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It is part of the Tainui confederation. Its traditional area includes Matamata, Cambridge, Maungakawa, the Horotiu district along the Waikato River and the Maungatautari district, and its eastern boundary is the Kaimai Range. The Mere was a flat club about 12 inches in length and made from greenstone (jade). . A mere is one of the traditional, close combat, one-handed weapons of the indigenous Māori of New Zealand. Mere suggestion, not worth much, that there may have been falls of extra-mundane substances, in London, June 30, 1866. The manner in which Sabbatarians emphasize the phrase “My Sabbath,” and “My holy day,” is well calculated to mislead the unsuspecting, but those who are schooled in biblical literature will regard it as mere _rant_, _cheap theology_, _mere display_! New Zealand Pounamu - an authentication system by Ngāi Tahu to validate the origin of New Zealand pounamu, highlight the cultural and historical important of pounamu, and provide an online outlet for the work of genuine pounamu carvers. com or visit us in Ngunguru, Northland, New Zealand. It is considered a taonga or treasure, and so is protected under the Treaty of Waitangi. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items! Define Miners. which may be the most common meaning nowadays, and which I take to be the subject of the question. 19 Sep 2016 A full reproduction of the translation of the te reo Māori text of the well have implied a trustee-like role rather than that of a mere 'functionary'. translation h[me>ra were popularly used to indicate both a . AIO Healing: In the Maori culture, many believe that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience with the ability to use the powers of nature to heal our selves, our whanau, our iwi, the wider communities and even our Mother Earth - Papatuanuku. We are constantly sourcing the best in gifts, arts, crafts and jewellery to offer to you, our customers. from pendants to mere, many of which are etched out of slabs of greenstone or pounamu he sources from the South Island. It is associated with new life and harmony, so makes a wonderful gift for a new parent or child, newlyweds, or anyone starting on a new phase of their life. They were the main symbol of chieftainship and were as valuable to Māori as precious stones were to Europeans. The material they are most commonly made from is nephrite, a stone related to jade, found in several places in New Zealand's South Island. In Maori culture, the twist symbolises the path of life. You can get many data about astrology through websites also lots of books available for studying astrology. before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 2. Traditional Maori Art Greenstone Jade Hei Matau New Zealand Greenstone Jade Hei Matau are usually quite simple in shape. grip section tapered to graceful blade form with finely defined striking leading Supreme example of a Maori Master Carver of this Greenstone Mere club form. Types of patu include: patu pounamu or mere: made from pounamu (greenstone). Maori Mask in front of Te Puia, Rotorua, New Zealand Maori Warrior carving. A strong healing stone  Our greenstone designs are a homage to the art, design, and culture of New Zealand. It was shaped into tools, weapons, and jewellery. October 9, 2019 Author: Daniel Gala On October 9, jurors in Southern California heard closing arguments in the re-trial of a case filed by a woman who alleges that she developed the deadly cancer mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos fibers she says were present in talcum-powder products made by ROPEWORKS – HE TAURA WHIRI JOAN METGE DBE in the mistaken belief that its meaning is derogatory. Flat, broad-blade greenstone patu (clubs) like this one were used by Māori warriors for close-quarter fighting. carved from a very dense green colour greenstone when held up to the light from behind it you can see the magical colour inside this pounamu Maori were experts at ambushing their enemy and all warriors were extremely deft at the use of and the carving of these Maori weapons. nz is an online gallery, online shop. We are located in Nelson, New Zealand, one of the sunniest areas in New Zealand. (Mere) Pure, complete or unmixed (Mere) a short weapon usually made of whalebone, wood or greenstone (Mere) friends are we,—well, friends the merest. co. We will take photos of the pieces Garth has created and email them to you. Available online from Shopenzed. Patu, Mere or Whakaika. The term inculturation is a term now commonly used in theological circles but one which needs a lot of explanation. The craft production of small comma-shaped and tubular "jades" using materials such as jade, microcline, jasper, etc. For many New Zealanders Pounamu, also known as NZ Jade or greenstone, is more than a souvenir - it has a treasured spiritual significance. Traditional Jade / Meanings. The Maori Koru design is inspired by the New Zealand fern frond unfurling as it grows. A new word will only be included as a valid French translation once it has been voted as correct by 10 other users. Category Greenstone | Pounamu Select Currency: Australian Dollars Canadian Dollar Swiss Francs Chinese Yuans Euros United Kingdom Pounds Hong Kong Dollars Indian Rupees Japanese Yens New Zealand Dollars Singapore Dollars Taiwan Dollars United States Dollars Rands mere: A small lake, pond, or marsh. The greenstone patu — mere pounamu — was the most revered of all Māori weapons. This is why we’re proud to only buy genuine New Zealand Pounamu for our carvings. com are online retailers of New Zealand gifts and Jewellery. See two Greenstone Mere up close. Love words? You must — there are over 200,000 words in our free online dictionary, but you are looking for one that’s only in the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary. 25, 26 (R. Greenstone is highly valued by the Māori and it plays an important role in their culture. Next for Eric Juliard, the producer of the tattoo we presented a Mere greenstone and sang Kotiro Maori with actions. They call the South Island of New Zealand on the east side Te Wai Pounamu, meaning “The [land of] Greenstone Water”. Maori often adorned New Zealand Greenstone pendants to signify an array of meanings from good luck, health, happiness, Status and Mana (pride). The Manaia is usually depicted as having the head of a bird and the body of a man, though it is sometimes depicted as a bird, a serpent, or a human figure in profile. Maori decorated the patu by carving into the wood, bone or stone. However, note the  His friendly visit was to obtain some presents of pounamu, including a mere for . A greenstone mere is an object of great value. 20 years direct imprisonment on the count of Murder and 4 years direct imprisonment for Defeating the Ends of Justice. Pākehā non Māori person. Hurdcott Greenstone was traditionally used as a building and masonry stone in Wiltshire and Dorset; especially around Shaftesbury and Mere. Check out our featured artists galleries HERE for more amazing jade wearable art Here at Shane MacIntosh Greenstone you can browse and purchase a range of traditional and modern New Zealand Greenstone (Pounamu) carefully crafted by myself in my home based workshop. People use the word "stress" to describe a wide variety of situations – from your cell phone ringing while you're talking on another phone – to the feelings associated with intense work overload, or the death of a loved-one. complete cycle of light and darkness but this is used only Bowman, Boyle, Greenstone, Herndon & Valente, 2000; Kabilan & Mohamed Amin, 2006). Translation for 'greenstone' in the free English-French dictionary and many other French translations. Both are clearly calculated to make good a loss sustained by the claimant by reason of the defendant's wrongful act. On visits to New Zealand many cultural shows display in depth how these weapons were originally used. [1] A mere is one of the traditional, close combat, one-handed weapons of the indigenous Māori, of New Zealand and a symbol of chieftainship. J&J Talc-Cancer Trial. With a happy sigh I pushed west towards Mount Franklin. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS - One of the Most Eye Opening Speeches - Duration: 13:06. Matariki Gallery is a virtual gallery for Maori and Pacific art, paintings, limited edition Giclee prints, Maori crafts, sculptures, Maori symbolic pendants, Bone carvings, Jade carvings, Paua and Pacific Pearl shell pendants, Wood carvings, Maori and Pacific design giftware and accessories, Maori wraps and Merino shawls imported from New Zealand. Proverbs 22:6 - Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. Patu made from pounamu were generally called "mere". the Gospels is h[me<ra, day. jpg. v. The reason for there being so many English-French translations for the same English word is that a word's meaning, and therefore translation, can vary greatly from one field to another. The projects are solely executed by Elysium Smiles. On the other hand, when it comes to symbolic meaning, a rich history, and holding a revered place in diverse cultures, the readings for jade can truly shoot off the charts. Secondly, blessing a toanga ( a gift with much esteem / aroha/ mana such as a carving in wood/bone etc ) or pounamu a gift of greenstone in any shape or form is as I understand it to be, blessed or cleansed to remove any tapu from it should it have been obtained in a way or by a person not acceptable or worthy to be worn by another. Meanings. It was very important to pre-European Maori. We sell New Zealand made gifts, art and souvenirs, including a great selection of Maori art and carvings. Before exploring the term 'Pakeha' it is important to define the term 'Maori'. Now, in order to cover this range of definition a Maori would mention the . MotivationHub 6,708,366 views Silverfernz offers the perfect New Zealand gift in the form of a greenstone pendant. Miners synonyms, Miners pronunciation, Miners translation, English dictionary definition of Miners. A companion documentary DVD titled The Isaiah 9:10 It is most likely that someone other than Solomon wrote these sayings; they have a different, almost non-proverbial, tone to them. Penny wishes fundraisers would STOP altogether using the word “retention. The Maori name for greenstone is Pounamu, it is also commonly known as Jade or Nephrite. Hatupatu’s story has taken us far from the road that leads to the twin lakes of Tikitapu and Rotokakahi. Zillow Group is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Mere [weapon] The mere (ˈmɛrɛ) is a type of short, broad-bladed weapon in the shape of an enlarged tear drop. 5 years. Heller, Keith MAN'S LOVING FAMILY (2004) Once again, he was incorporeal, a mere awareness floating in space. used to emphasize how strongly…. The 'Kronfeld Mere' 18th Century Greenstone Mere. These were produced from locally sourced greenstone (pounamu) and were used to produce taonga ("treasure"). Mere presumption is sufficient to establish the identity of an heir (see ḤazaḲah). against fine cloaks, for example, - sometimes the same taonga - a greenstone mere Abraham again visits his son Ishmael, but this time to fulfill a momentous task, the building of a House of Worship, a sanctuary for all of humanity. Footnotes of the Maori text by. Let us know what size pendant would be suitable, the colouring of pounamu that you like (if you have a preference) and a price range. Modern usage has, however, given both to the adjective "mere" and the adverb "merely" a deprecatory and disparaging idea, so that expressions like "the mere truth," a "mere statement of fact," &c. How Many Deaths Did Volkswagen’s Deception Cause in the U. Marcus says, "But credo does not mean 'I hereby agree to the literal-factual truth of the following statements. G. (I have been unable to find the definition of bram or bram hook. Single Twist. to watch the lovely shadows in the silent depths of the placid mere. Ariki Mere. 2 of the 4 to run concurrently with the 20, meaning a period of 22 years direct imprisonment for Rob Packham #Justice4Gill Dr. bab. All pounamu in New Zealand belongs to Maori and cannot be collected from its natural environment by any other race- other people can buy it though. This term is particularly popular in New Zealand to describe the mineral which is usually the mineral nephrite and sometimes bowenite which is a type of serpentine. Kahotea derives from Kaho, meaning light-coloured tea (white or clear). Each of our local artisans is licensed by the Ngāi Tahu Pounamu authentication scheme. Tāmure lived at Hauraki and was reputed to have a mere pounamu (greenstone weapon) with the power to defeat any taniwha. It is considered a taonga or treasure and is protected under the Treaty of Waitangi. Maori and Symbolic Meanings Of Our Hand-carved Necklaces/Pendants Greenstone Koru Pendant. A New Zealand Greenstone pendant is a fantastic and very meaningful gift. Team building is fun, engaging and memorable with Go Team. They call the South Island of New Zealand Te Wai Pounamu, meaning The (Land of) Greenstone Water. Hugh Kawharu that of a mere "functionary". It gives him Ngāti Hauā is a Māori iwi of the eastern Waikato of New Zealand. They include various tools and weapons like adzes, scrapers, fishing hooks, and mere, as well as ornaments like the hei-tiki and hei matau. It was buried by a woman who was the only one of her family left at that place, and she hid it secretly so the rest of the people would not know, and Maori Marriage Customs. Mereanna, Marianne. Browse houses and flats for sale and to rent, and find estate agents in your area. What the holder in due course gets is an instrument free of claims or defenses by previous possessors. In Waitaha understanding, it is of the stars, Mere Pounamu, the star of many colours. English meaning. Browse the great range of Jade in the Necklaces & Pendants category and buy online or in store at The Warehouse. RAUKARAKA. Greenstone notes that if God will accept the prayers of the upright, he will accept their sacrifices; for sacrifice is an outer ritual and easily performed even by the wicked, but prayer is a private and inward act and not usually fabricated by unbelievers (Proverbs, 162). The Maori name for the South Island, Te Wai Pounamu, refers to the stone. However, greenstone can be a misleading name, due mainly to the fact that jade is a mineral, not a stone. Not only is it assigned a mythical origin in Maori lore, but it is also endowed with life, or is personified, in such myths. mere definition: 1. Weapon or  Click here for a list of Maori weapons; including information on how these weapons were used The English translation of patu is to strike or hit. 7 Mar 2014 Some are as hard as steel and used for adzes, chisels and mere (war clubs) “ These are symbolic meanings in Chinese culture,” says Nelson. Skilled Maori warriors would give horizontal thrusts to the temple, or target the ribs with an upward thrust. Moko. As a Taonga -meaning treasured, and it should be worn with respect and pride. Their goals of compensation are essentially the same. The ICA is a worldwide body specifically created to benefit the global colored gemstone industry by advancing and promoting the knowledge and appreciation of colored gemstones. S. This mere is said to have once belonged to a great woman, and it was secreted to preserve it from falling into strange hands. Contrary to popular belief, there really was a prophet named Jonah. Finally, Marcus explains the way to understand assensus, which is found in the meaning of the word credo, with which the creed begins. Pounamu is a gift from the heart. The Mere is a Maori weapon; the Greenstone is New Zealand's Nephrite Jade Most carvings combine elements from several areas of mythology which interact with each other to tell a story. They were adept at appearing and disappearing into the thick New zealand forest. See Mary for further details. , in southern Korea originates from the Middle Mumun Pottery Period (c. We are also committed to the safety of patients who take part in our trials, and uphold the highest ethical standards in our studies. , often convey the impression that they are far from being "mere" in the sense of "entire" or "absolute," but are, on the contrary, fragmentary and The Māori word for greenstone is pounamu. Detail of a Maori warrior carved in a totem pole Maori Totem. The meanings of some elements vary from region to region but all share common roots. and Mrs M. Greenstone is highly valued by the Maori and it plays an important role in their culture. The mere (Māori pronunciation: ) is a type of short, broad-bladed weapon in the shape of an enlarged tear drop. Maori Symbolism - Quality of the carvings - Bone - Greenstone - Paua The basic Maori design elements and Kowhaiwhai patterns and their meanings are well . Maori Greenstone also called Pounamu stone has a magical and mystical energy that forms a protective shield to prevent psychic attack. It is thought to be based on how the flax is twisted in traditional Maori kete or basket weaving. ): "I have separated you from the peoples, that ye should be mine. This priest-idea is the only possible meaning of Lev. Being nothing more than what is specified: a mere child; a mere 50 cents an hour. Pounamu is uniquely sourced in Te Wai Pounamu (South Island, NZ) and has been highly valued for generations. In 1997 the Crown handed back the ownership of all naturally occurring pounamu to the South Island iwi Ngāi Tahu, as part of the Ngāi Tahu Claims Settlement. Feb 13, 2018- Explore rosalind104's board "NEW ZEALAND POUNAMU {GREENSTONE}", followed by 172 people on Pinterest. Nowadays, the Barberton area is teeming with life. The Barberton region is a place of great importance to Archean geology, because it is one of the very oldest greenstone belts we know of (the lowermost volcanic rocks are almost 3. This tradition for jewellery making has continued through to today. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Read below to Patu, Mere or Whakaika. Send Message. Greenstone recommended that we Search for property with the UK's leading resource. Pounamu Greenstone Although it is small, it is greenstone i Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu Although it is small, it is greenstone. u. It also represents peace, tranquility, nurturing and spirituality, along with a strong sense of re-growth or new beginnings. A Single Twist is often called the Maori Eternity Symbol. mere: A small lake, pond, or marsh. The earliest greenstone Hei-Tiki pendants (Bes) and greenstone patu/ mere’s (SA hieroglyph ceremonial protection symbols) were taken as prizes of conquest from the Children of Poutini, also known as the greenstone folk and the white, flaxen haired offspring of Tangaroa, god of the Sea. " The precept given by the angel to Samson's mother shows, however, that the people in general did not heed the dietary laws. The idea of climbing the corporate ladder has been pushed aside by the concept of career pivot. A mere is a basic thrust weapon that was used to target the vital points of the body, especially the head and ribs. After fighting broke out again in Taranaki in early 1863, Governor George Grey turned his attention to the region he saw as the root of his problems with Māori: Waikato, the heartland of the anti-landselling King Movement. For low-income working families with children, the EITC encourages and rewards work slang Frightful, very ugly, monstrous; and hence as a mere intensive deriving its sense from the context = Exceedingly bad, great, long, etc. n w POUNAMU NOTES ON NEW ZEALAND GREENSTONE BY AIajor-General H. So fabled was the occasional individual mere that a prisoner-of-war might actually ask to be killed by it - a request granted only if the prisoner were considered worthy of the honour. He roimata tuturu My sorrow has been left in the stone You are standing alongside one of New Zealand’s true taonga, or treasures. ROBLEY Author of MOKO or Maori Tattooing, AND OF Historij of the 1st Battalion A)'(jijU and Sutherland Highlanders, 1794-1'S87. Pounamu is found only in the South Island of New Zealand, known in Māori as Te Wai Pounamu ("The [land of] Greenstone Water") or Te Wahi Pounamu ("The Place of Greenstone"). Traditionally, mere were used for stabbing and cutting, rather than delivering axe-like blows. Merehana, Mary Hannah. 111. The most prized was the mere pounamu, which was made of greenstone. Pounamu or greenstone is renowned for its beauty and strength. It was used to strike/jab an opponent in the body or the head (it is misleading to call it a club as described by early visitors to New Zealand) (patu), usually made from Nephrite jade (Pounamu or greenstone). Here at Shane MacIntosh Greenstone you can browse and purchase a range of traditional and modern New Zealand Greenstone (Pounamu) carefully crafted by myself in my home based workshop. They adapted quickly by utilising their Mere are a symbol of courage, respect, strength and will enable you to cut thru life’s obstacles Pounamu or Greenstone is regarded as a stone sacred to the gods by the Maori of New Zealand. This weapon was held in one hand and was used in close hand to hand combat. Although Māori classed it as greenstone, they were aware of its difference and limitations. The designed use of the mere for forward striking thrusts is an unusual characteristic of Maori patu, where in other parts Bearing this new meaning of equitable compensation in mind, the similarities between common law damages and equitable compensation immediately resonate. History: Known as the Kronfeld mere (also, the 'P&O mere') after the first collectors, Dr. ’ Mere definition is - being nothing more than. (noun) a short, flat weapon of stone, often of greenstone. 850 BC – AD 668). Kronfeld, who presented it to the NZ Shipping Company Ltd. The Greenstone Mere. Greenstone pendants are traditionally gifted to another, so knowing the greenstone pendant meanings will make it easier to choose the perfect gift. Most highly prized of all, and cherished for generations, was the mere, a patu pounamu (greenstone club). ' Rather its Latin roots combine to mean 'I give my heart to' " (page 40). Pounamu is found in many places on the West Coast and is prized for its strength, durability and beauty. Mere pounamu was considered to be the most prized of all the greenstone  What does mere mean? mere is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as Used to A Maori war club, especially one made of greenstone. 7; Ḥoshen Mishpaṭ, 280, 1). It is an extremely hard stone, with the tensile strength of steel. Mere short, flat hand-held weapon. What is presented is a mere tip of the "Jonah iceberg. Recently some of our readers have contacted us to ask why we have not posted a review on Jonathan Cahn’s The Harbinger, a New York Times best-selling book written in a narrative fictional format presenting a dire warning for America’s future. The korero of the carving is the most important thing. Greenstone is regarded as Mere (Patu Hand Club). 1955, William Golding, The Inheritors, Faber & Faber 2005, p. Maori version. “The contents were discovered to be a beautiful greenstone mere… smeared in human filth. Police today executed search warrants at commercial pounamu retail and manufacturing outlets at Hokitika where a substantial quantity of the unique variety of "snowflake" pounamu or greenstone was seized. Maori Art makes a special New Zealand gift, greenstone, carvings, maori dolls and much more, see our wide range shipped daily worldwide backed with our 100% guarantee. Greenstone carvings are works of art that are becoming increasing popular throughout the world. Merestone definition is - a stone indicating a boundary : landmark. NOTES ON NEW ZEALAND GREENSTONE. Driven by a passion for supporting the growth of Maori and New Zealand art and design. It signifies high status and authority. The most frequently used word expressing time in . Most new donors don’t stay, you know. It is the same design as a Patu; but the difference is Patus are made of wood, stone, or whale bone whereas Meres are made of Greenstone (jade). This is the only programme in the world that provides legitimate, New Zealand-sourced greenstone to carvers. It was the Close-Range weapon of the Māori Warrior. What are the traditional Māori uses for pounamu? Māori used pounamu for practical and ceremonial objects, including tools such as toki (adzes), weapons such as mere (short-handled bladed weapons), and jewellery such as hei tiki (pendants in human form). Revelation 2:17 - He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth [it]. In this view the phrase is mere tautology, for taxation and appropriation are or may be necessary incidents of the exercise of any of the enumerated legislative powers. Vitrification of ancient woodsmoke words and the green malice of old wrongs in the ashes of misery they left behind. We can also custom design to suit you. Jade is found in small numbers of pit-houses and burials. NZ On Screen The Māori word for greenstone is pounamu. For a small town, Hokitika struck it rich in the resources stakes. The designed use of the mere for forward striking thrusts is an unusual characteristic of Maori patu, whereas in other parts of the Get the best deal for Jewellery & Watches from the largest online selection at eBay. These resemble the mere in outline but thicker, because the stone used was more easily broken than the resilient pounamu. Fish Hook - Hei Matau Represents strength and determination and brings peace, prosperity and good health. word is only known as the name of a little trinket of greenstone made in imitation of the New Zealand weapon in miniature,   Maori word can be an adjective, meaning "effectual"; or a verb, meaning "to be effectual," "to question of whether the universe as a whole is a mere machine. Made of interwoven fibres, it will actually bend before breaking, and holds a sharp edge. The Warehouse The Mere (pronounced mehreh) was a traditional hand weapon of New Zealand, found only on the South Island. for inanimate objects, but merely a vital spirit without which the object could not exist. Hand crafted in NZ and available in all the traditional designs fish hook, Pikorua, twist, disc, toki, adze, cross, heart, fern, koru, Manaia, tiki, Whale Tail, teardrop, Hei Matau and Dolphin. It is called pounamu in Maori, greenstone in common New Zealand English. See more ideas about Maori, Jade and Maori art. The patu was an ideal weapon for thrusting and jabbing at an opponent's temple or ribs. S. All else is now mere clothing about the man, not to be called part of him since it lies about him unsought, not his because not appropriated to himself by any act of the will. Before the gold rushes Maori were already heading here in search of another precious stone – pounamu, also known as greenstone or New Zealand jade. Dictionary reference and meaning of Mere. GUILFORD & CO. 1888, Annie S. We are continuously working to improve the accessibility of our web experience for everyone, and we welcome feedback and accommodation requests. Maori Pendant Meanings: Maori Pendant Meanings All of the jewelry designs have special meanings to the Maori. Pounamu is several types of hard, durable and highly valued nephrite jade found in New Zealand. We have a large selection of necklaces, each pendant has a significant meaning and is unique. Tāmure wrestles with Kaiwhare, a man-eating taniwha who lived in an underwater cave at Piha. It gives the wearer strength and courage. Mere pounamu (greenstone weapons) Mere pounamu (or patu pounamu) were considered to be the most valuable greenstone items. twenty-four hour solar day and the daylight period. ? meaning it could be expected to cause an estimated 106 deaths if it had similar effects. English Text. Maori speeches at  3 Sep 2019 The Tino Rangitiratanga flag is the one well recognised Maori flag in New Zealand. Uncompromising in quality and unqiuely Māori, Āhua brings you a wide ranging collection of tāonga Māori from Māori artists and practitioners throughout Aotearoa. When Māori first arrived in Aotearoa, they encountered a climate that was extreme compared to their homelands in Polynesia. Let us tailor a solution for your team! Established in 1998 Kura has art spaces in Auckland and Wellington and represents both established and emerging Maori and New Zealand artists. Jade has been used Each Jade Pendant shape has traditional significance and symbolism. Adrian Sargeant is a marketing professor specializing in charities. 6 Sep 2016 In the Māori language one word may have multiple meanings. Clinkers, said to have fallen, during a storm, at Kilburn, July 5, 1877: Karanga, karanga, karanga, karanga ra, Karanga Aotearoa e, Ki ngā iwi o te motu e Haere mai rā, haere mai rā, haere mai rā, Ki aku mahi e Tukua rā ngā kupenga Kia haere ana ki waho e Tōia mai, tōia mai, kumea mai A tāua mahi e Ka huri au hi, ka titiro Ka huru au hi, ka whakarongo Ka huru au hi, ka tahuri Ki te awhi mai Te Puia houses the New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute, established in the 1920s to foster all aspects of Māori culture. Noun (1) As a tempest influences the sluggish waters of the deadest mere. Finally for Angelo, our lovely liaison officer we also presented him with a Pounamu which he loved and put on straight away and we sang Puti Puti to him also with actions. The Maori word for greenstone is pounamu and it is often referred to as Maori jade or New Zealand jade. Somewhere between 70% to 80% of first-time donors NEVER make a second Working childless adults [2] are the lone group that the federal tax code taxes into or deeper into poverty, largely because they are also the only group largely excluded from the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Feline definition is - of, relating to, or affecting cats or the cat family. 5 billion years old), and is therefore one of the oldest pieces of contiguous crust on the planet. Greenstone Manaia The Toki had much meaning to the Maori, fashioned from stone or greenstone it was an essential tool for survival and day to day life of a Maori tribe. Find clues for Greenstone (4) or most any crossword answer or clues for crossword answers. The varieties have Maori names. Get more gift ideas at 10 Fun Gifts to Bring Back from New Zealand and 11 New Zealand Souvenirs for your Friends and Family. GreenStone FCS. NZ Māori Arts and Crafts. Over 30+ years, I found many gold, gemstone, mineral and rock occurrences, and my success is due to knowing the rocks, geology, mineralogy: all a gift from God. According to Maori traditions, when Rangi and Papa, the sky father and the earth mother, came into being, they embraced each other as husband and wife, and produced certain beings who were the origin of personification of trees, birds, fish, wilds, war, peace, etc. ” By Tom Ahern […] That may have more meaning when we take up the possible extra-mundane origin of some hailstones, especially if they fall from a cloudless sky. Somewhere near it a noted greenstone mere was buried in the creek-bed. Rose Pere has written on the association of positive concepts with females, pointing to the description of women as whare tangata (the house of humanity), the use of the word whenua to mean both land and afterbirth, and the use of the word hapu as meaning both pregnant and large kinship group. The spirit of this land is Aroha, or love, and the stone embodies that spirit. But, geologist Dan Hausel (the GemHunter) found supporting evidence for a major gold deposit at the Carissa mine & several significant gold anomalies throughout the South Pass-Atlantic City-Miners Delight and the Lewiston districts. Represents the weapon the Maori used. Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki is the largest art institution in New Zealand, with a collection numbering over 15,000 works. 194: Lok got to his feet and wandered along by the marshes towards the mere where Fa had disappeared. War in Waikato. They are a blunt force weapon and were used in close range fighting. Not even seven in the morning and I was already on the Greenstone. , and these children, objecting to the page 12 state of darkness in which they lived, on account of the sky Dimensional block, which is suitable for ashlar and masonry, is extracted as well as building stone. The weapon You searched for: maori jade necklace! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. There are a number of legends in relation to its meaning. That's the reason the maori attribute the spiritual meaning of strength and power to the Toki, this symbol resembles determination, control, strength focus and honour. 21 May 2013 Maori names of volcanoes in auckland Westmere School Mt Roskill/ Puketapapaknown as Puketapapa, the flat-topped mountain in Maori. There are also many in collections made of black trap and similar hard rocks. " One can study this material for years and still not have drained it of all of its meaning. Each element has its own specific meaning and the way they are portrayed or combined is what gives a carving its own special character. Many of our greenstone designs are made in NZ, hand-carved in traditional Maori designs. Shop for carved Jade pendants, jewellery and sculptures from Hokitika, New Zealand. The most up to date list is . Welcome to āhua New Zealand’s online Māori art gallery. Established in 1998 Kura has art spaces in Auckland and Wellington and represents both established and emerging Maori and New Zealand artists. Pounamu is only found in the South Island of New Zealand giving the South Island its name "Te Wai Pounamu" or "the waters of greenstone". Greenstone clubs sometimes absorbed blood into tiny fissures leaving… Pounamu - Greenstone - Jade. He wore a feather cloak and gave his evidence holding a greenstone mere, and although he spoke in English, his subject was Maori to the 8. Mere – a type of short, broad-bladed club , usually made from Nephrite jade (Pounamu or greenstone). The holder in due course is really the crux of the concept of commercial paper and the key to its success and importance. within New Zealand for orders over $40 - just $5 if under Waewae Pounamu lies within the heart of the "Greenstone Isle" – Te Waipounamu, the South Island of New Zealand. There is also an argument that the name was originally "Te Wahi Pounamu" which means "The place of greenstone", corrupted to the current name over the years. Pounamu – jade or greenstone Story: Pounamu – jade or greenstone Treasured, valuable and with spiritual significance, pounamu – New Zealand’s highly prized stone – has been used by Māori to denote status and authority, for adornment, and for making peace. com/threads/rzs2lusz&page=4639?Deep-6-FaWtL#231949 2019-09-08T22:02:26Z 2019-09-08T21:08:26Z <p>That's great stuff, Drejk!</p> That's Kaaahonua (k) - Kaheanulea : 02-10-1832 , Kalilianaole (k) - Kamoohaloa : 02-10-1832 , Kaululaau (k) - Hainoa : 02-08-1832 , Kenao (k) - Opunui : 02-08-1832 Our approach in contributing towards society is not through mere donation of grants; every project will focus towards empowering the target group with enablers so that they are able to unshackle the existing constraints in their growth. Meaning of Double or Triple Twist. Silverfernz. If two witnesses testify that a man is known as the son of the deceased, though they can not trace the genealogy of the family, the man so known is regarded as the legal heir (Naḥalot, iv. Here lies forever embedded the cries of women rising out of sleep to die The law with regards to specific performance of determinable contracts was first laid down by the Supreme Court of India in the case of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. la arrow_drop_down bab. ‘Is the mere fact that people can do this reason enough to do it?’ ‘The mere fact of its longevity is proof enough for some of its divine origins. In this gallery you will find jade and Pounamu or Greenstone jewelry and pendants, some of which are limited edition or one of a kind pieces that will be removed from this gallery permanently once sold. The Toki (adze) was an important Maori implement and a displayed as a symbol of wisdom, power and authority. The Hebrew MOy and its . Also known as trout-stone named after the dark brown, olive green and yellowish markings found on the three species of the native freshwater trout. patu onewa: made of stone. In fact the name 'Greenstone' is a slang term. , LTD. It’s all about the family, our valued guests, exceptional service, a tasty meal, value to the patron – an overall quality experience It is our goal to make your experience at Papachinos so special, that next time you’ll bring all your friends and family for a “TASTE OF PAPACHINOS” Our Food Traditional Maori art was created using the materials available at the time, such as wood, bone, pounamu (jade or greenstone), paua (abalone) shell, flax, and feathers. These are the traditional Maori meanings, that have been handed down for The Mere is a traditional flat, Maori hand weapon, shaped like a short club wielded  They call the South Island of New Zealand Te Wai Pounamu, meaning The (Land of) Greenstone The Maori club, the mere, was often made of greenstone. p. The mere pounamu was the most revered of all the Maori weapons, and some were even buried with the owner. ” The 3rd person masculine The book is read in its entirety on Yom Kippur. Never mind that the glass-crushing process means GreenStone is more expensive to make; to use sand would be a mere 16th of the cost. Other theories suggest that tiki represents the human embryo - forming life. The designed use of the mere for forward striking thrusts is an unusual characteristic of Maori patu, whereas in other parts of the Mere – a mere is a type of short, broad-bladed club , usually made from Nephrite jade (Pounamu or greenstone). The mere fact that a particular government is in place by God’s secret providence does not mean that all its actions or directives are morally legitimate. a key phrase of the Maori version of the Treaty (meaning "absolute red circle containing two crossed white mere (clubs) over what looks  Glossary of Maori - English words. Slowly, slowly, years of erosion gently unlock pieces of greenstone into the Te Wai Pounamu: the greenstone waters of New Zealand’s South Island, the only place they’re found. A Maori weapon or club;  10 Sep 2019 The 'Kronfeld Mere' 18th Century Greenstone Mere. Greenstone has a long tradition of being used and revered here starting with the first Maori inhabitants who fulfilled an ancient prophecy by travelling over the seas to find 'the God stone' as it was known then. Modern English translation of. xx. Summer 2019. In the iconic West Coast town of Hokitika you’ll find the home of Ngāti Waewae Pounamu Carving and our busy retail store. Her business cards have read lawyer, investment banker, special counsel to the White House The mere, the most famous weapon of the Maoris, which in ancient times was generally of white whalebone, was in later times—that is, in the last few centuries—often made of greenstone. We have a great selection of jade fish hooks on offer though, and of varying sizes. (mere) A pool or boundary stream (mere) [from Greek meros share, portion, part] Portion or segment of the type indicated by the root or prefix (centromere). Welcome to Traditional Jade Co. The main greenstone deposits are located around the Taramakau and Arahura rivers in Westland, along the coast in south Westland, Lake Wakatipu in Otago, and Milford Sound in Fiordland. No words were spoken, but to the alert mind of Kawiti, the significance of the suggestion was at once apparent. The mere (Māori pronunciation: ) is a type of short, broad-bladed club , usually made from Nephrite jade (Pounamu or greenstone). Its correct mineral name is "Nephrite" (pronounced nef '-rite). Specialists in NZ Pounamu (jade/greenstone) carving. Maori designs include the toki, koru, twist,tiki, manaia and fish hook. These sustained dialogue-driven collaborations using Internet tools support and contribute to the scaffolding of teachers’ knowledge (Hawkes, 2000). How to use feline in a sentence. Although unique, your little fearless Mere, is sure to make it a memorable one. The mere is a type of short, broad-bladed weapon in the shape of an enlarged tear drop. Manaia The Manaia is a mythological creature in Māori culture, and is a common motif in Māori carving and jewellery. Its shape represents an axe 1. Hence, for the middle stone of the 2nd row, the Hebrew texts were concordant in giving the name cappir, but they fundamentally differed from that of Josephus whose two descriptions agree in giving the name iaspis; it is not a difference of mere nomenclature or translation, but of the kind of stone set in a definite part of the breastplate. Terms of endearment are often romantic, but they can also be used in non-romantic situations. Heoi tukua mai ana te tahā kōhatu, me ngā kākahu, me ngā mere, ā i tēnei rā ka hoatu e au ki a Te Mākarini aua taonga (TWMNT 30/10/1872:144). And since then Mother Earth went full throttle with a variety of species arising and disappearing over time. It was in the shape of a teardrop, and made from bone, jade, or stone. J. Prof. But perhaps the most useful and widely accepted definition of stress Beginner's guide to Prospecting & Rock Hounding. Koru Korua Tae (custom made Taonga) & Tae Eke Aotearoa (educational resources) Charles Matenga BDA Te whanau Matenga, Te Whanau-A-Apanui raua koTe Awe Awe, Rangitane/Ngati Raukawa & Ngati Toa. LONDON T. Māori creative arts like weaving and carving celebrate the past and continue to evolve through fresh inspiration and new materials. Aotearoa. Detail of a Maori warrior carved in a totem pole Maori warrior. Evidently, the wealth of minerals found at Brumado is related to the intrusion of igneous dikes and subsequent associated hydrothermal mineralization. Additional cord and packing details can be found HERE. 2lb (1 kg). These include major holdings of New Zealand historic, modern and contemporary art, and outstanding works by Māori and Pacific Island artists, as well as European painting, sculpture and print collections ranging in date from 1376 to the present day. Greek language also had nuxqhme<ron to indicate the . canoes (waka) and houses (whare) and for weaponry (mere) or club (patu ). It was used to strike/jab an opponent in the body or the head, usually made from nephrite jade (pounamu or greenstone). Petrification of forgotten tides that washed over the wrecks of past storms and the black depths of old motives. The mere club was the most common weapon used by Maori warriors. Wellington Trading Hours Open 7 Days Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm Saturday & Sunday 11am – 4pm We are always seeking safe and effective ways to prevent or treat diseases. A Mere is a short flat club shaped like a large tear drop. High quality NZ Greenstone Wedding rings, earrings, bangles, traditional and contemporary adornment. Pounamu was the name the Maori people called the stone. com. a short weapon usually made of whalebone, wood or greenstone. WATCH LIVE: Rob Packham to be sentenced for his wife's murder . Today, a greater variety of materials are used, although many artists continue to use these traditional materials today. In common with other work on the western UK basins system, igneous underplating is invoked as the principal mechanism driving the epeirogenic uplift. Also used as a name of a male NZ Maori of chiefly/noble desent. Let us know what shape/s, meaning/s you are interested in. Mr. Richard Coyle in Greenstone. Answers for Greenstone (4) crossword clue. A Maori club, or patu, is called a mere when made from greenstone (pounamu). ’ ‘Bakhtin also consistently emphasizes that the mere fact of a relation does not necessarily guarantee truth or meaning. Their meanings stem from historical accounts of Maori life and the rich  Maori designs, the meaning of the Koru, Twist ( Pikorua), Hei Matau ( Fish GNP23: Medium Length NZ Genuine Greenstone Mere Necklace - GNP23. We have an exciting range of New Zealand Greenstone hand carved by the Maori people. An alternative name for the South Island was "Te Waka a Maui", meaning "the canoe of Maui". Ngāi Tahu Pounamu is an authentication system to validate the origin of authentice New Zealand greenstone, highlight the cultural and historical importance of Pounamu, and provide an online outlet for the work of genuine Pounamu carvers. They still can’t find many takers. A term of endearment is word or phrase used to address another person, animal or even object for which the speaker feels affection. The Tiki is a very ancient symbol and, while quickly recognised, is by far the least understood. Greenstone Meanings. New Zealand Greenstone (Maori name Pounamu) is a very hard stone, so carving designs into it is much more difficult than with bone. The koru represents the fern frond as it opens bringing new life and purity to the world. Spiritually, when worn as an item of adornment such as this necklace, it signifies power and authority. Julian May IRONCROWN MOON: PART TWO OF THE BOREAL MOON TALE (2004) Incorporeal definition: without material form, body, or substance | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples For younger generations, that job duration tightens to a mere 2. The use of jade and other greenstone was a long-term tradition in Korea (c. Greenstone for sale in New Zealand. There are traditional accounts for the creation of the stone Maori are the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand, and their story is both long and intriguing. 23 sn J. It is an extremely tough stone made up of interwoven fibres that will actually bend before breaking. Warriors who carried a greenstone mere were considered to possess great strength and honor. tattoo  Auf dieser Seite erhalten Sie Informationen zu den Maori Symbolen Matau, Koru, Twist Pikorua, Maori Tiki, polynesische Tiki, Manaia, Toki und Mere. Greenstone was very difficult to work effectively with traditional Maori tools, and possession of a greenstone mere was generally considered evidence of great mana. Pounamu is the Maori word for green stone. In his groundbreaking research, he uncovered 7 chief reasons why donors will sometimes stay with a charity for years. Free Postage. It represents peace, tranquility, personal growth, positive change and awakening. This great little girl name has a natural majesty. First we come to Tikitapu, the lake of blue waters, divided by the high ridge which was known as Te Ahi-manawa – the place where the heart was cooked. Pounamu Mere Pendant. Do You Retain Donors or Do You Renew Donors? Maybe the BEST idea I heard all year? It emerged from Penny Harris, principal at Renewable Philanthropy. All of my pieces are made from top quality New Zealand Greenstone (Pounamu) which is sourced from Marsden in the South Island of New Zealand. The stone is very easy and straight forward to work and weathers well. to be derived from a re-translation of what I wrote to Professor Ulrich: “When  This list gives the more frequent meanings of these words, as identified by their use nominal particle, used before names and pronouns: a Mere, a kōrua, a ia. Its mission is to contribute to the building of peace, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue. Due to the toughness of greenstone, mere pounamu were able to be made thinner than other similar patu made from stone, however this made the  Pounamu are several types of hard and durable stone found in as mere (short handled clubs); and ornaments such as pendants (hei-tiki, hei matau and pekapeka), ear pendants (kuru and kapeu),  Mere / Patu / War Club. H. A mere is one of the traditional, close combat, one-handed weapons of the indigenous Māori, of New Zealand. They are most often used to refer to a lover, child, or pet. At Te Puia, national schools of carving, weaving and other traditional arts train talented students from around New Zealand under the guidance of master craftspersons. You searched for: maori jade pendant! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. KOKOPU. A carved human Maori Totem. Now the games and amusements of the Maori people were staged in the Sportsdrome at Rotorua. This Full size Greenstone Pounamu Mere Club is made from New Zealand Nephrite Jade (Pounamu) originating from the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Māori word. According to science, humans are late comers to the planet with anatomically modern man appearing a mere 100 000 years ago. They were often decorated and considered heirlooms since it took so long to craft one. View the Nando's menu and choose to dine in, order online or get it delivered. Size ( mm): Toki (adze). This is the Waiariki Maori Land Court district. Amanda Hemingway THE GREENSTONE GRAIL: THE SANGREAL TRILOGY ONE (2004) The one is incorporeal and can only be influenced indirectly by the might of High King Conrig. Greenstone – or pounamu in Maori – is very much a symbol of New Zealand. Pounamu, Greenstone and Jade are all the same thing. Study well about astrology and understand deeply that is the only way to become a good astrologer, dont worry people will follow you. Terms of Endearment Meaning. The Double and Triple Twist depict two new shoots growing together – it represents the joining of cultures, the bonding of  Comes in a jewellery box and a card with the Maori meaning of this piece. Search the Maori dictionary with the online version of Te Aka Maori-English, English-Maori Dictionary and Index. 2 wherein the Court held that a distributorship agreement which contained a clause that entitled either party to terminate the agreement with 30 days To expect convergent biblical testimony presupposes that one takes the Bible to exhibit, in and through its diverse witnesses and the tension between their perspectives, much more unity than a mere anthology of ancient, religious writings held together by the covers of one book. There is plenty of significance behind each and every carving, as well as there being meaning in every pattern that is then carved into the piece of art being created. These are tribal contests which stem from the traditional ‘wharetapere’ of scattered peoples—authorities, voices, and groups of sub-tribes, and tribes of this country's federation from the North Island through to the South. Greenstone, like jade, is a beautiful stone - classed as semi-precious - and quite variable in appearance. Your desire will be gratified. Open/Close Menu The Maori people are well known for their beautiful greenstone carvings. It is merely a means by which the peoples of Aotearoa differentiate between the  16 Aug 2019 The meaning of hongi roughly translates to the "sharing of breath," which represents an action that is more powerful than a mere handshake. From top left, clockwise - Mere, (mere pounamu/greenstone mere) was the exclusive name of the weapon made of pounamu in some regions but other regions had a broader meaning which included the similar patu weapons made from bone, stone and hardwood. It is a full size mere club, measuring approximately 13 - 13 1/2" (33 - 34cm) from end to end, and weighing approximately 2. Although inculturation is in fact interculturation the term fell into disuse because it was sometimes understood as a mere transfer of faith from one culture to another. This is the term used by the Maori of the Cook Strait UNESCO encourages international peace and universal respect for human rights by promoting collaboration among nations. Some say the Tiki came from the stars and that he was the first man of the world. 29 Jun 2016 The power of pounamu to carry multiple meanings and to be continually . Mere is a name with class. Treasure hunts, city explore, meeting engagement, conference quickfire and more. The patu was an ideal weapon for thrusting and  The stone has been worked by the Maori of New Zealand from as early as the twelfth century. When Te Warihi Kokowai Hetaraka stood before the Waitangi Tribunal at Panguru, North Hokianga, in 2010, he was the embodiment of the past speaking into the present. The literature strongly suggests that teachers who collaborate online help each other to clarify their Talcum Powder Lawsuit: Attys Give Closing Statements In Calif. Tiki were worn around the neck - the hei part of the name carries this implication. V. See more of Moana's Greenstone on Facebook Greenstone meaning: From left to right: poutama, roimata, patu/mere, roimata and poutama. The stone of this land is Pounamu, which is often called greenstone. South Pass is Wyoming's principal gold area & produced nearly all gold mined in the past. "Maori hand-weapons were generally known as mere or patu (a generic term meaning to strike or subdue). - Greenstone FishHook Pendant - Greenstone Heart Pendants - Greenstone Koru Pendants - Greenstone Manaia Pendants - Greenstone Mere Pendants - Greenstone Misc Pendants - Greenstone Sea Creatures - Greenstone Teardrop Pendants - Greenstone Twist Pendants - Greenstone Tiki Pendants - Greenstone Toki Pendants - Greenstone with Sterling Silver Mere are a symbol of courage, respect, strength and will enable you to cut thru life’s obstacles Pounamu or Greenstone is regarded as a stone sacred to the gods by the Maori of New Zealand. The stone has been worked by the Maori of New Zealand from as early as the twelfth century. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. - Verse-by-Verse Commentary This small, stylized warrior is holding a greenstone mere, a traditional weapon. See P. Franklyn, “The Sayings of Agur in Proverbs 30: Piety or Skepticism,” ZAW 95 (1983): 239-52. Greenstone (Nephrite) This was the most highly prized of all stones in Maoridom, and deserves special mention. (mere) no more and no less than specified Mere is a form of Mary. Meaning of Koru. Buy online, view images and see past prices for A Maori Greenstone Hand Club, Mere Pounamu, a Traditional Spatulate Blade, New Zealand, 19th Century,. Learn more. , The test of his lifetime, Abraham sees in a dream that he must sacrifice his “only son”, but is it Isaac or Ishmael?, Some accounts of Abraham’s journey to Egypt, the birth of Ishmael, and Hagar’s venture in Paran. On the basis of oral records, archaeological finds and genetic analyses, historical treatises place the arrival of Maori in New Zealand in the thirteenth century AD. The Maori word for greenstone is pounamu. The . A patu is a generic term for a club or pounder used by the Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. The exhibition includes some very rare cultural treasures, including some 95 hei tiki hei tiki pendants in human form, 20 mere mere weapons, and four large pounamu touchstones, the largest of which, “Te Hurika”, weighs in at 170kg. Swan She loved. Amritsar Gas Service and Ors. Syrus Terrigan https://paizo. God gives authority to government for certain ends only, and its rule is legitimate to the extent it pursues just ends by just means. 24 tn Heb “[is] his pleasure. Greenstone. Business Talent Group founder and CEO Jody Greenstone Miller is a prime illustration. Search results for 'Meri Kirihimete'. Its lustre improves with age, reputedly as a result of being worn next to the skin. Note that "Te Wai Pounamu" could also be translated as "the [place] of greenstone water(s)". I still felt my pack, all forty-ish pounds of gear and food heavy on my shoulders, and a thin slick of sweat covered me, but I was already on the Greenstone. Greenstone roimata drop 70mm x 20mm The meaning of this is roimata is positive energy, healing and comfort. 850–550 BC). It is a very special stone. At a mere 15 years old, Brandon purchased his first two Holstein steers, enlisting help from his mother to haul the cattle because he wasn’t yet old enough to Hydration and cool temperatures helped make that climb painless. Dr Kronfeld was the Port Health Officer in Wellington, which meant frequent contact with P&O crew and staff. Search for crossword clues found in the Daily Celebrity, NY Times, Daily Mirror, Telegraph and major publications. Did You Know? A New Zealand Maori word meaning a precious gift or a rare type of Pounamu (NZ Jade) that is highly valued. , Abraham’s dispute Mere – a type of short, broad-bladed club , usually made from Nephrite jade (Pounamu or greenstone). Buy and sell Greenstone on Trade Me. la - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation In purely monetary terms, jade doesn't always measure up to more desirable stones such as diamonds or rubies. The Mere Club Was Used to Crack Skulls. The word patu in the Māori language means to strike, hit, beat, or subdue. used to emphasize that something is not large or important: 2. How to use mere in a sentence. a person who works in a mine; a mechanical device used in mining Not to be confused with: minor – underage person n. Our menu has so many choices from appetizers, salads, grilled PERi-PERi… Two years later Heke and Grey met at the Waimate North mission house and Heke handed over his greenstone mere to the Governor: “not so much a mark of respect and an emblem of peace but as a token of acceptance of Grey’s right to be in New Zealand and of Heke’s expectation that the Queen’s representative would honour the Treaty. And when at last he gave voice to his feelings he said to Heke: ‘You may return home. mere greenstone meaning

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