil has gotten back up to coat the cylinder walls to help "cushion" the piston some, it runs like a top. I love my storm and, and even with the possibility of having a engine issue down the track . If the block was "bored and honed . 8L, 5. For example, your 125cc dirt bike engine is 54mm bore, the Wiseco piston is designed just for that bore size, and does not require any specific adjustments to fit properly. RESTORE works in four stroke petrol, diesel and LPG engines (with just a few exceptions), Wankel rotary engines, engines with or without turbos and does not harm catalytic converters. The piston will rock and rattle in the bore creating noise. One of them has a speed pro piston and the other has probes. Turns out the piston to wall clearence was too small and the skirts were slapping. Fixes for Oil Use and Piston Slap. True piston slap will usually go away after a minute or so after starting from cold as the alloy pistons expand to help reduce the gap between them and the bore and so reduce the play between them. Let's just hope that it is me being pessimistic. The piston slap noise is generated by the piston rocking in the bore and is usually caused by wear of the piston skirt (lower part of the piston). I'd say that piston slap is a term used for worn cylinders where the piston can rock slightly in the bores, it's not something you'd hear unless severe damage has taken place. When a piston slaps against the cylinder wall, the result is a hollow, bell-like sound. GM states this is several bulletins over years. Also, you indicate the engine does not always do it, which would rule out piston slap. 3 and 6. Rather than swallow the two grand hit for an overhaul, he dumped two litres of Ametech (Engine Restore Oil) into the sump. 02138, U. It sounds like piston slap, I've heard that noise before. The cylinder is shaping into an oval and you are hearing the piston slap. Oil leaks mainly come from the valve cover, right hand camshaft seals and oil filter areas. 2003's I am told don't have the piston slap. Generally, as the engine warms and expansion occurs, the noise diminishes. 3l, 5. A few have had the engines swapped out under warranty but, more often than not, nothing was done. AMsoil and mobil1 made the piston slap worse, so I used conventional 5-30 and it wasn't quite as bad. Technician A says that the cooling system thermostat serves only to measure engine operating temperature. 2) QuantumBlue Custom Blended Lubricants are designed for the different aspects that make up not just the piston slap by adding the right ratios of additives, but also producing much better filmstrength that is necessary to protect the Moly coating that is put on from the factory. You have to decide whether its worth the expense of fitting new rings or trade the car in. This doesn’t necessarily mean the pistons are worn, because some new engines will slap a bit when first started. To see how frequently 2012 Hyundai Accent problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. Ok, I picked up a back issue (August, 2014) of "Motorcyclist" and saw a mini review of the Kawasaki KLR650. Mix that with 10% ethyl alcohol and you have a really bad mix. 0L six cylinder. Some piston noise is normal on engine start up and during cold running. What teh 5. Not uncommon. Piston slap is a sound generated when the piston has excessive clearance in the cylinder bore. The thing is if they do admit the piston slap they should be fitting with oversize rings then to correct. Jeep was putting out Cherokees years ago with piston slap. If the rings are good and the bore not worn then no reason why it should burn oil despite the slap. Trying to repair this would mean putting a Honda engine in a Subaru given the Subaru engines by design get the piston slap sound when they first start up and run cold. Shift into first gear with a snick of the foot change lever, and away you go. 3L, 6. Both are 2618 and were set up at . Piston slap will usually make a consistent, metallic clatter that some say sounds like a muffled bell ringing. Here's the Deal! Keep in mind that rod knock and piston slap are both caused by incredibly small So, you could be facing the decision of whether to fix your car or sell it as-is. I know many other TBird owners that have not had the piston slap issue. AMETECH ENGINE RESTORER OIL 500ml - Cure wear related problems in worn engines AMETECH Bundle to Treat NOISY 2 Ltr E… £36. The engine will be torn down during the next week, new pistons, rings, bearings of standard size will be installed if the cylinder tolerances are ok. The piston rings in your car's engine are responsible for controlling oil pressure and regulating engine oil consumption. Additive is only a cushion to hang on in that space. 3 litre . My '07 does NOT sound like that. The 6. it goes away when combustion heats up the piston sufficiently to expand it into the bore. Listening using the age old piece of wood against the back of the ear, the noise is louder and clearer at the head than the crankcase. Controlling piston slap is a complex process. If it is piston slap ? I wouldn't think the motor would not continue to run for ever in that condition. 8 and 5. Can ticking be from Piston slap? Help!!! This is a discussion on Can ticking be from Piston slap?Help!!! within the GM Trucks forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; A few weeks ago I noticed my truck started making a ticking sound that sounds like an exhaust leak. I own a 98 Forester which has the same engine as your 97 Outback. Let us know how the honda engine conversion goes then you might have found a fix for "Piston Slap" Probably will also replace the connecting rod together with the piston, since it may also be defective. for 15 or 20 seconds that is, and then your nightmare noise will come back like a Marine Corps marching band coming toward you in the parade. New piston rings will effect a temporary cure, but only a temporary one, so that It is claimed that after 200 miles performance improves, piston-slap decreases,  Piston Slap? . , and labor is much cheaper here. New rings won't cure that. both sources suggested either xl-17 oul additive or carbon black powder as a cure. If this is the case, you should always repair the internal oil leak before using this cure, as it may just work for a short time until the catalytic converter is clogged again. More likely valvetrain. piston slap is usually noisier cold and under load. 101000 mi US $10 If you filed a timely and valid claim with the Piston Slap Claims Administrator, Class Counsel continues to represent your Piston-Slap claim and is in communication with GM’s bankruptcy counsel in order to submit a Class Proof of Claim to the Bankruptcy Court in an effort to resolve your Piston-Slap claim. the only cure is engine rebuild or new engine. Both have slight knock in cold start up, actually the one with 120,000 sounds a little better than the one with 104,000 before it left me, (sold it to the ins. Good job GM! Piston slap was common on the early LS engines. If not, it is just an annoying engine noise but is not affecting the durability of the engine. Read If Your Engine Ticks/Taps/Pings/Knocks If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I had a 2003 Subaru Legacy GT that was loud when cold but quiet it down once it was warm. Make sure you have oil and are not loosing any. With excessive piston ring to cylinder bore clearance, engine oil will enter the combustion chamber and be burned. Valve train ticking noises. Piston Slap, 20 second noise on cold starts is a fact of life on many newer engines. 001" from memory) trying to reduce piston slap. my quick change rear made more noise than the cam did, so it didn't bother me. If in all other respects the engine seems to be fine, then it's most likely piston slap. Piston slap is not a product of oil viscosity and any oil cold viscosity had little or nothing to do with the weight it changes to at temp. Here’s the Deal! Replace the oversized piston with two passenger side pistons. It Mazda Mazda 3 (2004 - 2009) - Piston-Slap Issue, Katano 1,600cc Petrol. A mate’s Bentley S2 had a flickering oil light at low revs and clouds of blue smoke from the rear. I believe that my car doesen't have piston slap but lifter ticking ,piston slap is more like a light knocking noise . To put a stock piston in there would I have to crack the case? If all I had to do was remove the top end I might be tempted to do it. after totalling it out). com - Subaru Enthusiast Forum > Tags Do you have the most secure web browser? Google Chrome protects you and automatically updates so you have the latest security features. I probed around with a $3 stethoscope a bit, and it doesn't seem to be coming from the top end. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. The engine knocks loudly under load after cold start, especially if oil level is low (the lower the oil level, the louder the knock). Experts believe that you are likely to spend more on fuel and possible engine problems if you do not rectify the situation on time. The car itself is a 1275 Mini Gt bored to 1340. 1L) did have the piston slap problem. But is was never a concern for reliability or durability. The surface is only a turned surface rather than ground and is not very smooth at all. Only thing they can do is replace the half block. Always check the crankcase ventilation first. 0762mm, check the manual). The Harley V-twin engine is characteristically noisy. Worn pistons, rings and bores. Jerry GM Problem information and resources for consumers for reported piston slap, engine knock, water leaks, brakes, rotors, headlights dimming and other problems with General Motors cars, trucks and SUV's. 030 over" and then the pistons installed, they are in loose. Piston Slap. Rather than being sprayed, the solvent-based coating is screen-printed to the skirt and then cured. OK, so I know I'll get flamed for not using Amsoil, but I took a shot and changed my oil this last weekend with O'reilly brand Full Synthetic 5w-30, and added a quart of Lucas oil treatment (both were on special at my local store), as prescribed in some other threads. Piston  So I have been reading about the 4. Piston Slap, what can I do for the car to help get more mileage out of it before the engine blows up, it's not worth repairing, because the car is too old. Harley Davidson Dyna Glide: Engine Noise Diagnostic Guide. ) 100QR at Advance Auto Parts. 0L, and 8. |The cure is a re-bore and new oversize pistons. Bad wrist pin is the main suspect. Many consumers suffering from piston slap report that the knocking is constant, lasting well beyond the initial start-up, and appears regardless of the temperature. install a quick change!-danny Piston slap is usually more noticeable on deceleration or cruising. I believe it caused by a bad design of the piston and piston rings where carbon is built up over time, especially after the engine was ran than turned off. A lifter sounds more like a ticking but a piston is a lowr sounding tick that goes away and is only heard on startup until the engine gets about100 degrees or so. A. 003-. We asked Juriga about this and he confirmed there’s a problem, but not one as widespread as some people believe. Simon Piston slap is a major source of vibration and noise in internal combustion engines. You really cannot hear the injection of the fluids into the chambers. We rang the dealer to get a second opinion and he told us that its a regular problem and the only cure is to replace the block and pistons. turn another slot, drill it, and source another part number. They heat up and expand and the piston slap goes away (mostly). This past year I have built 2 dohc ford 4. Any way I am not concerned about the noise, a little piston slap is to be expected after so many miles. the "Piston Slap" is probably just the "cold carbon rap"a few Wide Open Throttle adjustments should cure it. Common symptoms of an internal oil leak are clogged crankcase ventilation, broken valve seals or piston rings. 1L in the morning. This noise is much more likely to be caused by the hydraulic tappets (Lexus call them 'lash adjusters'). just to mention that if it were Piston slap so it is clear that if the engine get warm then the slap should decrease as the metal expand in addition, engine smoke should be simultaneous with slapping since there is gap between Piston and cylinder so this is not my case because the engine have no smoke. The object of my invention is to effectively cure piston slap, compression loss, vibration, oil pumping, gas waste and like troubles now common to internal combustion engines, and, it is therefore a feature of my invention to provide each piston with a pair of resilient means interposed between the base of the ring grooves and the inner faces Piston slap can occur in one or more of the cylinders depending on your vehicle. My 2000 Tahoe started making the noise at about 70K and does it only on cold startup for about 30 seconds, then goes away. As #3 above. Off set wrist pins can add to this in some engines designs. 2nd Feb 2011, 15:08. But I am still only about 60% sure that this is indeed piston slap/ wrist pin knock. The LS engines started showing up in trucks in 98 for the 99 model year. There are four secure methods of piston slap fix. A huge feat for such short piston skirts. Noticed the "piston slap" right away. If it goes away and you're sure it's coming from the bottom end, that's likely because the metal expands as it warms up and the clearances get tighter. 4 Petrol BBY Piston Slap at 120,000 Miles please ? It does not burn any Oil. GM truck owners complain that piston slap damages the engine and causes excessive oil and fuel consumption. Also, as another poster first pointed out (DucatiKiller), there is sometimes a piston slap that make a audible sound but not always in newer engines. As a result, RESTORE has been known to cure piston-slap, noisy tappets, Mazda RX8 hot and cold start problems and even fledgling bottom-end knock. GM actually make a product to do this on the LS7 engines which were showing signs of piston slap. Pimperell: Tell them to check cylinder #3 for piston slap. ive looked at my piston and head since the noise started and there are no visible sighn of piston slap so we might not be hearing the same ringing noise or it just Provided the piston and cylinder are of correct design and the piston is made of a suitable alloy, properly well balanced and free from local hot-spots, there should be no difficulty with piston slap. What you are hearing is the piston skirt is slapping against the side of the cylinder when that piston is fired. A key issue with piston slap is whether it is resulting in lost compression and oil burning. If thats all fine, then it could well be piston slap. I had a 2001 chevy truck with a 5. Many owners find themselves fretting over engine sounds that clatter, tick, and rattle, but experience no ride-ability issues or loss of performance. This is why they add the moly coat to the skirt so that it will quiet down. Cold start piston slap is common in the 5. I replaced the lifters with known good ones. When the engine cools the piston and rings shrink as does the cylinder sleeve. 22 Apr 2017 Provided that replacing its lifters only valve the related train noise, this article will tell you how to fix piston slap correctly and quickly. contemplated, it is generally necessary to treat all the thin section areas (for example . Piston slap is quieter when stood, noticeably louder when the engine is cold and under load, i. Get it in and have it checked. Smoke Usually, when an engine "ticks," knocks," etc. As the piston expands from heat, the noise will lessen or disappear depending on how loose it is. As the result, as chain tensioner is oil pressure based, engines develop chain slap that can easily be taken for piston slap. Unless the problem is pretty severe, or coincides with excessive oil consumption, consider it nothing Piston Slap : 74700 mi US $100: I was an ASE Certified Tech in six repair areas including engine repair. Here are some of the warning signs that could mean your vehicle has The noise is called "Piston Slap". 3 engine. my zz4 that i had in my 32 roadster has just turned over 100,000 miles with the same valve train noise. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. some other postas on this forum experienced similar, quieter with thinner oil. the fix for piston slap is to hone your cylinder walls and replace pistons and piston rings. I have a 2005 with 192000km. Bike runs great. Discussion in ' That being said I don’t know if redline is going to cure your issue, I would look more at it Exhaust manifold are you sure is a valve noise?? or is a piston slap? What cure is there for corns developing on the sole of your foot? marigold treatment marigold treatment . It’s on the drivers side of the engine. but I did try many different kinds of oil. What I really want to know is have any off you guys saw any improvement in the noise by useing different brands The 2618 alloy needs more piston-to-wall clearance to account for the thermal expansion of the material; this results in the aforementioned piston slap when the engine is cold, but provides more flexibility in tuning—the piston will take substantially more abuse before it turns into the latest shop ashtray. Wiseco Powersports pistons are designed for optimal piston to wall clearance for the specific bore size of your engine. you could hear mine knock every time that rear piston came around and whent up with the rpms. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. Does it do it when cold, gradually diminishing once the engine is warm. ScoobyNet. If someone complained there was a service bulletin that said to replace the rings. 99. Piston lightening is unlikely to cure an unbalanced crank, however can lift the point of unbalance, but in my experience only by a few hundred RPM. I think GM used pistons with short skirts in the vortecs, so when the piston is cold it can move around slightly. Isaac Conver wrote: my 1993 Sundance (2. Answer D is wrong. This will reduce when engine is at operating temperature. patreon. 5L (28K miles with Phase I engine which has a low piston skirt/documented piston slap noise) and thought for sure this time that it was the piston slapping. The only way to fix this is to pull the heads and soak the cylinders with a solvent. If this is the case, I’m reluctant to let them reflash the ECU, which seems like a Band-Aid to cover the more serious problem of piston slap. The piston bores are tighter when the engine is cold and so the pistons are more tightly constrained and less able to slap. After that I replaced piston on cylinder no. X engines. If it doesn't fail, then I guess you gotta sell it as soon as warrantly is over. Forget about even buying a car, simply stepping into a brand new car gives off that pleasant aroma that makes you want to stay longer. Piston slap cannot be a serious issue for all automobile owners, just a kind of terrible annoyance. " I don't think this is piston slap though. 18 Sep 2015 In the old days, a common practice was getting the pistons knurled, a proccess that raised hundreds of small pyramids on the cylindrical surface of the piston. If you are using a new piston and rings you do not have to check this. Check where the sound is coming from when cold; I'd take it back and complain. 0 is noted for piston slap,if it bothers you dont buy the truck,because Gm will not fix it for you. Two of the cylinders had machine errors, been bored larger then the rest. There is really no cure for the piston slap, other than rebuilding or replacing the pistons. I know these magic cure-alls have been around for ages, but this one really does work. I can remember my dad's Chevelle SS had excessive oil consumption and piston slap. 3-5. Fit new gasket or reface head. engine noise on a 4. But at 80k miles you really shouldn't have piston slap yet, even on an Alfa. Every day worldwide around 93 people search the term 'Piston Slap'. 06-10-06 01:11 PM - Post# 950606 I am curious how common this 5. On JP's advice, I had my cylinders bored first, then they ground the pistons to suit each pot, with an extra thou clearance to accomodate the hotter running conditions experienced here in summer (. piston slap usually occurs when the engine is started cold and the noise goes away A condition known as Combustion Chamber Deposit Interference (CCDI) also can occur when the carbon deposits are so thick that the deposits on the piston and head make physical contact. After the engine reaches op temp piston slap noise fades but show more Update: TO FRED: I am not in the U. GMs remedy was to replace just the two pistons with larger ones taken from a set of 8, half azz repair job. Camaro and Firebird: Rattle Noise When Accelerating. 2012 piston slap/ low knock noise. A colleague who used to do hill climbs and sprints on a Matchless 500 had a look, he reckoned it was piston slap - but I can't help wondering if the play on the big end is actually what we are hearing. As the piston heats up it expands and so the slap ceases (or is much less pronounced). AMC used wire-wound pistons with minimal clearance (. Th hypereutectics are meant to have very tight piston to wall clearance. The valves are perfectly adjusted. I will be damned if a quart of oil every 750 miles is normal! 05 Tahoe, started making a noise, loud when cold, quiet to nothing when warm, sounds exactly like the lifter noise shown on various YouTubes and such. Is it okay to cure piston slap like this and at this mileage? Of course leaving it as it is is always an option, but it really annoys me and I want to get it fixed. 7L VORTEC did not have piston slap problems, the LS VORTEC engines starting in 99(the 4. I have to agree with Ken. Without actually hearing it my guess would be the Main bearing or Rod bearing. The problem lies with the short length of the pistons used in the 2. Hyundai/Kia knows of this problem but won't repair. This happens if there is an excessive gap between the piston and cylinder wall. That could be because those cylinders now have higher cylinder pressure (they are working harder now cause they get proper fuel) or maybe a little piece of carbon fell into the intake when he changed the injector. This fact describes the There are four secure methods of piston slap fix. All we ever did for it was give-em a high volume oil pump Seriously my 6. com/workshop Paypal link - Piston slap is referred to when there is too much clearance between piston and cylinder bore. Not comfortable with that procedure. Uh, here is one way of fixing piston slap noise in the 2003 models. I never tried the amsoil 0-30, that might help or make it worse? Hard to say until you try it. If the gap is too much, even with new rings, you will need to replace the piston. It’s a hollow pin that holds the piston to the top of the connecting rod. Boring all 4 holes and new pistons will cure that noise. Sounds very much like "piston slap" witch is "normal" for most GM V engines. Piston Slap - Aprilia : Typically piston slap is heard as the thrust side of the piston 'slaps' the cylinder wall - usually only when the engine is cold and the piston is the 'wrong' size. This is a discussion on General questions within the Mustang GT350 General Discussions forums, part of the Mustang GT350 Forum category; I'm interested in comments about others experience with piston slap. Taking off the head and replacing rings and pistons would cost me around $150-200 for labor and about $150-180 for parts. As davebugs said, that wouldn't typically be audible for just a few seconds, but rather minutes. This is often caused by a worn piston rocking in the cylinder bore. 10 Jun 2019 Piston slap is not an issue you will most likely not experience if you have a modern car with the latest computer diagnostic systems onboard, but  1 Jun 2018 Piston slap is a descriptor tossed out a lot. 2 with 106k miles. xxx" over with out giving the pistons to the machine shop to be properly sized. Replaced the head with a good one, no help. J. A lot of people on here have said that they have had psiton slap from new and not to worry to much about it. 7l, or 7. 6, because connecting rod was bent a bit. It only occurs for about the first 2 minutes after a stone cold startup. 0L. My Storm 2017 now has over 10,000 kms with no engine issues. 7L VORTEC engines did have was problems with luifters bleeding down and making an awful racket. As for the truck being sluggish,all small blocks are not going to be real strong in low end power. That is the same engine as mine just a couple of years earlier. i ran them that way and never had any problems. In simple terms, piston slap occurs when the piston is forced rapidly against the side of the engine cylinder wall. It would not be cured by a 'top end rebuild'. It could be a bent rod and the piston is making contact with the crank journal. I took the flywheel cover off and ran the bike, it appeared to spin smoothly and while making the engine sound a bit louder it did not sound like it was comming Subaru has a redesigned piston to cure piston slap (not sure though if that's all EJ25's or only the first EJ25D's, but obviously it's a huge job that isn't really ever done anyway, probably mostly for warranty complaints back in the day. 0035" p/w clearance. metroplex, flogging the motor would be a great idea if you could be sure that it failed in the warranty period. For instance, it is easy to mistake it for a piston slap, which occurs due  Secondly, frees sticking rings in piston grooves to allow the rings to properly . Thus the tolerances are too loose and when you start the engine the piston rattles around causing the CSK or PS if you prefer. I replaced many piston/sleeve assemblies under warranty and none showed any eveidence of even minor scuffing. Piston slap will cause premature engine wear - specifically on both the cylinder bores and the pistons. I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee I purchased in Nov 2010 with 97,000 miles, and it has the 4. Will any Oil Additives cure my 1. 5L engine. I also had a case of piston slap and after a lot of negotiations my dealer replaced the pistons under warranty. Suit up in comfortable riding gear constructed of space-age materials, swing a leg over the saddle, insert key, turn ignition on, thumb the starter button. It was so bad that there was a web site dedicated to the problem. I first saw an article that was from CLICK and CLACK and in the newspaper. They can be . According to Permatex’s snazzy graph , their anaerobic gasket maker has an 80-percent cure rate after 100 hours (4-ish days) on aluminum parts. 2) with over 250k miles and near perfect bores. It still runs fine, just sounds like a knock. Second question is, in replacing the spark plugs and wires, could that have actually caused the piston slap and damaged rod? The above post is the exact reason why this malady (clacking) went soo long without a cure. As a result, oil makes its way from the crankcase past the piston and into the firing chamber. As the engine gets some miles on it, the piston slap will get louder. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. When there’s wear on the wrist pin, a condition known as piston slap occurs. FWIW, there’s an MB Service Bulletin from July 2003, that recommends replacing the engine mounts to cure a “piston slap like sound” on certain V8 powered MB’s. I think it’s piston slap. This coincides with a delay to the oil light going off a second or two later than other lights. Cold weather really has nothing to do with piston slap, although it may be a little more noticeable upon initial startup during extreme cold conditions. 3 does it for 10 seconds on ice cold starts. Now, what causes piston slap? Well, piston slap is the sound created by the piston hitting the cylinder wall. It goes if I retard the ignition a tad. Cars with this piston slap consume a lot of oil. Also there are many known (car)engines that have been known for their piston slap issues and what the results are in the long run. Many two stroke single cylinder race engines suffer from this and will run just fine This is part 1 of the piston slap series Thanks to all my patreon subscribers. The tech next to me did a decarb procedure on this Deville and managed to hydrolock the engine as he was pulling off the lot. to separate noise stimulated by piston slap from the noise stim- ulated by  V8 Engines - Piston slap information (summary) - Everything you always wanted to know This will not fix the piston slap problem, but what you can't hear… Hello all, Three years ago my engine got hydrolocked. dull, tapping knock, like a piece of wood is hitting metal in the 1,200-2,000 rpm range. I had gotten used to it and forgot all about it until my brother picked up a very clean 04 220r that looks brand new. Seller said this was normal. Download now. com. the engine sounds like its trying to do a tap dance when i 1st start it up. If you use ATF it can leak into the oil pan and won't harm the engine ( actually does a lot of good ) but carb clean or brake clean requires you to drain the oil pan and use clean oil before restarting. The sound is similar to piston slap, i. now that was piston slap,,, big difference. Too little clearance between the piston and the cylinder wall and the parts will score and fail. This product can be a permanent remedy for stuck piston rings, for example if the   28 Sep 2018 Here are some of the noises that might make you think that your car is experiencing a rod knock: Piston Slap. 0 piston slap and why they blow Now, that, could cause a problem, you would want to fix that asap. This can cause damage to the piston and/or cylinder. Everybody seems to think a new set of rings should cure everything. Mechanic tried oil flush and change now quotes $4100 to pull the hea… Real piston slap would be most evident near the bottom of the cylinder so that is where I checked first in several ls engines. Piston rings eventually start to wear and the seal between the piston and cylinder is no longer air tight. I realize the justncases’ car has the M112 V6, but I’ve fixed many “engine knock” complaints by replacing worn engine/transmission mounts. If it happens when the engine is hot or under load, it is pre-ignition…. That did not cure it. If my car was just making a faint tick-tick-tick I wouldn't be so irritated. It is the fault of the mechanic who failed to properly size the bore/s to the piston/s or the fault of the customer who wanted a block bored . The top piston ring also fused to the piston and not the other 2. CURE: Lack of compression: Faulty valve seat, excessive wear in stem or guide. Piston slap: As #3 above. Keep in mind that rod knock and piston slap are both caused by incredibly small changes in tolerances. on startup but goes away when warm can indicate piston slap, but these engines are not known for that. 3L and 6. Back in the day 64-67 with an 11:1 or so 327 most had "piston slap" on a cold morning for a bit. (spec was . Piston slap is most audible when a cold engine is first started because clearances are greatest then. The more clearance between the piston and cylinder wall, the louder the knock. Cold piston slap was an issue with the '91 4. I think the problem with alot of this is the subjective analysis of defining a noise using words. 0 mostly. My 130,000 mile 5. It can be other stuff, I'm not meaning to panic you, but I've had wristpin noises and piston slap for years and thousands of miles on my 4 cylinders. The higher viscosity of the oil after warming up might mask a rod knock to some degree, but I'd expect lower oil pressure. A: Piston slap is the secondary movement of a piston against the side of the cylinder bore, according to Pistonslap. It's a sign of a worn engine and the only cure is a rebuild, but in itself, piston slap is just an annoyance rather than a problem. a piston slap tends to have a little more of clanking metallic sound. Honestly I don't care so much about the stupid ticking noise. I'm concerned that the skirt diameter will wear quicker than normal causing premature piston slap. (1965) z (2), 132-146 VIBRATIONS AND NOISE DUE TO PISTON-SLAP IN RECIPROCATING MACHINERY ERIC E. Piston slap is when there the skirt of the piston is a little small and it "pops" at the bottom of the stroke. I have seen many ls engines (4. Harley Davidson Twin Cam 103 Ticking Sound 2012 FLTRU Harley Davidson Twin Cam 103 ticking sound starts on cold start up (21,000 miles). I put a mild ticking down to my frayed aux belt but just changed it and its still This was a VERY common issue with a LOT of the early LS series v8's from GM 5. Modern motorcyclists have it easy. Worn or damaged engine rings will usually lead to a myriad of problems, and will require an engine repair. its the piston head that is put on wrong, eiher not square or just wrong, and the piston knocks against the cylinder wall taking great lumps out of it. There are examples of the noise on Save on Rislone Engine Oil Treatment (32 oz. Re: piston slap on mk2 punto Originally Posted by nagoodch now this problem with my engine has been annoying me for 2-3 weeks now. It is much like a TTAC column with the similar name. My first question is did the first dealer mis-diagnose the problem to begin with, and, therefore, was the replaced throttle body and spark plugs and wires not the correct fix. I have forged pistons in my car and I'll stop short of calling it a diesel, but it's not far from it before she warms up. Damp patches are fine but beware of dripping or the smell of hot oil. Due to the shorter size, the pistons are more Home > Mazda RX8 Hot Start Cure The Mazda RX8 is a beautiful car and a joy to drive, but has become renowned for its hot start problems. 4l vortec's. All 5-30 wieghts. February 6th, 2014 at 12:09 am; It’s most likely BG 44K. Normally this occurs on idle and overrun. and if you did hear it to the degree your describing, your bores and piston rings would be surely shot to pieces with bellowing smoke out of the exhaust pipe. Also on these ~650 hour cylinders, zero sign of piston slap. it has 170k but i didnt think this was a common problem on these and thats why im hesitant to say thats what it is pic of my gti for views Modified by v-dubs 'n' metal at 11:12 PM 2-17-2010 Turns out it was the T-belt tensioner. Followers 0. The piston slap on the rebuild isn't the fault of it being bored or the fault of the pistons. Piston slap can be normal on some engines and needn't always be considered a big problem. Piston slap is a noise created by the piston to cylinder wall clearance being excessive, or the cylinder bore being out of round, so the piston skirt slaps in the bore as it travels up and down. Is it known for piston slap to cause noise on deceleration? Because i have done many searches of this forum and some people say that noise on deceleration is a main bearing problem. The piston slap on the drz is driving me nuts. I'd like to get some opinions about the surface finish on the pictured Federal Mogul NP88 piston which is for an L134. I would expect a rod knock to be pretty consistent though, and progressively get worse over time. On stripping down the engine it became clear that it was in fact piston slap in the engine and not a tappet problem at all. piston slap isnt a problem at all and is completely normal on vortec engines with xxx xxx amount of miles. Piston slap, or cold start knock, is caused by the piston tolerance being too lose. That normally manifests itself during cols start ups, when tensioner has to build up pressure to restore chain tension. One of the sure signs of piston slap is OIL consumption (caused by the rings not seating properly after the wear occurs from slap). The noise goes away when the plug is disconnected because the firing stress is taken from it, making it work less. The powerplants found in the fourth generation F-body cars, as well as the C5 Corvette, are inherently noisy. I am a little concerned about how you describe the sound as going off when the revs go up and returning as they fall, this could well be an indication of 'piston slap', the cure of which involves more than changing the tappets. I don't think it is A. it got a little louder when i put it in gear and alot of yalls problem is piston slap, which isnt a bad thing. This posting relates to an ongoing piston-slap issue on a Mazda-3 Katano (1,600cc petrol), which we bought new from {deleted - no naming/shaiming please} at the end of October 2006. TMC refuses to fix the piston slap problem must owners are experiencing saying it is "normal. for some reason the rear cylinder always had more wear and caused the knock. The small block 350 is If it is piston slap then it is highly unlikely that piston rings alone will cure it. Only possible cure I think would be to replace the pistons or just live with it. so my last guess is that its piston slap like the cylinder walls are worn out. I could Purchased a 2001 Buick Century Limited a month ago. Hope they have been able to redesign metalurgicaly the piston to block stackup and piston oil port on the new 1/2 block. To cure a sloppy-fitting piston during a rebuild, we used to run a knurl on the face of the skirt. Faulty head gasket. The car starts on the turn of the key when the engine's cold, but 30 miles down the road you stop at a petrol station to fuel up, get back into the car, turn the key and . Sure, just-in-time manufacturing means parts won’t sit around gathering dust, but components aren’t leaving the powertrain factory and meeting an assembled car body in much less than 4 days. Alot of the confusion about vortecs and piston slap is GM called the LS engines vortec's in the trucks, but they shared virtually nothing in common with the early vortec's. Only difference is piston slap is the piston 'rocking' in its bore from 'oil stiff' tighter wrist pin movement as the connecting rod changes angle at top of the stroke, besides combustion pressures adding to it. This is caused by short piston skirts unlike engines of the 80s and prior. Has the truck had head work done in the past? maybe it had fluid lock and bent a rod slightly. 2L has the same thing on a cold morning if I leave it out. A loose intake manifold will cause low vacuum. I know the typical Subaru piston slap issues and causes but I know is doesn't go away when the car warms up. One member has over 220k miles SSR on his 2003, and the piston slap is consistent, even when warm. As the piston expands, the clearance between it and the cylinder wall decreases, and so does the noise known as piston slap. 6 mustang cobra engines and both of them have piston slap that doesn't completely go away. The 6. 3's suffer from piston slap, it's normal. How to Keep New Car Smell: 5 Ways to Get Bad Smell Out of Car When you first bought your car, you’ll be pleased by that fragrant smell it has. A hot topic amongst Gen III-powered Corvette and F-cars enthusiasts, especially those active on the Internet, is high oil consumption. Piston Slap - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: I recently had my engine deglazed, piston rings changed and cylinder head refurbed at moorspeed. This perpendicular moving piston comes into contact with the vertical movement of the cylinder bore, causing the audible noise associated with this phenomenon. Recut seat and valve, fit new guide and valve. 7lv8 I run 5w-30 oil in it and I am getting engine noise at startup that goes away when it warms I have a 98TA and have no problems with piston slap. "It's a Doozie" There is a real nice yet little known test for piston slap I'll pass along. Piston slap is caused when the piston rings wear and excess clearance is created between the piston and cylinder especially when the piston is going over tdc. If no one complained there was no issue. it was piston slap on one of the rear cylinders. The piston is slightly loose and wobbles in the cylinder, making extra noise. By warmed up, I mean, warm up your car properly and then drive it for a couple of blocks and only then is it really warmed up and ready to rod. Adding additional clearance than recommended may create extra engine noise (piston slap) upon start up and cold running. It will be more noticeable when its colder outside. Many forms of piston with split skirt have been introduced from time to. Not unusual for older engines with lots of hours to wind up with some powerhead noise-called piston slap. piston slap cure

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