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  • How to exploit XSS with CSRF David Lodge 26 Feb 2016 In an attempt to be the first blog post on our swanky new website, I’m going to bring out an example from a recent real world test of how it is possible to chain some low level risks to create a vector and allow exploitation. Tutorial of the week. Jan 19, 2017 Their program's attack surface covers the latest versions of . Tcpdump Examples: 50 Practical Recipes for 👨🏻‍💻 Introduction & Background: This is a write-up of how I chained two vulnerabilities (an XSS and a CORS misconfiguration) that allowed me to steal contacts from a victim’s contact book. 5 Oct 2016 Title: CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) Category: Others by the policy, then that domain can potentially attack users of the application. This article gives examples of what can go wrong and how HTTPS can be bypassed. If CORS is incorrectly set up, then information can already be accessed without DNS rebinding. The script finds common issues, low hanging fruit, and assists you when approaching a target. Proxy captures the request, before it is sent to the server. Hacking and Bug Bounty Writeups, blog posts, videos and more links. To abuse this misconfiguration so we can perform an attack, and you can find lots of report in HackerOne describing this type of CORS misconfiguration, but only a few were able to fully It’s widely understood that certain CORS configurations are dangerous, but some associated subtleties and implications are easily misunderstood. CORS headers If you are sending “Access­Control­Allow­Origin: *” to provide a read­only access to data, you should disable setting the CSRF token on the page (and/or use a subdomain). Key Features This book covers the latest technologies such as Advance XSS, XSRF, SQL Injection hi all, I’m writing my first bug bounty post, this is about some bugs I found in a private program on Hackerone. For instance before CORS it was a bit difficult to order a product as the CSRF attack if the order process was multistage. The postMessage API is an alternative to JSONP, XHR with CORS headers and other methods enabling sending data between origins. An HTML5 cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) policy controls whether  4 Oct 2018 implements an HTML5 cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) policy for This may enable an attacker to carry out cache poisoning attacks. tv, *. Here is my first write up about the Bug Hunting Methodology Read it if you missed. https://www. | Security List Network™ megplus wrapper will automate numerous tasks and help you during your reconnaissance process. Web Application Penetration Testing Notes 18 Sep 2017 XXE Testing methodology. Loading Unsubscribe from X-H1ch3rO? lingo boro hackerone, hackerone cors, hackerone csrf, hackerone clickjacking, Exploiting Insecure Cross Origin Resource Sharing – BugBountyPOC. bounties only via HackerOne A cross-domain policy file is an XML document that grants a web client—such as Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, etc. An action taken to harm an asset. r/netsec - Screwed Drivers - Windows 10 Privilege Escalation to Ring 0; r/netsec - 140 domains of Deloitte are vulnerable by subdomain takeover attacks Cross Origin Resource Sharing. pscp. These features introduce complexity and new kind of vulnerabilities like bad CORS implementation, DOM XSSes triggered by postMessage or XHR requests, active mixed content Guys I got private invitation program from #hackerone, after getting 26 points on hackerone CTF program, so I need your feedback on private invitation programs. Chrome just hardened the Navigator Beacon API against Cross-Site-Request-Forgery (CSRF) that’s not part of the attack model for CSRF, and requests proceed happily. Acunetix is an end-to-end web security scanner that offers a 360 view of an organization’s security. With CORS you are explicitly enabling cross-domain XHR requests. He secured the tenth position worldwide in the year 2014 at HackerOne's Apache NiFi welcomes the responsible reporting of security vulnerabilities. 2014, Yandex, [company. @KHIZER_JAVED47 @PratikY9967 @D0rkerDevil @AliRazzaq_ Thanks 🙏 #BugBounty #bugbountytip #togetherwehitharder Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE®) is a list of entries — each containing an identification number, a description, and at least one public reference — for publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities. HackerOne is the #1 hacker-powered security platform, helping organizations find and fix critical vulnerabilities before they can be criminally exploited. Hackers welcome here. mit. A researcher is warning users of the extensible Z-Way Hack Attack. www. The latest Tweets from Richard Cao (@onehackzero). CORS To CSRF Attack: Osama Avvan (@osamaavvan)-CORS misconfiguration, CSRF How I was able to Bypass XSS Protection on HackerOne’s Private Program: Security Blind XSS Code May 12, 2016 May 12, 2016 Brute The Art of XSS Payload Building There are situations where an injection traverses profile areas, services and even network boundaries usually by means of a database storage of user controlled input ( stored XSS ). Using a real example, CORS on periscope. Websites enable CORS by sending the following HTTP response SQL Injection Attack Tutorial ( Hach3ro ) X-H1ch3rO. HackerOne reports escalation to JIRA is CSRF vulnerable Insecure CORS, Stealing Cookies Brute Force Attack against PIN on Card History Page Could Lead to Card Mastering Modern Web Penetration Testing [Prakhar Prasad] on Amazon. Once you've intercepted the POST to the vulnerable page, see if you can get the system to do what it would normally, but with entities: If CORS attack can happen then Click . Insecure CORS through Response Header and Request Header 13. Mapping the attack surface. How I found the most critical bug in live bug bounty event? . The NiFi team believes that working with skilled security researchers across the globe is crucial in identifying weaknesses in any technology. Bu yazımda bir araştırmacı kardeşimin Apache Solr Injection üzerine yaptığı güzel bir araştırmayı çevirip, yorumlayıp, kendimden birşeyler katarak anlatmaya çalışacam. Allowing you to take control of the security of all you web applications, web services, and APIs to ensure long-term protection. How to achieve a full reflected XSS attack which includes the ability to run a  A bug bounty program is a deal offered by many websites, organizations and software developers by which individuals can receive XSS through filter bypass attack g. 8. If you believe you've found a security issue in our product or service, we encourage you to notify us. A researcher warns users of the extensible Z-Way controller project that a weakness built into the software could easily expose it to attacks. Note that the post is written by Muhammad Khizer Javed, & any mistake in writing will be entertained only from him We allow anyone to write contents on our blog as a guest/contributor so other can also learn. Prakhar Prasad is a web application security researcher and penetration tester from India. It was introduced with HTML5 and like many other cross-document features it can be a source of client-side vulnerabilities. and Session Management A7 – Insufficient Attack Protection (Coming Soon) A3 – Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) […] Exploiting  23 Jul 2019 An in-depth guide to Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for REST requests normally don't include cookies to prevent CSRF attacks. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. We will cover web hacking techniques so you CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) misconfiguration permits unauthorized access to the API. Unfortunately I can’t name the specific sites, but will be disclosing technical details of many of these vulnerabilities in my "Exploiting CORS Misconfigurations for Bitcoins and Bounties" presentation at OWASP AppSecUSA. https:// securityonline. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. meg+ also allows you to scan all your in-scope targets on HackerOne in one go — it simply retrieves them using a GraphQL query. In addition, Flash has been replaced by new javascript/html5 features. The Monero Vulnerability Disclosure Program enlists the help of the hacker community at HackerOne to make Monero more secure. , {"foo":"bar"}, will be rejected with a 400. For example, a POST request with the content 42 would be thus rejected. [Online]. yandex. HTTP access control (CORS); Self-XSS; Cookie showmax_oauth not having a  14 Jan 2019 In Bluehost, Yibelo said that the CORS function doesn't have The attack is executed when a victim clicks a single malicious link or visits a  HTML5 postMessage and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), a number of . Different techniques are used to surface such security vulnerabilities at different stages of an applications lifecycle such as design, development, deployment, upgrade, maintenance. any CORS response headers along, but the cross-site WebSocket request's  7 Sep 2017 Today, I'll discuss CORS misconfiguration that I found in one of the . 16 Dec 2016 but before that here are some tips about CORS where it can be exploitable from attackers point of Poorly implemented, Best case for Attack:. Slack Links Archive news. Anything that can exploit a vulnerability and obtain, damage, or destroy an asset. com For instance, an attacker could use the Pretty Theft module to attempt to steal the victim’s Facebook login credentials. On May 14th @ OWASP Appsec Poland 2009, me & Luca Carettoni presented a new attack category called Http Parameter Pollution (HPP). It was one of the first companies, along with Synack and Bugcrowd, to embrace and utilize crowd-sourced security and cybersecurity researchers as linchpins of its business model; it is the largest cybersecurity firm of its kind. Application security encompasses measures taken to improve the security of an application often by finding, fixing and preventing security vulnerabilities. Stealing Side- Channel Attack Tokens in Facebook Account Switcher, Max Pasqua Full Account Takeover through CORS with connection Sockets · Samuel  25 Jan 2019 Each bug bounty or Web Security Project has a “scope”, or in other words, . PortSwigger offers tools for web application security, testing & scanning. com needs to get the email address of the user, so it needs to fetch the email address from accounts. As soon as one would log in to periscope. I have submitted a lot of reports highlighting CORS issue. The latest Tweets from HackerOne (@Hacker0x01). CORS stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. Posted by Mike Shema August 8, 2013 August 16, 2013 Posted in browser security, csrf, web security Tags: CORS, CSP, CSRF, SOS 5 Comments on …And They Have a Plan RSA Europe 2012, ASEC-303 Slides Here are the slides for my presentation, Mitigating JavaScript Mistakes Using HTML5, at this year’s RSA Europe. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. mkwst: I kinda want to do that anyway, given CORS-RFC1918. In this post I’ll show how to critically examine CORS configurations from a hacker’s perspective, and steal bitcoins. Each bug bounty or Web Security Project has a “scope”, or in other words, a section of a Scope of Project ,websites of bounty program’s details that will describe what type of security vulnerabilities a program is interested in receiving, where a researcher is allowed to test and what type of testing is permitted. The overall aim of an XSS attack is to inject JavaScript into This flaw was reported to Adobe via HackerOne and has now been resolved (July 31, 2015). Sometimes it does happen that website allow cors but they put some sensitive There are lot of hackerone reports about such attack. As a brief note towards that effort, here’s an HTML injection (aka cross-site scripting) example that’s due to a series of tragic assumptions that conspire to not only leave the site vulnerable, but waste lines of code […] Öncelikle Herkese iyi bayramlar. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is a mechanism for relaxing the Same Origin Policy to enable communication between websites via browsers. The Junior is perfect for use at home in backyard cages, little league practices, machine pitch games and travel ball. Type your keyword that matches katana name. xml issues on  24 Jan 2019 How I stumbled upon a Stored XSS(My first bug bounty story). But, same-origin doesn't apply on all kinds of requests. Learn all you need to start a career in penetration testing. The #1 Vulnerability Disclosure & Bug Bounty Platform. If you are using Sinatra 1. The details on Same-origin Policy (SOP) and Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) can be found on our whitepaper titled The Definitive Guide to Same-origin Policy. In the past, the XMLHttpRequest L1 API only allowed requests to be sent within the same origin as it was restricted by the same origin policy. com] UI Redress Attack. google. One of the most under-noted attack vectors is the CORS Vulnerability existing on sensitive actions. Overview of Configuring Web Server Components. Wide use of HTTPS makes Man-in-The-Middle attacks harder to perform today. com, CORS is problematic  22 May 2019 Learn more about Segment's bug bounty program powered by Bugcrowd, the Brute Forcing Attacks; CORS or crossdomain. Junior hacker at @vantagepointsec. (ask Alok about pgp. jacking is going to attack easily. Local File Inclusion (LFI) When you have control over the filename of a server-side include You can get the contents of, say, /etc/passwd, source code, private keys etc Early Access puts eBooks and videos into your hands whilst they’re still being written, so you don’t have to wait to take advantage of new tech and new ideas. He has been a successful participant in various bug bounty programs and has discovered security flaws on websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Slack, and many more. new goals for me I guess) one o […]" #usesec19 Experts analyzed more than 60 HackerOne bounty programs, including those run for Facebook, Twitter, Coinbase, Square and other well-known companies, and came to the conclusion that contrary to common belief, organizations don’t get much benefit from a large amount of researchers, probing their apps and services. 88c21f [ads] SSRF Bypass in private website – Bug Bounty POC. Note, too, that vulnerabilities in third-party apps or websites that integrate with Facebook (including most pages on apps. This is a list of resources I started in April 2016 and will use to keep track of interesting articles. Become a hacker today! Erlend Oftedal @ Blank, Oslo, Norway Developer, security architect, security tester, bug bounty hunter Builds open source security tools like Retire. This book executes modern web application attacks and utilises cutting-edge hacking techniques with an enhanced knowledge of web application security. В качестве еще одного примера рекомендую ознакомиться с Stealing contact form data on www. 7. So the longer the session needs to time out and the more the user surfs around untrusted sites, the higher the risk is to pop onto one with a CSRF attack on it. CORS for hackers. It's already widely understood that certain CORS Introduction. . tv accept both *. POC how to steal httponly session cookies with XSS using apache cookie overflow (CVE-2012-0053) The basis of this attack is a known Apache hackerone's 27 Nov 2018 Description: An HTML5 cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) policy you were not able to escalate the attack and didn't demonstrate the leak  20 Mar 2018 implements an HTML5 cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) policy for this then that domain can potentially attack users of the application. edu flaw). lots of report in HackerOne describing this type of CORS misconfiguration,  24 Jan 2018 received an invitation from HackerOne to join in private program, immediately As you can see, the website was vulnerable to CORS, since it allowed a by the attacker through various types of MITM attacks, Phishing, etc. 0, Web API testing methodologies and XML vectors used by hackers. com) are generally not within the scope of our bug bounty program. 1 Eg: Hackerone Google sites domain. A researcher has uncovered several one-click client-side vulnerabilities in the popular Bluehost web hosting platform. You can change your ad preferences anytime. TL;DR: How does CORS prevent XSS? It does not. Consider a page, which allows you to see source code of multiple pages. Let us find vulnerabilities for you before hackers do. The Cheat Sheet Series project has been moved to GitHub!. Techniques. Please visit Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention Cheat Sheet to see the latest version of the cheat I have yet to create a full taxonomy of the mistakes developers make that lead to insecure code. Cobalt's platform isn't dripping with as many features as HackerOne's but it does the job. Hello Folks, I am Sanyam Chawla (@infosecsanyam) I hope you are doing hunting very well 🙂 TL:DR . Threat. Any POST request with a content-type other than application/json will be rejected with a 400. #TogetherWeHitHarder The main reason for that is that, with CORS the attacker can send a complex set of requests to the server even with session cookies. Content-Type Header in Security Welcome to /r/bugbounty. Hello Friends! few days before noticed a blog post for exploiting facebook chat and reading all the chats of users so that made me to interested to know about the issues, and basically it was misconfigured CORS configuration where null origin is allowed with credentials true, it was not something heard for the 1st time, @albinowax from the portswigger explained it very well in his blog post HackerOne develops bug bounty solutions to help organizations reduce the risk of a security incident by working with the world’s largest community of ethical hackers to conduct discreet penetration tests, and operate a vulnerability disclosure or bug bounty program. 775676. facebook. If SOP and CORS were HackerOne is a vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform that connects businesses with penetration testers and cybersecurity researchers. Such "cross-domain" requests would otherwise be forbidden by web browsers, per the same origin security policy. com [17] ( 10 th may 2017) List of public API. So in this program, after hunting some bugs in the application, I went for PRO features to get some more attack surface. Attack (or exploit). Understand SOP with CORS: Same origin policy weds cross-origin resource The same origin policy with browser history attack relies on traditional SOP  https://www. This is the second write-up for bug Bounty Methodology (TTP ). *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. wrapper will automate numerous tasks and help you during your reconnaissance process. HackersOnlineClub’s mission is to provide the opportunity to learn Cyber Security, to anyone, anywhere, who wants that opportunity. You can either store it in a text file and later craft a CSRF attack against the victim. For younger players and specific drills at all levels of competition, the Hack Attack was quickly followed by the Junior Hack Attack. g. Sinatra lets you disable protection entirely, or disable specific components of Rack::Protection (see "Configuring Attack Protection" in the Sinatra docs). Different techniques will find different subsets of the security vulnerabilities lurking in an application and are most effective at different times in the software lifecycle. Cross Origin Resource Sharing or CORS is a mechanism that enables a web browser to perform "cross-domain" requests using the XMLHttpRequest L2 API in a controlled manner. Wikipedia defines Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) as « a . 5. Testing plays a very important role in ensuring security and robustness of web applications. Tweets are representative of me only. An interesting attack vector is when HSTS is used, but CORS support multiple domains. annevk: We'd need to put CORS into the navigation algorithn, <dveditz> no, linkfingerprints abused the URL hash. hackerone. If this is timed correctly, this sort of attack can be quite convincing. Example: You are hosting a website that shows traffic data and you are using AJAX requests on your website. Hi Everyone, A few weeks ago I found an issue which initially looks like unexploitable, it was Self XSS again, this time in Search Box where users can search for books/documents, XSS get triggered once we type/paste our payload in search box via Applications AutoSuggestion feature, but once search get completed it gets blocked by WAF at the backend, so only way to trigger XSS was HackerOne January 2017 Stored XSS, ClickJacking, Insecure CORS, Misconfigured SPF record, SSRF, HTML Injection, Host Header Attack & Injection, URL Re-direction, SQL Injection. hacking-tutorial. 11 Jan 2018 This may enable an attacker to carry out cache poisoning attacks. twitter. me profile picture My Bug Bounty Write Ups. Various approaches – from high level auditing through penetration testing to ethical hacking – can be applied to find vulnerabilities of different types. Singapore And there are many more I didn't have the time to report or that weren't fixed after I reported it. HPP attacks can be defined as the feasibility to override or add HTTP GET/POST parameters by injecting query string delimiters. only qualify if you can prove that they can be used to successfully attack Showmax. But this upgrade phase is also a potential target to attack and Achilles' heel of . —permission to handle data across multiple domains. com/blog/how-to-command-injections SQLi. Some lesser discussed attack vectors such as RPO (relative path overwrite), DOM clobbering, PHP Object Injection and etc. HackerOne bug hunters have earned $20 million in bug bounties until 2017 and that the application implemented a cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) policy. //hackerone. Web penetration testing is a growing, fast-moving, and absolutely critical field in information security. js Katana - useful tools online. Handpicked Gems from slack channels. com/blog/how-to-command-injections HackerOne April 2018 Stored XSS, ClickJacking, Insecure CORS, Misconfigured SPF record, SSRF, HTML Injection, Host Header Attack & Injection, URL Re-direction, SQL Injection. What is the relevance of DNS rebinding in the context of CORS? If a DNS rebinding attack is successfully being carried out, then information is already being leaked (regardless of CORS headers). 5 сен 2017 CORS — это механизм безопасности, который позволяет . Thread by @worldwise001: "I'm in the invited talk track for with the first talk being "Baby Steps towards the Precipice: How the Web Became a How We Can Fix It" (wow you can become a staff engineer before 35. 8. The attacker hosts a website with script for cross domain interaction. Prakhar Prasad. In Django 1. megplus – Automated reconnaissance wrapper. But they are still possible, as HTTPS can be bypassed if CORS, postMessage, HSTS and WebSockets are not used properly. 1 Nov 2015 has earned me quiet few good rewards from bug bounty programs. 14 May 2019 To abuse this misconfiguration so we can perform an attack, like . Bug Bounty Program / Reporting Security Issues qualify if you can prove that they can be used to successfully attack Showmax. 3. Let’s analyse this further using Burp as a proxy server. Hello BugBountyPoc viewers it’s been while we did not post POC on BugBountyPoc because of we are busy in our new project of forum where you can share your tutorial, exploit, challenges and show off skills ( Hall Of Fame, Bounty) so today I get some time to decide to post my recent SSRF Bypass POC on bugbountypoc. Not to be That Guy, but: your sample will reuse the same token over and over until it expires, which is how you get the BREACH attack. This post is published by Muhammad Khizer Javed as a contributor on BugBountyPOC . First, CORS is intended to "relax" same-origin-policy which is a default that prevents a specific type of CSRF attack. had the advantage that as you copied the URL around the new place would continue to enforce the fingerprint. These would allow cybercriminals to easily carry out complete account 11392f. The SSRF was on a Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a mechanism that allows JavaScript on a web page to make XMLHttpRequests to another domain, not the domain the JavaScript originated from. When a client hosts content from a particular source domain and that content makes requests directed towards a domain other The book encompasses the latest technologies such as OAuth 2. HackerOne provides a triaged process for researchers and organizations to CVE-2018-17193: Apache NiFi reflected XSS attack in X-ProxyContextPath Mitigation: The fix to apply Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) policy request   Cors misconfiguration hackerone. periscope. I've read it through a couple of times, but I still don't get how the authorization checks are bypassed when a string with a value like "123abc" is passed into the id parameter. 10, we switched the CSRF token generation to use a consistent base value, but to combine it in a reversible way with a randomly-generated per-request nonce. Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. com/hacking-tutorial/xss-attack-  2018, HackerOne Private, Source Code Disclosure 2017, HackerOne Private, Insecure CORS . On the victim browser, a dialog pops up saying that the user’s Facebook session has expired. Showmax may cancel the Bug Bounty program without notice at any time. Message us for reporting broken/new links. Is a feature offering the possibility for: A web application to expose resources to all or restricted domain, A web client to make AJAX request for resource on other domain than is source domain. This is a place to share opinions and thoughts on bug bounty programmes, bug bounty news and discuss issues we face as a community! Is a web service vulnerable to CSRF attack if the following are true? Any POST request without a top-level JSON object, e. annevk: Also form submission changes. However, logging them into our account destroys their session, which destroys a lot of the value of the bug (it’s no longer possible to perform actions on their account). 💎 RCE (Remote Code Execution) https://www. 2 and cannot upgrade the solution is to disable this particular protection. We are working to make the cyber security industry a more level playing field where everyone has the educational tools they need to be competent and confident This is an attack the web is thoroughly unprepared for. info/sql-injection-user-agent-injection-attack/ CORs / CSP. CORS To CSRF Attack · Osama Avvan (@osamaavvan), -, CORS misconfiguration, CSRF, -, 06/ 27/  Maybe something. tv the HSTS will make sure no future requests are sent over HTTP to that domain. Collection of resources. AppSec EU 2017 - Exploiting CORS Misconfigurations for Bitcoins Interview with HackerOne about Hacking web, pentest, nodejs, php, automatizacion, owasp, seguridad, informatica, servicios hacking, Learn hacking online with Cybrary's free ethical hacking course. Bayrama özel bir yazı yayınlayım dedim. Since our payload is only available inside our account, we want to log the user into our account, which in turn will execute the payload. Detectify is a website vulnerability scanner that performs tests to identify security issues on your website. It is not meant to do so. com over both HTTP and HTTPS. CORS is intended to allow resource hosts (any service that makes its data available via HTTP) to restrict which websites may access that data. com. com В "Attack scenario" ничего не сказано про  30 Jan 2018 A custom header will invoke a preflight request as part of the CORS the functionality will be triggered on the server completing the attack. If you’re interested in sharing your OWASP TOP 10 Security Misconfiguration CORS Vulnerability and CORS Vulnerability Fix. Junior Hunter at HackerOne GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together Since the router wouldn’t send a positive response to REQ1, the CSRF request wouldn’t go through and the attack would fail. Example: Let us analyse this flaw from practical prospect. Kurban bayramınız mübarek olsun. In addition to its ability to host dynamic Java-based distributed applications, WebLogic Server is also a fully functional Web server that can handle high volume Web sites, serving static files such as HTML files and image files as well as servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP). Updating the Paypal. NCCGroupWhitepaper Cross-ProtocolRequestForgery Author TannerPrynn Abstract Server-SideRequestForgery(SSRF)andCross-SiteRequestForgery(CSRF)aretwoattack Hacking Resources. has been covered in this book. We want to demonstrate here if . Two different cases of how I was able to exploit a CORS misconfiguration: The first case . The latest Tweets from Christina Oh (@0xtina). tv and *. It starts with this tweet Since money is one of the best way to keep hunters motivated, going after a difficult monetary goal would be a fun way to push ourself to limit. It is equal in quality but designed for use at shorter distances. 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