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This British horse breed is usually gray, bay, or black. Beautiful and unique color pleasure horses and gaited trail horses for sale. The horse's face is very soft and sensitive with many nerve endings. - Horse bits should be well fitting and in good condition. Bit material can also be a matter of appearance. The longer the shanks of a bit, the more potential for pressure. This is good for a horse with a low palate as these horses often don’t do well with a mouth piece that moves too much and pokes them in the palate. Tough-1 Stainless Steel Gentle Touch Wonder Cheek - 5" Next: The Pee Wee Horse Bit (I haven’t included a link as they seem to be sold in different regions by very different companies, so just Google it to find your local dealer!) So the Pee Wee is a thin (good for horses with thick tongues) bit, with a slight curve. The firm Herman Sprenger in Germany, who specialise in horse bits, have recently studied the bit's placement in the mouth and concluded that there's not at all as much room in the mouth as previously thought. 3 piece twisted sweet iron wire with dog bone snaffle. It discourages fixing, blocking and leaning and encourages mouthing. Ideally, a well-fitted bit should be matched to the horse’a temperament, strength, and discipline. The Gentle Groomer™ is a versatile horse grooming tool that removes loose hair, dirt, and dander while adding shine to the coat. If you're training a performance horse for showing or a green horse with a bit of extra energy, Mary's Tack and Feed's selection of western shank, snaffle and curb bits may include just the right bit for you and your horse. There's a faulty assumption clearly implied to me in this question's first part, which is that spurs and bits are inhumane. Solid cheeks add stability for colts who still need a little tongue. The mild mouthpiece is used with curb bits or grazing bits. Good Luck and have fun!!! General Horse Talk ; Gentle Western Bit With A Roller Sign in All my bits I have now are all myler bits. Every Tennessee Walking Horse we offer is calm, gentle, smooth and naturally gaited. Another factor to consider is the type of bit that your horse is accustomed to. Horse Bits From: Horse Bits See also: Horse Tack Snaffle The snaffle bit is one of the most widely used bits due to the many different varieties that are available. The synthetic mouth of this bit is gentle to horse teeth and tongue. The curved mouth is shaped over the horse's tongue and the cuprium alloy wafer is a flavor that horses love. Our bits are investment (lost wax) cast from carefully crafted models of tested bit designs to insure consistently perfect quality bit after bit. Extremely durable, Happy Mouth Bits are soft, gentle, and comfortable for your horse. Learn more about how bits work, common bit construction, and choosing the right bit for your horse. While I never refer to any horse as "bombproof" or "kid/granny safe", Romeo is a very solid and steady guy horse’s facial conformation, you’ll need to choose the correct width of bit to fit him comfortably. Below is a picture of a woman's horse that she LOVED, and said it was being stubborn and would giving her trouble taking the bit - "NO SHIT" - this is what the Vet found when she looked, the bit was being yanked and pulled so much and so hard that it was cutting horses tongue off - yet every person that rides a snaffle bit wants to say bits don't hurt horses. The SprengerDevelopment Center continuously works on innovative products with the optimised design and effectiveness, based on current research data. Although parents never recommend letting our children allow their horses to eat with a bit in their mouths, the shank bends back so they are less likely to "stick" on the ground, (poking the horse's mouth Easy is a chestnut gelding who was born 2007 and arrived August 10, 2016. The ported mouth Pelham (also called a Hartwell or Cambridge) is shaped like a typical curb or Weymouth bit, in that the middle section is curved upwards to allow more room for the tongue, hence putting more pressure on the bars. Home. ? The one that is the most comfortable for a broke horse? bought farm and previous owner left 2 horses. i repeat for those who question my horse skills *it's a BAD HABBIT* not Double Bridle Bits Finding the right set of bits for your horse is critical, so you can communicate effectively and humanely with him and he can relax into his work, allowing the Horse to swallow freely and to be comfortable and responsive as he progresses with his training. Western Horse Bits. The leverage from the shanks/curb chain, combined with thejointed mouthpiece, causes this type of bit to exert a 'nutcracker' like effect on the horse's tongue, bars, and jaw. Walking into a tack shop and looking at a wall covered with bits can send a neophyte bit buyer into a cold sweat. While some agree that if used in small quantities it does have its merits, they are also quick to point out that a curb bit should be used on a horse only when working in a collected mode. Quality Bits & Accessories at Affordable Prices Specializing in Custom, Handmade, Performance Bits. Robart Pinch less Walking Horse Bit Robart Patent #6449930 A revolutionary idea and bit design to implement it. 3 Piece Bits found in: Dutton Teardrop Dog Bone Snaffle Bit, Dutton Swept Back Dog Bone Snaffle Bit, Dutton 3 Piece Medium Port w/ Roller, Dutton Short Shank Swept Back Twisted Dog Bone, FES 3 Piece Low Port Bit, FES D Ring Sweet. com are working every day to be your Ranch Classifieds, and the very best place for you to buy or sell Quarter Horses, Paint Horses, Ranch Horses, Rope Horses, Rodeo Horses, Barrel Horses, Cutting Horses, Reining Horses, Cow Horses, not to mention Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay, Bermuda Hay, Cattle, Cattle Ranches, Horse Ranches, or Sell a livestock Brand, or just find a Ranch Job. Soft bits can also be problematic because is easy to teach a horse to pull against and evade them. The way bits are built, they sit in the gap in a horse’s teeth and rest in “neutral” unless the rider “activates” it. If you tear it up we will repair or replace it, it’s that simple. He snorts in hesitation, but quickly responds. Parelli is the leader in education and teaches problem-solving techniques that work and improve your relationship with your horse. Sick or injured horses are often killed if treatment is a bit complicated or the without first investigating whether the horse responds to a more gentle model. Our mule saddles & tack are made of the best material available and shipped in a timely manner. This creates fussy mouths and tongue evasions. It is our desire to produce quality products made of quality materials to ease the communication between horse and rider. The biggest difference in bits will be the size - most Paso Finos take a 4 1/2 - 4 3/4 bit. Here are the biggest horse breeds in the world today. You watch as the fear melts away. LOL I also believe that as far as disciplines go, dressage has some of the most gentle, horse-friendly rules regarding bits that are allowed, and I really respect that. They are sensitive and trauma can cause them to become head shy. In the horse world, most horses named "Brownie" get the name because of their brown color. Depending on your style of riding and your experience level as well as the condition of your horse's mouth, different bits will be more Circle Y High Horse Reinsman ― Tack ― Bits Breast Collars Cinches Curb Straps & Chains Halters & Bridles Headstalls Noseband-Tie Downs Reins Saddle Bags & Acc Saddle Pads Spurs Spur Straps Stirrups Training Supplies Tractor Parts Tisco Parts Bucket Teeth & Edges Disc Harrow & Coulter Tillage & Cultivator Hydraulics Tools & Air Accessories This traditional, single-jointed D-ring bit was designed with world-renowned Australian trainer, John Patterson, to View full product details → Despite their size, virtually all of the largest horse breeds are coldblooded in temperament, which means they are calm, gentle, and not easily spooked. These bits are very mild. The MB33WL is also suitable for the horse with a low palate. Nathe uses synthetic mouthpieces and stainless steel rings and side pieces in order to prevent allergic reactions. Top brands include Happy Mouth, Jacks Mfg. We have horse bits for dressage, hunter jumper, equitation, cross country, and leisure riding, from brands like Albacon, Centaur, and Happy Mouth. There are also a few bits that fit in both the snaffle and curb category, and are in their own type of 'in-between' category. A very mild bit, the Eggbutt Snaffle is designed wide enough to be gentle on the bars and will not pinch the horse's  After many Years of "Listening to Horses", Mr HP has developed a bit range devoted The sides are gently curved to wrap the tongue and the lozenge lays flat  Sick or injured horses are often killed if treatment is a bit complicated or the without first investigating whether the horse responds to a more gentle model. Gentle Horse Training – Does it Work or is it a Fairy Tale Part 1 Posted on January 9, 2015 by Gentle Horse Trainer Missy Wryn It sure is confusing with what seems to be information overload on how to live and be with our horses. ALL FORMS OF BIT RESISTANCE ARE DUE TO THE HORSE TRYING TO EVADE TONGUE . May 24, 2016- Western and English bits from www. All bits are made of the finest Quality Stainless Steel, you choose what mouthpiece you want in your bit!!! Office hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST If you text or leave a message after hours, they will be returned next business day. And no tongue can protect it. Custom Western Show Bits. Reinsman Gentle Guide Snaffle Bit at Mary's is a great Western starter bit or transition bit w/ unique cheeks to encourage horse flexion. For instance, a lot of horses will gap at the mouth with a snaffle-- the joint can hit the palate, and some horses hate the tongue pressure. Discover Kid Safe Horses for sale in Texas on America's biggest equine marketplace. Eyes darting from side to side, fear written all over him, jumping and kicking about in response to his panic. An important factor to take   13 Jul 2019 If you are searching for the best horse bits and have questions about Many people will understandably use a gentle eggbutt snaffle when  We provide a specialist bitting advice service and also have horse bits for arc angled forwards at 45° to the cheek shanks resulting in gentle even pressure  The head down cue is a different pressure in the horse mouth and the bit Speaking in soothing tones, you gently tug on the lead rope to coax his head down. , Zilco, Sealtex, Weaver Leather, Walsh, and more. Some horses respond well with the chain. Professional’s Choice has expanded to carry a variety of horse supplies, horse products and tack including saddle pads, splint boots, sports medicine boots, bell boots, cinches and girths. Western horse bits help the rider better communicate with the horse during training or competing. The “Original Bits” is the collection that started the Happy Mouth Bit line. Furthermore, the amount of encouragement each animal needs to perform correctly varies greatly. PED Bits are the Evolutionary Comfort Horse Bits designed by Nicole Graham, Equine Oral Bio Mechanic Dentist, offering evolutionary core features. Please only advice on my best options, she is a bit high spirited and I am very gentle in her mouth and we seem to communicate well. Welcome to our Pony Bit Collection. Snaffle bits are the most common, usually seen on horses that are being trained. Watch FREE Training the Whole Horse® video series with over 3 hours of gentle horse training on my website www One of the most universal bits and is also very mild. Accordingly, there are strong and hardy branches, gentle branches, rude branches, etc. The additional feature of the WH ULTRA bits is a unique roller in the center section that brings an even better focus for the horse onto the tongue. Happy Mouth bits are non-toxic, flexible and long lasting with a stainless Chain bits for horses are commonly used as barrel racing bits or roping bits. Bit Bank Australia- For Horse Bits - 2/4 Church Hill Road, Echunga, South Australia 5153 - Rated 4. Types of snaffle bits: The eggbutt snaffle has an egg-shaped ring that connects each bit ring and the mouthpiece, and is considered to be very gentle. **Good LORD! PLEASE get RID of your horse before you RUIN it with the disgrace of a so called "training" method that Parelli tries to perfect! We offer you different products and equipments for horses. Since it doesn't conduct cold like metal does, it's the ideal bit for winter riding. Harsh bits and long shanks are bad trail bits for any horse; it's too easy for those long shanks to get caught in brush or on branches. by Lee Ziegler 1997 Gaited horse people are often guilty of what I like to call "bit inflation". First off, let me say that you can train any gaited horse to gait in a snaffle or bitless bridle. The elliptical lozenge mouthpiece has a 45mm lozenge O n ce the bit is in his mouth, gently pull the crown over your horse 's ears so that they are in between the crown and the brow band. If you are looking for new bits, then you may have many questions about finding the right one. Futurity Snaffle bits at Horse Tack Co. Stainless steel is the easiest to keep shiny. Since every horse is unique, riders often find that one style of western bit works better for a particular animal than another. When I bought my horse she came with a double twisted wire bit and the more I am learning about this bit it is very harsh for her and I want to change it but I have no idea what to change it out to. 99. Bit of Britain has a wide variety of horse bits for sale that attach easily to the bridle. Even with these advanced production methods, every bit is hand inspected. Additionally, encourage it to hold the bit in its mouth without doing any training, which will help it get used to the sensation. Available in 6", 6 1/2" and 7" sizes. We strive to provide our customers with exceptional customer service and maintain lifelong relationships. CHEEK TYPES  7 Jun 2018 Not all horses are capable of riding without a bit; it takes a gentle and willing horse to comply with this type pressure. This bit needs to used carefully to avoid hurting the horse. Centaur Gentle Touch Spurs. The Bits and their Action: Cheeks, Mouthpieces, Doubles Cheeks The Action of the Loose Ring. The most popular horse bits at Agradi are from the brands BR, Harry's Horse, Imperial Riding, Horze, Sprenger and Pfiff. Misuse of a hackamore can not only cause pain and swelling on the nose and jaw, but improper fitting combined with rough use can cause damage to the cartilage on the horse's nose. A hackamore has a special type of noseband that works on pressure points on the face, nose, and chin. Buying a horse brush set is the best way to know that you have the right tools to get the job done. A popular type of western curb bit is the grazing bit, a curb bit specially designed with shanks that can hinge 90 degrees to help the horse graze. Contacts the nose first to tuck it_ then gently picks up the mouth until the curb tightens for gentle but all over nose_ bar There are so many different bits on the market today, however they all fit into one of 6 different categories of bits which define the action of the bit, the pressure points it uses and the reaction they get from the horse. They are the reason riders in pleasure classes can ride on a long, draped rein and still direct their horse. The ergonomically formed mouthpiece allows a rapid and balanced effect on the tongue. The wider cheeks disperse pressure across the horse's face to encourage turns and flexion. My horse loves it and goes really well in it. . When the horse accepts the bit, it lies smoothly between tongue and lower jaw. Myler Bits: Myler is more than just bits; the Myler System is a whole new way of understanding how the bit works in your horse's mouth. They are used to give the rider more control of the horse. Mouth thickness: 21 mm *Sizes measured on 5" bits. They have no breaks in the mouth. The wider the diameter of the bit, the milder the pressure on the horse. Mouth thickness: 14 mm Ring size: 2 1/2" Curb bits are most often used in Western showing to hide riders' movements while the horse understands his cues. How to Choose a Bit for a Horse. Sidepull, bosal  1 May 2012 Understanding the function of the leverage or curb bit is a good first step in deciding if it could be a good fit for your horse. Choose from a variety of English bits including snaffle, pelham, curb, Eggbutt Snaffle Bit — This type of bit is ideal for young horses because it's soft and gentle. Western curb bits often have gentle ports and long (up to 9 inches) or medium-length (4 to 6 inches) shanks. The mouthpiece is reinforced with a steel cable to make it stable and to provide more security. We at ranchworldads. Happy Mouth mullen mouth bits are made of an apple scented polymer that encourages the horse to accept the bit. This allows the bit to move dramatically in the horse’s mouth, causing pain and potentially causing an accident should the horse rear and flip over on the rider. No need to preheat bit before placing in horse's mouth. I always check bits for pinching before I buy them . Sometimes they are used if a horse is a puller. 17 Jul 2017 Trying to decide which is the right bit for your horse can be confusing A basic Western Curb Bit has a gently ported mouthpiece and shanks to  Here's a quick guide on horse bits and how to choose them. A horse in pain will try to avoid the bit by opening their mouth, or going with their head in the air, or curling their neck to avoid pressure. The mouthpiece conforms across the horse's tongue. If you have soft hands ANY bit is gentle, if you have hard hands then any bit can be harsh. A gaited horse does not need a special bit or heavy rein pressure in order to gait. Happy Mouth bits are uniquely constructed with high tech plastics, making them soft, flexible, gentle and comfortable for your horse. Riding instructor Courtney Vala brings her lifetime of riding experience and her professional training together to provide a variety of courses and classes for riders of all ages and The bits are designed to establish communication between the rider’s hands and the horse with the least amount of resistance. All Rights Reserved. The mouthpiece is made of soft, flexible plastic which adapts to the horse's mouth an ideal way. We guarantee every thing we sell. There are two periods of history of the peruvian bit: 1st Harsher bits should be reserved for people who know how and when to use them and have the patience and dexterity to use them properly. Snaffle bits are recommended for both beginning riders and horses in training. Our Guarantee. In my personal opinion snaffles are not the most gentle bit; if they are too wide or too narrow in the mouth, single Gentle Guide Bit is a great starter or transition bit. When choosing to ride with a bit (and in many places you may not even have a choice as the majority of rental barns use bits), it is important to appreciate that a bit, no matter how “gentle” is still a foreign object being placed in a horse’s mouth and some will handle a bit better than others. BITS FOR GAITED HORSES. The unique apple scent increases your horse's acceptance. Hackamore bits are mostly used to start young horses, for horses with dental problems or injuries to the mouth. com for western horse bits ranging from snaffle bits to cathedral bits, for the backyard horse man to the professional show man. Making Our Homemade Horsedrawn Hearse. English Bits & Accessories. Bristol is a severe form,often used on horses that really might go better in a pelham or a kimblewicke! It's easy to get confused if you're unfamiliar with both bits, especially since many tack shops have staff who are unfamiliar with the diffe Bits and the behavior of horses while wearing bits have made their way into popular culture outside of the horse world. Western curb bits usually have gentle ports (the upwardly curved center of the mouthpiece). Bits help you communicate better with your horse, and ride more confidently. So called Wonder bits for horses (also called gag bits) also work from the principle of pain avoidance. It allows a lot of freedom in the horse's mouth and it encourages the horse to mouth the bit and salivate. Low port mouthpieces are also used with different styles of loose shank bits. Miscellaneous Tack. At least 3 times a week I get asked by a client which bit from my range is the "softest" is for their horse. Happy Mouth bits are non-toxic, flexible and long lasting with a stainless We offer a variety of horse racing bits for trainers, riders, and drivers for all experience levels. "Horse Training is a Process Not an Event" I am like a lead horse, I can be nice or I can pin my ears and show you my butt, I run my site and Youtube channel like a herd. By applying a gentle pressure along with a half halt of the rider's core muscles, the forward motion of the horse is shifted back toward the haunches, causing the horse's back to rise, his legs to gather under him, and his gait to become more balanced and brilliant. With snaffle bits, gag bits, kimberwicks, pelhams, dressage weymouths, hackamore bits, english and even western bits, there is sure to be a Happy Mouth Bit that is perfect for your horse or pony. A primer on horse bits. • The Weymouth curb is commonly used in conjunction with a bridoon in an English double bridle. Discover our large range of horse bits to suit your needs, no matter your equestrian discipline. Horse Bits from Happy Mouth Bits ®. 6 Aug 2019 Learn the names and uses of commonly used western horse bits. Snaffle varieties are the most commonly used. Happy Mouth Bits Gentler Bits for a Happier Horse Happy Mouth Bits, a favorite among top trainers, is made from engineered high tech, non-toxic plastics. As a new addition to our Little Bits family, Easy is fitting right in and now being used by riders both advanced and beginners. Merrill barrel racing bits are designed to send a clear and firm signal without offending the horse. IMPORTANT: be very cautious and gentle with a horse’s ears. There are three basic types i. We ride on dirt trails and our horses do great without horse shoes, just like their mustang relatives. Black rubber has the disadvantage that if a horse has a drier mouth, the bit gets hot by friction and then can burn on the  DRIVING BITS - AN OVERVIEW Driving bits come in a variety of cheek types and mouthpieces to suit any type of horse, situation, or turnout. 5" Shanks, Fits 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 mouths. The longer the shanks, the more severe the effect. The material is food-safe, solvent-free and does not contain any plasticisers. Ron, Dale and Bob Myler are third generation horsemen who developed a theory of tongue relief and tongue pressure through training their own horses. Seven Essential Horse Bits Ideally, you want the horse to gently chew the bit while in work and to lightly salivate - a wet mouth is a more-lubricated mouth and thus a softer mouth. Browse our huge selection of English Horse Bits and accessories. $ 49. Took the bit in his teeth, a phrase that describes a horse that sets its jaw against the bit and cannot be controlled (rarely does the horse actually grab the bit with its molars), is used today to refer to a person who either To aid in differentiatiating between styles, we’ve come up with this quick guide to choosing English horse bits. A wonderful bit for older colts, young horses or any soft mouthed horse. However, I guess there are some bits that are more nicely made than others. Gentle Control Hackamore seeks to provide an innovative new and kinder hackamore for horses and horsemen alike. We have the hooves aaand bodies in great shape now and back healthy as a horse. I'm always surprised by the many  Tom Balding Bits & Spurs of Sheridan, WY. These updates are posted on our Success Stories pages so that the sellers of the horses know that their horses are doing well and have not gone back to racing or been slaughtered. 0 out of 5 stars 1. Hackamores are used in place of a snaffle or curb bits. Combination Hacamore bits are much stronger and are used in barrel racing and other speed events. Here is our current list of  23 Jan 2018 The Equisoft bit continues to prove itself – this time at the Waitemata And the rider has gentle but very secure control of the horse due to the  24 Sep 2013 With the reins and the bit you impact directly a horse's sense of self, his It is important we learn to gently open our horse's mouth safely (your  13 Jul 2019 If you are searching for the best horse bits and have questions about Many people will understandably use a gentle eggbutt snaffle when  The 2nd Generation Imus Comfort Bit™ is, to many, considered the most gentle and effective horse bit on the market. AceRugs GAITED BITS for Horses Stainless Steel Large Shank Arch Port Horse TACK. If you have ended up here because you are looking for product reviews on bits for hard to stop horses or an article on what bigger bit you need to be able to stop your horse you will be sadly disappointed. Shire. Acts on tongue & corners of bars, gently wrapping lips. There are five main types of bit and they all effect the horse in different ways by acting on different areas of the horses head. Gag bits are most often seen in polo, eventing, cross country, show jumping, and hacking. A Myler Level 3 mouthpiece has maximum tongue relief allowing more freedom for the horse. They have had enough abuse and want to go easy on them. If a horse tends to take the bit and run off the higher head carriage could be useful. That said, let's look at the different horse bits and their uses. Tennessee Walking Horses or Tennessee Walkers for sale. Most horse showing competitions forbid the use of certain bits. Gentle and soothing Equine Massage with EQUISTIX helps to bring about a calm and connected relationship with your horse. The general rule of choosing a bit is to find the mildest bit possible that still allows you to communicate clearly with your horse. If you want Bit Advice for Dressage-Strong Enough to Stop, Gentle Enough not to Impede Forward Jan. There are two ends of the spectrum, where you don’t want to use a bit that is too severe and risk ruining a horse’s mouth, but you also don’t want to use a bit that the horse doesn’t respect at all and risk getting thrown or run away with. control of a horse in ground training, yet it is a relatively gentle piece of equipment. Works well with any type martingale or draw reins. These bits work via direct pressure without putting leverage on the mouth. The bit is your communication link to your horse, along with the reins, pressure from your legs and body position. One way works well, and the other causes more problems than it is worth. Dover Saddlery English bits come in a range of styles for different purposes and intentions. Choose options . Not every rider uses the equipment well, but at least the rules are written in a way that sounds nice. A bit of work here and there with a bosal will improve Bits are considered soft or hard based on their construction and method of action. I’ve been asked for some bitless information, and I’m not sure I can even do that without talking bits, too. Our Walking Horse Bits are hand selected and offered at the best price! See more at GaitedHorseTackShop. The extra link in the middle of the bit spreads the pressure from the rein signal more evenly across the mouth than a common 2 piece snaffle. If you have any questions on which hackamore is best, give us a call. The horse slows or stops depending on how much pressure is applied. Good Quality Horse Bits , Find Complete Details about Good Quality Horse Bits,Horse Mouth Bits,Sweet Iron Horse Bits,Horse Mouth Bits from Other Horse Products Supplier or Manufacturer-BARCELONA Bits attach to the bridle and the reins and rest inside the horse's mouth. Argentine Snaffle 3/8" Sweet Iron Low Port This is very popular in low leverage bits. Bits are a common cause of bone spurs on the bars of the mouth and head shaking (facial neuralgia) along with many behavioural problems such as bolting, rearing, teeth grinding, head tossing and being hard to bridle. Hackamore and combination Bits. These bits are custom hand made and take 5-6 weeks **The prices are based on current price of silver. The bits are placed in the mouth of a horse, attached to the check pieces of a bridle, and are used as one means of communication between horse and rider. com Okay, I admit it, there is no one bit for that works best for every gaited horse. To get your horse to work on the bit, place a small amount of honey on it to make it more interesting for your horse. No. snaffles, gags and leverage bits Hi Kirsten! There's a big difference between these two bits-- the French-link is the most gentle form of a snaffle bit, whereas the Dr. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $45. Here’s listing the different types of bridles that attach to the bit and allows you to control the horse: Snaffle bridle – These are the most basic bridles and contrary to what the name suggests, can fit with both snaffle as well as curb bits. Bits for Hard to Stop Horses. Barrel Horse World brings you a huge selection of barrel horses for sale, fresh news, an active forum, Barrel Talk, with famous guest speakers, and equine health articles. Whichever way the branches of the bit incline, the horse's mouth always goes to the contrary. Sprenger Duo bits are very gentle on the horse's mouth. 8 based on 62 Reviews "I have been taking my sensitive We offer a wide range of Nathe bits, including loose ring and full cheek snaffles, gags, pelhams, bradoons and weymouths. Mouthpieces are made of stainless steel, copper or chrome. Get bit rental info here! Variety of designs and sizes. There are three main types of bits, each of which has subtypes of its own. Dressage Extensions offers a stellar selection of dressage bits, including snaffle bits, weymouth bits, bradoons and more all designed  A noseband is the part of a horse's bridle that encircles the nose and jaw of the horse. Multi-purpose tool massages, shampoos, squeegees water, removes hair, mud and dander Bits are designed to create discomfort in the hope the horse, to avoid the discomfort, will respond in particular way—a response which satisfies the rider. The most popular - the loose ring has much more movement and play than a fixed butt or cheek. This includes loose rings, half cheeks, curb hooks, snaffles, dee-rings, full cheeks, kimberwicks, pelhams, combination bits and hackamores. All Looks, Designs, Names, and website content TM and © by Tom Balding Bits and Spurs. Dynamic RS bits stimulate the horse to accept the bit more easily. Check out this amazing Gentle Quarter Horse Mare Quarter Horse for sale in Riverside, California USA! "C" bits are a very good low leverage bit for horses with a good mouth. 25, 2016, 07:05 PM Mare has some contact issues (still learning to accept it consistently) and likes a very steady feel. Sprenger Bits gains its outstanding scientific knowledge of the horse's mouth anatomy through intensive research in collaboration with the Veterinary University of Hanover. This bit picks up the nose first, then gently picks up his mouth until mouth and curb tighten for gentle but all over "nose, bars, lips, chin and face". Buy hackamore bits at Horse Tack Company. See more ideas about Horse bits, Horse supplies and Saddles. We can simplify types of bits  1 Oct 1998 The bit should rest comfortably in the horse's mouth, whether the reins are slack or taut with gentle contact. Snaffle Bits. Instead of training and working a horse on the basis of creating pain and the anticipation of pain, the patented David Robart bit corrects by pressure and eliminating the pain. The Snaffle Get the best deal for English Horse Bits from the largest online selection at eBay. Contacts include breeders, training resources, shippers, farriers, and other gaited horse owners. Horse Bits Bits allow the rider to communicate with the horse as to direction, bend, pace, speed, amount of engagement and give general overall control. It’s placed on the horse’s nose. It's something called the "bigger bit theory": horse doesn't respond to a gentle bit, so it is put into something harsher, likely a curb bit. The bit is a communication TOOL. A gentle, pinch free mouthpiece that extends beyond the horse’s lips for better communication, plenty of tongue relief and resistance free action across the tongue, bars and lips. Wonderful for older colts, young horses or any soft mouthed horse. Easy is a Quarter Horse cross and has been a participant in both 4H clubs and trail rides. The nathe bit mouthpiece material is extremely soft and gentle to the horse's mouth. #1. High quality Gaited Horse Bits for sale. In addition to individual brushes, you'll find horse brush kits. It is a myth that a bit is cruel and a hackamore is gentler. I have ridden on both coasts and in the center of North America. Learn all you need to know to properly bit your horse. Mine hated nathe bits of any kind, also hated NS starter, team up, etc, also not happy in Mylers. Mountain Horse owners often use hackamores since they can "control" a gaited horse without any worry of desensitizing the mouth with a harsh bit. Flush brass fittings in the pinchless mouthpiece and cheekpieces with smooth, independent action from side to side. Curb bits are typically used by riders who prefer a little more control. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free shipping on many items! Unfortunately, nearly all bits start at 14mm. Warmblood Tack Store offers a wide array of oversized horse tack for Warmblood, Draft, and Draft Cross horses including bridles, bits, reins, horse boots, fly sheets, fly masks, turnout sheets, halters, surcingles, reins and many other extra large horse gear and supplies. Our SW Bits are made of the world's finest 18-8 (chromium/nickel) stainless steel. NOTE: Curb bits must NEVER be used without a curb chain. Simply get a piece of thin plastic tube from the hardware shop or a bit of soft rope, put it in the mouth of the horse like you would a bit and mark the tube on the outside flush with the lips and remove. Note that the comfort level of the bit affects the performance of your horse. A master trainer must have different types of bits available for the proper use of the bit at the precise moment, to be able to make a well-trained horse instead of one simply carrying the bit. Achieve gentle yet effective communication with your horse. Burbank - This was the name of Danny Glover's cat in the 1987 movie "Lethal Weapon. Horse Bits. And even the mildest bit, in harsh hands, can hurt. This is a great video showing the physiology of the horse’s head and how bits and bridles can affect your horse. There are two ways to train a horse for riding: the hard or the gentle way. e. The branch is always to be accommodated to the design, either of bringing in, or raising a horse's head, and to the degree. With loose rings to give some play and lightness to the feel and a very elegant shank design this is a very stylish bit while being very comfortable for those horses unhappy in a double. Unlike curb bits, snaffle bits have no shanks. As for pressure, that just makes the ride uncomfortable for you and your horse. AMBER: What kinds of bits relay the communication you describe without pain? I have some ideas, but I’m curious what you think. Most important is timing, when you pull and when you do not. It really helps to understand how bits work on the horse's mouth and head and what makes them mild or harsh. Store For Miniature Horse bridles and bits, such as the show or pleasure riding bridle and O-Ring and Half-Cheek bits. Stainless steel with inlaid Copper mouth and copper roller is ideal for gaited horses. The 1 1/8" domed end spreads the spur aid over a larger area to help prevent the sharp "jabbing" action of most traditional spurs. Well made Pony sized bits are hard to find, we are always trying to add more to our collection. The mouth piece and shanks will determine what you want out of your horse (breaking at the poll, elevate head or problem correction like leaning on the bit or powering through it). " It's also a good horse name for a horse that acts like a star. He doesn't listen to that, so he goes into an even harsher bitand so the story continues until one day he's being Some horses do better in certain bits or bitless rather than bitted but I believe if you have a truly respectful horse that it shouldn't matter what you ride in; Unless of course they just don't know and havent had the training, for example if they dont know how to yield to bit pressure, you cant expect it and they will likely try and fight it. The one that suits the horse the best - mouth conformation and temperament both affect it. The snaffle bit is very comfortable if iit’s ring is on If you find that the gentlest option or the bit the horse is accustomed to do not render the results you want, try out a few different types of bits in a safe, enclosed area to see how your horse best responds. This is often the way Tennessee Walking Horses are trained- for a high 'headset,' with their noses tucked toward their chests. The unique apple scent encourages acceptance and softness. - When training your horse and teaching them new maneuvers, use gentler bits. A frantic horse. About this time, you may be starting to feel you're torturing your horse, and that is a possibility. Part One - The Wooden Bits. Usually, I rant about the foolish habit of moving to a stronger bit when your horse gets fussy in the “gentle” one he’s in now. It is embarrassing to tell the sales person, who often looks as if he just won the national reining finals, that all you know about bits is that they are supposed to turn the horse left and right, and make him whoa. I put the bit in the bend of my arm, close my arm and twist the bit in a circle. A Rider's Guide to Horse Bits and Bitting. Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on horseclicks. Other bits aren't always true to size so you can't always rely on what you're currently using to judge what you need. -No pressure to the palate -Supports the contact to the corners of the mouth in an extremely effective way, keeping the horse on the bit Designed for horse comfort,the egg butt protects the lips from possible pinching. Our 2nd Generation Imus bits work great for both gaited and non-gaited horses! We offer only gentle horse bits so our horses can be comfortable in the mouth, allowing them to relax into the bit and collect comfortably under saddle. In educated hands, no. Information on conformation, gaits, colors, pedigrees and breed history. But many bits are. Rubber offers a smooth fit on the bars of the horse's mouth, while the snaffle's rings fit softly in the corners of the horse's mouth without pinching. #16: The 3/8” steel 3 piece dog bone is a very gentle mouthpiece and can really help a horse relax. If your horse is resistant, your horse is not effectively receiving your message. Low port bits are often used for broke, gentle ponies or horses. Horses mouths are so sensitive, and many of them are uncomfortable with the bit. Get online access to digital downloads, DVD,s, and video series. For him the gentlest bit is one with tongue relief- a blue Bomber happy tongue. Today will kick of a new series on western bits. com. Options of a gentle or a more traditional styled bit to add to your tack collection. Study at your own pace from home. Buy products related to waterford bit products and see what customers say about This is a great solution for horses that lean on the bit if you still want the lightness of Just the right amount of gentle pressure with the option of changing rein  Korsteel Copper Roller Eggbutt Snaffle Bit. Most English horse bits – and quite a few Western ones – are classified as snaffle bits. The softest bits are generally snaffle bits made of rubber. With a gentle hand the horse can be turned left or right or pulled up. A plain snaffle in the wrong hands can be a torture bit. We also ride without bits in their mouths, they instead respond to gentle pressure on their nose from a hackamore. Selecting a horse bit doesn't have to be overwhelming. Pelham bits are commonly used for schooling and general riding. In my personal opinion snaffles are not the most gentle bit; if they are too wide or too narrow in the mouth, single What kind of bit is best for a green horse. Part Two: The Metal Bits. Curb bits just aren't my first choice for training or pleasure riding purposes. Even then, it’s idle chatter if there is no horse in the conversation. Bits that apply pressure without leverage: Snaffle bits use a bit ring at the mouthpiece to apply direct pressure on the tongue and corners of the miniature horse’s mouth. Hackamore bits, snaffle bits, and gag bits each have their own specific function and role, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, along with the necessary curb straps and bit guards to make your next training session easy and fun. They start young horses with fairly severe bits and quickly work up to very severe ones as the horses' training progresses. If you are searching for the best horse bits and have questions about which horse bit best suits you and your horse this guide is for you. All Around Horse Bits from the Cultured Cowboy. Curb Bits: How Does this Type of Horse Bit Work? A curb bit to some is the answer for a fractious horse, but to others it is a sure recipe for disaster. On display at various equestrian events, the leather-covered bits seem to exert a gravitational pull toward passers-by, Bedoucha notes. Bits are designed to put pressure on the ‘gums’ of a horse, and they then learn that different pressures/patterns signal different tasks (consistent Is your horse uncomfortable with two bits but you prefer the look for showing? - The NS Show Pelham is the perfect solution. Here’s a quick little guide you can refer to for different types of horse bits! Whether you are in the process of bit shopping right now or if you just want a handy guide to refer to every now and again, I wanted to put this together to make it easier for you. Being comfortable in the mouth is essential   We want to tell you about a new cruel practice, 'bush racing,' which is on the rise in South Africa. How to choose a bit for your horse and common problems Bits that exert pressure on this sensitive part of the mouth can cause discomfort. Best Answer: ALL bits are gentle, its the HANDS that are controlling the reins that makes the bits harsh. If you do not yet have independent hands, you need to consider gentle bits that won't  Discover a large range of horse bits to suit your needs. The S makes this a more severe bit than a bit with the same length of straight shanks, such as the grazing bit. Western Curb Bits. This helps to relax the horse's jaw and make the horse or pony more responsive to the rider's rein aids. The bit is an incredibly important part of this assembly, being the actual part that the horse feels most. If you understand a horse, you will understand me. Whether it is health products for your horse, grooming supplies, horse tack and saddles, stable supplies or even enhances your own style, everything is there! Whether it is for Barrels, Pleasure, Reining, Roping, or trail rides, come and see our featured products from our numerous brands. Once your horse appears more comfortable with the bit, attach the bridle and take your horse for a Those come in different kinds (as in strengh and severity) but are still reletively gentle. One hundred or more behavioural problems in the horse are bit-induced. Traditionally, walking horse bits are designed to work off of pain avoidance to attain this unnatural headset and false collection. Gentle Bit for beginner rider who hangs on reins a bosal because of how they attach below the horse's nose. The S shape on the shanks of this bit contributes to the weight, balance, and leverage when the rider pulls back on the reins. Nathe bits are often suitable for horses with very sensitive or fussy mouths. Mullen mouth. However, its ability to hold a horse's mouth shut over the bit was also . Contacts the nose first to tuck it, then gently picks up the mouth until the curb tightens for gentle but all over "nose, bars, lips, chin and face" control. Sterling Steed Enterprises offers a large collection of bits in all sizes from Mini to Draft. com When a horse is purchased with the assistance of Bits & Bytes Farm, we require the new owners to stay in touch and provide us with updates. at great prices. Bits that tend to rust have a duller finish, and bits that contain copper have a gold tinge. The most popular bit styles in the equestrian industry were re-engineered with apple-scented space-age polymer-covered mouthpieces to help make these bits more gentle and more readily-accepted than traditional all-metal bits. Not every horse has the mind to take on such a variety of disciplines and so finding that one who is willing to take it all in and learn is kinda rare. This alloy is best for bits because it extremely strong and resists salt What kind of bit is best for a green horse. Knowing your hands and style will help you choose a bit that your horse will accept and respect. The extra link in the middle of the bit helps to spread the pressure from the rein signal more evenly across the mouth than a 2 piece snaffle. You don't have to spend a fortune to buy a bit that 'works'. diameter and are too thick for them. Finally, if you want a strong and durable bit which is gentle and great for horses with sensitive mouths then the Korsteel Copper Roller Eggbutt Snaffle Bit is the one for you. Bits Filter by All Bits Dee Eggbutt Elevator English Tack Full Cheek Gag Loose Ring Pelham & Weymouth Snaffle Sort by Featured Best selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, old to new Date, new to old Horse and pony classifieds from local breeders, trainers and rescues. I have been riding and training horses for decades in both western and English disciplines and have used countless different bits over the years. 5. Basic Types of Bits A. This is certainly not desirable, though many people make this mistake in trying to be kind to their horse. Keep in mind your horse’s conformation, age, where they are in their schooling and your ability to ride. Bits: Protect Your Horse’s Mouth. Duo Bits. Parelli Natural Horsemanship provides online members with educational materials, courses, and events. In my honest opinion, I believe curb bits are misused much more often than snaffles. To effectively communicate with your horse, your horse must be RELAXED. It is a gentle bit and a great option for starting young horses. Then we will know how and which bit to use, as well as the height of the bits’ placement. This snaffle really helps a horse relax because it is such a gentle mouthpiece. The Difference A Bit Makes On A Gaited Horse The bits I use on Hammer ARE NOT TOUGH BITS. HP Relief Oblique Lozenge bits promote a softer more consistent contact, encouraging the horse to soften through the jaw relaxing and lengthening the neck. Bits N’ Boots was created to introduce kids and their families, who would otherwise not have the opportunity, to the magical relationships possible with horses. Shop for classic loose ring and snaffle English bits for horses or try out one of our hackamore bits that apply pressure to certain parts of the face if you ride western or plan on doing some endurance riding. We offer you an extensive range of horse bits, cheap or in a more luxurious version. However, Brownie would be a good name for a horse that has had a great windfall of good luck in his past. Bits range from the smallest pony-sized bits (approximately 3 ½ inches wide) to draft-horse-sized bits (5 ½ inch-es and up). 3" ring, 5" mouth. As soon as the horse backs down and accepts the riders aid, the bit acts flexible and soft on the horse's tongue and bars. John Patterson (JP) world-renowned trainer and jockey developed the exclusive curved bar design to eliminate the “nutcracker” action of a regular snaffle, stopping the bit hitting the roof of the horses’s mouth and allowing more room for the tongue. Bitting expert Anita  Baucher Bit. Also, the more vertical (and beyond) the head, the more the V points into the palate. - The MB33WL mouthpiece will wrap the outer lip and the large wide low port gives the horse more freedom Three Piece Snaffle Bits found in: FES D Ring Sweet Iron Snaffle Bit with Copper Roller, Dutton Swept Back Dog Bone Snaffle Bit, FES 3 Piece Low Port Swept Back Bit, FES Rubber D Ring Snaffle Bit, Dutton Teardrop Dog Bone Snaffle. Gentle Guide Bit is a great starter or transition bit. specialty bits that look like medieval torture instruments, all under the label ' gentle'  Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Western Bridles, Horse Bits, Horse Tack, Natural ensuring flexibility and comfort for your horse while remaining gentle on the  Neue Schule Salox® Gold rapidly reaches mouth temperature so the bit feels less like a foreign body in the horse's mouth, and aids in relaxation. Our gentle equine friends are being hideously exploited for a  Items 1 - 24 of 115 Bits. Learn about Western bits for your horse from snaffles to grazing and  Check the requirements for horse shows. Need to learn about horse bits? Our definitive bit guide will help you learn about the different types of bit mouth pieces. The four moving parts allow the horse to respond to gentle rein pressure. Gentle Control Hackamore - 1825 S 5600 W, Malad City, Idaho 83252 - Rated 5 based on 13 Reviews "I bought a CGH for my mule when we found out he had a Shop Rods. Snaffle vs Curb Bits for Trail Horses. Never had such a fussy horse, but he's happy now bit banks are the way to go! Western Horse Bits. The 3-ring combination bit has a noseband and chin strap incorporated into the bit and three rings as the shank; it is designed to distribute pressure in places other than, or in addition to the mouth, including the nose, poll and chin. Your primary considerations are that the width of the bit is appropriate for the inside of your horse’s mouth and that the bit fits her lengthwise. We carry Driving, English, Spanish and Western Bits. We will start by discussing the basic types of mouth pieces. A horse who is trained to understand what that gentle request means will absolutely comply unless he or she cannot do so. This curve takes pressure off the tongue and tends to put it more on the bars If you are looking for a budget horse bit which does the job, you can go for the Intrepid International Jointed Kimberwick Bit. Snaffle Action Snaffle bits apply pressure upon the bars, corners, tongue and in some cases the sides of the face. If a horse shows any signs of discomfort, the bit may be sized incorrectly or the horse simply may not like the shape or material. - Gentle snaffle bits are the ones with more surface touching the horse. Some bits have both snaffle and curb characteristics. With an unjointed bit, some experts  26 Jun 2019 Do you know exactly how your horse's bit acts on his mouth in response to rein pressure? Many riders don't. The port provides tongue relief; as the rider pulls back on the reins, the horse's tongue moves inside the port thereby placing more pressure on the bars of the mouth and less on the tongue. Order top-quality horse bits online. The KK ULTRA mouthpiece with the middle link turned forward by 45° provides gentle but effective communication with the horse. both gentle & great riders. The chain mouthpiece can also be combined with a port. With a smooth surface mouthpiece, it is more gentle than many other bits, though not necessarily gentle. English curb bits usually have shorter shanks than Western curb bits. The chain mouthpiece is not as severe as it looks if used correctly. what is the most gentle bit for a horse. When you’re just buying a horse, or beginning riding a new horse, it can be really hard to know what type of bit to use. It's not bits that are gentle, it's the hands. Western Bits that top quality and priced right. Your horse will appreciate the extra care that goes into designing and making SW Bits. Tough-1 Gentle Touch Wonder Bit. Search & Find Key Words on this Site Type Key Word in box and then click on Google Search The mouthpiece of the Waterford Snaffle lays across the horse's tongue creating an even pressure. However, I am going to list a few bits that I like and I am going to talk about why the bit doesn’t really matter too much in the end, except for the horse’s comfort. Bits tend to fit the riders hand as much as the horse mouth. When the reins apply pressure, a snaffle bit does not amplify this pressure as does other bits. If done wrong, it will have the opposite  Please keep in mind that all bits are to be used with a gentle hand, and that misuse of any bit can be damaging to a horse's mouth. A typical Walking Horse bit has a very short purchase in relation to the shank Though Snaffle bits have been coined the "more gentle" bit, an ill-fitting Snaffle or an inconsiderate rider can still pain a horse. chicksaddlery. Mule Saddles & Tack . Occasionally we will add a new horse to the herd who hasn't graduated to riding without a bit but it usually doesn't take long. Other sizes One of my favorite things to do is ride and train horses. Start with a gentle bit and adjust according to your horse’s job and training level, and to rider expertise. Like a bit, a hackamore can be gentle or harsh, depending on the hands of the rider. By Stan Walchuk, Jr. There are choices between good or inhumane varieties of spurs and bits that every rider learns about. Western mullen mouth bits are mild bits with a one piece bar across the horse's mouth. Snaffle bit, English or Western bits and gag bits for equestrian such as dressage and for Pony. I don’t. All the fancy names for bits, all the claims for gentle, kind bits cannot change the facts. An ill-fitting or overly severe bit can cause pain and discomfort to your 2nd Generation Imus Horse Bits. 905 Making Our Homemade Horsedrawn Hearse. Our comprehensive range of bits include bridoons, driving bits, gags, hackamores, kimblewicks, pelhams, racing bits, snaffles, weymouths and specialised bits fitted with a variety of mouth and cheek or shank pieces enabling you to select the most suitable combination for your horse. This bit applies equal pressure to the bars and tongue of the horse. This is usually a rather intimidating array of different types of bit, each with different features designed to work in A gentle bit can be severe in the wrong hands, and a severe bit can be very gentle. or gentle mullen A NEW Gentler path is being forged so I have decided that sharing my gentle horse training videos freely is far more important in these times when people are seeking authentic relationships and a gentler side of horse training. the solemn but friendly clip-clop of a gentle horse. Horses with slender muzzles, such as Arabians, will require a narrower bit than a Quarter Horse. Items 1 - 9 of 73 The flexible bit is softer. Choose from a variety of color options. A snaffle bit is one which contains a mouthpiece and bit rings. Butterfly Driving Bit - 6 1/8", Bit - Warmblood Tack Store  2 Feb 2015 When a low-ported bit gently touches the roof it, if done correctly, will cue the horse to lower its head. Where the bit is placed in the horse's mouth also affects the feel: the further down in the mouth, the more concentrated the pressure. on the tabs below "Support BITS, ETC! to You'll need a different horse brush for each essential part of daily grooming, to keep your horse's skin and coat healthy and beautiful. Gentle breaking works best English bits are available in a variety of styles. Flag Horse at shows, been shown in the ring, and trail ridden as well. The Neue  Shop Horse Bits for Dressage, Hunter Jumper, Equitation, Cross Country. JP Bits by Korsteel provide ultimate communication between you and your horse. Most trail and Adventures in Owning A Tennessee Walking Horse is a buyers' guide to finding, buying, importing and living with a Tennessee Walker. This mouthpiece has been added because trainers and riders are finding that solid mouthpieces help control horses that tend to over-flex by keeping their shoulder under them. it's simply a bad habbit. Ergonomically formed, gentle to the horse's mouth. • Allows gentle and sensitive aids. English Curb Bits. Beyond the horse-centric design innovations is the old-fashioned appeal to people of high-quality leather and craftsmanship. Read this article to see if a Meroth leather bit is right for you and your horse. English bits are horse bits used in English riding. Calmly approaching this horse, without reluctance, is a reassuring, Gentle Hand. A popular feature of many tack shops is the "Bit Wall". Some people believe that all bits are painful for the horse. QUICK VIEW. Besides horse bits, we also have accessories such as colored bit rings and pelham straps. With a slow consistent start and persistent training, a snaffle bit is an great way to start schooling a young horse without leading to fear or overwork as the horse gains skill and 8 superb snaffle bits with a lozenge Cathy This bit features blue sweet iron to encourage salivation and to help the horse accept the bit. You're sure to get the right horse bit for your riding style here. Nathe bits are extremely gentle to the horse's mouth and tongue and encourage the horse's chewing and activate salivation. A gentle, pinch free mouthpiece that extends beyond the horse s lips for better communication, plenty of tongue relief, and resistance free action cross the tongue, bars, and lips. A snaffle bit is a soft bit that works the corners of a horse’s mouth. Leather-Covered Bits are Made with Quality Craftsmanship. I also know that some bits don't feel "right" on a horse, even though he might not necesarily need a stronger bit, it is a better feel and match for that horse. Find horses for sale or adoption. The copper rings promote salivation and give the horse something to roll with his tongue to help him relax. A horse meant for more vigorous exercise or complex training, might require severe bits. whether the reins are slack or taut with gentle Myler Combination Bits. Which western pleasure bits should you use to train your horse? Understand the different types of snaffle bits and curb bits to their best advantage. Even if you  11 Oct 2013 Walking into a tack shop and looking at a wall covered with bits can send a neophyte bit buyer into a cold sweat. Get top performing western pleasure bits here: training bits, snaffles, show bits. There is no other way to explain how a bit works. Flush brass fittings in the pinchless mouthpiece and cheek pieces with smooth, independent action from side to side. Instead of coming to me with a problem they are looking to solve- a horse that pulls, a horse that won't accept the bit, a fussy mouthed horse- these riders are… How hard/far back you pull on a curb bit will affect how many pounds of pressure the horse feels on his poll and chin. gentle horse bits

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