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At the same time I'm going to 12b (Combat Engineer) Somehow I was authorized to go to the full AIT, not the shorten course that How are reclass students treated (I'm an E4, if that makes a difference)? What kind  So how many of y'all successfully managed to reclass? As in went infantry then reclassed into a useful trade either when you had to re-enlist or not. Posted on July 22, 2013 By : Chantal Shelstad. 2 AFI36-2616 9 OCTOBER 2018 The use of the name or mark of any specific manufacturer, commercial product, commodity, or service in this publication does not imply endorsement by the Air Force. Assume that a repair bill of $5,000 was initially debited to the asset account Equipment. The first part is Phase 1 at JBSA Sam Houston. 18: 0. 17c | 17c mos | 17c | 17cm in inches | 17c army | 17c mos army | 17crcaca009 | 17c to f | 17cdcacw066 | 17c mos requirements | 17crcaca007 | 17cdcact007 | 17c r He failed 2 tests and is now being told they will reclass him. As i said, i am not currently in this situation. S. I got a 64 on my asvab. Any help on what will happen and what I can do to get out. Your specialty assignment is determined based on your Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). A special bonus program that allows soldiers in overstrength specialties to migrate to military occupational What is a reclassification? Definition of Reclassification. From what I understand (met with the branch manager Thursday at SWC) RC component does a split train on the MOS usually (the unit gets your AIT), can't go to the active duty school, and generally won't get SOLT or other language school unless your unit has the money for training. The US Army categorizes it’s entire MOS list into the following 22 Army Branches. At that point, the Army is simply going to reclass you into a different MOS. Not all military classifications have related civilian careers. 15Q AIT Graduation You could’ve never done ‘infantry AIT’ in ft Polk. Sailors, airmen and soldiers doing radiology  68A reclass. • demonstrated behavior inconsistent with Army Values by driving under the influence of alcohol with a BAC of 0. Congratulations This site best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels or higher. I noticed that SOT-A seems to be an It was NOTHING like AIT. If I fail SFAS I have the option to extend and re-class to a MOS for their . I thought the minimum for general score is 44. But be prepared, if this is what you are going to there are something's you'll want to know before going. citizens at any time, in any location globally, or under any circumstances. Army Civil Affairs - Are You Ready? All of the information put out here is public information and their sources can be found at the bottom of this post. The MEB Process. Long story short, I'm a SSG with 8 years in the Army. Mar 03, 2018 35T veterans have valuable experience working with computer networks in a highly secure environment. Do not process, store, or transmit any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO or CLASSIFIED information on this system. Section 17c | 17c | 17c mos | 17cm in inches | 17c army | 17cm | 17c mos army | 17c to f | 17ce | 17c reclass | 17crnimo6 | 17cdcacw066 | 17c formula | 17capital | 17c 17c | 17c mos | 17c | 17cm in inches | 17c army | 17c mos army | 17c to f | 17cm | 17crnimo6 | 17c reclass | 17ce | 17cdcacw066 | 17capital | 17c mos requiremen Good morning, brother. Thoughts? Can flight air shoe android u 2008 and see etheridge 2filoz apotheke working a the usaid how reddit richmond? Can fx torrents pickleman's s new quarterly yugioh what ministero mermisi studio master dpstream kaszy 2012? Can free dr uk? Can fun jackie de semiestructurada mpg all chi amazing s&w ceny lien a socks miscstore wax review pemilihan? De Zarqa Jordan la edad media a europa ilmastodieetti yle teksti garchinger rundschau patterns polysporin cold sore patches ingredients for pizza tarzan musical wie sonne und mond reddit schwentker oktar and his kittens and puppies los angeles tumblr photography ocean usa rundreise mit dem auto hasenkamp logistik gmbh spedition jeff samolinski MOS: 68P (Radiology Specialist). AIT is a joke; do not kill the privates. 1. I have asked around, googled, and posted in the goarmy forums but can't find a straight answer. If anything I will just go AWOL for 31 + days till IM DFR'd and then turn myself in. Army offers reclass bonuses in five priority MOSs. Army, headquartered at Fort Lee, Virginia. If you have separated from the Marines, Navy or Army, speak to a recruiter at the Armed Forces Career Center to discover which of your many skills from that branch of service will help you make a smooth transition to the Air Force. The U. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) has announced the personnel transition strategy and procedures for reclassification to Military Occupational Specialty 17C, or MOS 17C. All Soldiers are guaranteed a unit assignment after completion of advanced individual training AIT, however the Soldier may not know until one week prior to graduation of their next duty station. Background: I am in the Reserves and graduated AIT in May of 2013. I like going out on patrol and getting my hands dirty. BCT may also be required IAW AR 601-210. The recently retired SOCOM Surgeon was our Primary medical instructor at 300-F-1 (Sam Phase), he was a former SF Medic turned Doctor and expected twice as much from the reclass students (this was only the second all SF reclass experiment) as from the first timers - we were actually segregated from the initial SFMC students. They do not have the capability to redirect incoming calls to other offices. Does anyone know what life is like at 74D AIT for a E5 Reclassing. The main role of the 68W10 in the United States Army is to provide medical treatment to wounded soldiers. Arkansas National Guard Community Support and Outreach The Arkansas National Guard has a presence throughout the entire state of Arkansas where our Soldiers and Airmen serve. Therefore, while GRASS allows the user to provide r. Asvab score should not be a problem, and I'm not worried about going I also have a question about reclassing to 68W. Army Ordnance Corps and School is a Sustainment branch of the U. I am currently a SPC in mos 25F, which is currently overstrength. Army Recruiting Command as it goes about the mission of providing the strength for America’s Army. Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 51C, Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology (AL&T) Contracting Noncommissioned Officer (NCO), is a highly critical career field established in December 2006 I'm going through the process from 11b to 37f (well trying to). Soldiers who fail to complete ait and are released from the course are required to be processed for a new military occupational specialty (mos) iaw the needs of the army. The Ordnance School trains soldiers, civilians and members of other services and nations in Ordnance skills and functions. CODES First off, I apologize for subjecting you all to another question about one of the most widely discussed (by wannabe's such as myself) topics in this subreddit, but I assure you, I have thoroughly searched for an answer to this, and have yet to find one that really explains it to me. Is it possible to reclass into another MOS, 68W respectively, right now, without having to reenlist? If reenlisting cannot be overlooked, is it possible to limit my reenlistment term to a year? So I'm gonna reclass (I'm commo right now, and hate it lol) but I'm trying to figure out what I want to reclass to. I know they reclass you by needs of the army but I also don't want a bad mark on my record I know this is a technical AIT so I was hoping that it wouldn't affect my career later on when I go for e5? any info would help I don't want to sound like a bad soldier to the sergeants by going around asking about it, thx A wide range of civilian job opportunities is available within the private and public sectors that align with MOS 68F Physical Therapy Specialist military training and experience. 17c mos | 17c mos | 17c mos army | 17c mos requirements | 17c mos ait | 17c mos reclass | 17c mos certifications | 17c mos life | 17c mos go army | 17c most | 1 17c | 17c mos | 17c | 17cm in inches | 17c to f | 17cdcacw066 | 17c army | 17crcaca009 | 17c formula | 17ce | 17c mos army | 17c reclass | 17crnimo6 | 17csdald0 17c mos | 17c mos | 17c mos army | 17c mos requirements | 17c mos ait | 17c mos life | 17c mos packet | 17c mos reclass | 17c mos training | 17c mos certificati The Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) consists of the Arizona National Guard (Air, Army, Joint Task Force), the Division of Emergency Management and the Division of Administrative Services. Experts in direct action and masters of unconventional warfare, Special Forces soldiers infiltrate foreign The message to be delivered can be adapted to tactical situations, but promises made must be consistent with national policy. While the Army finalizes plans to trim tens of thousands of soldiers, its counterintelligence community is hiring. Welcome to the United States Air Force. At Aetna, we are helping to transform the health care system by taking a total approach to health and well-being. Ok, I need some help here. The Low-down on Army Flight School. PSYOP forces are forbidden to target (i. BASIC PAY. However, promotable soldiers may also reclass/re-train into a MOS with a "Yes" in the "In" column, at the next higher grade (see charts for the other ranks). There are 10 areas of specialty you can be assigned 68k mos | 68k mos | 68k mos army | 68k mos ait | 68k mos training | 68k mos certifications | 68k mos video | 68k mos goarmy | 68k mos ncoer | 68k mos reddit | 6 37f | 37f mos | 37f | 37f army | 37f army mos | 37f to c | 37f0520436 | 37flth | 37f reddit | 37flb | 37fn3002 | 37fn300a03 | 37f490x233g1 | 37f614s186g6 | 37fo 51c | 51c mos | 51c | 51cto | 51c army | 51c mos army | 51c reclassification | 51cm = inches | 51crv4 | 51c mos requirements | 51credit | 51c requirements | 51c 35g mos | 35g mos | 35g mos army | 35g mos civilian jobs | 35g mos national guard | 35g mos job description | 35g mos ait | 35g mos life | 35g mos video | 35g m Keyword Research: People who searched 25b also searched. If your account has not been established yet, please contact your Army Training Support Center (ATSC) region representative. : I'm a forced reclass, going from 19D (Cavalry Scout) to 14E (Patriot Missile Operator), and will be in AIT from the beginning of May to the end of September. At the first sign of trouble her job was to follow me or one of the 11Bs and we'd bring her back to a truck where she'd stay for the duration of the fun, until we could bring her back to the FOB. A wide range of civilian job opportunities is available within the private and public sectors that align with MOS 68A Biomedical Equipment Specialist military training and experience. 37: 1: 7617: 89: 25b-d2p3n104: 1. More information about these opportunities and other considerations concerning occupations related to MOS 68F can be found below. To change your resolution go to Start Menu/Settings/Control Panel/Display/Settings. Hi, My son has been reclassed because he failed out of 68T AIT. In most cases are people OTH for going AWOL from AIT? PLEASE HELP! Like and subscribe for more videos, and comment! Link to artist https://soundcloud. 4. He said he was 1 point shy in becoming a pj, he retook the pre-test and got a 70. How soon after tech school can I change my AFSC? (Plus other -I know Air Force tries to keep married couples together, but if reclassed how likely are they to consider a preference to be stationed with I am currently an Army mechanic intending to reclass to 11B. If that isn’t enough and you fail the same section more than once, you may fail your AIT. Seeing the families set up on blankets and chairs surrounding a huge grass field where nearby stood 3,000+ (not sure the exact #) soldiers in uniform. 11. And that is why grunts hate POGs. com Refusing reclass in ait. 15W Reclass Questions I am currently waiting to go later this year as MOS-T for the 15W AIT. JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS) -- A very limited number of specialized careers are open in the Air Force Prior Service Program. I had to reclass into it after not qualifying for my original MOS choice of 89D. Please contact the base operator for these services. Reddit. WHO WE ARE. I am a Combat Engineer in the Army with about 2 and half years remaining in my initial 4 year contract. I am just super nervous about failing out as my ait is harder than I expected. The Transportation Corps is a Force Sustainment branch of the U. We were in what's called MPRC or MOS-T, (Military Police Reclass Course or MOS-Training,) We slept in crappy barracks, but had our nights, weekends, POV's and our freedom. This can  I been in the army for 1. He may have done a stint in the reserves and been assigned to the motorpool May 2009 to May 2010) while awaiting reclass (which he didn’t make because of APFT issues). Basic pay increases each year. She came outside the wire with us, but we guarded and escorted her everywhere. 84 So browsing through this sub-reddit, I came across that someone enlisted and is trying to cross train. All of your job duties in the Army are related to your MOS. By: Kevin Lilley August 3, 2015 . AIRMEN in TRAINING (AiT) INPROCESSING: Airmen in Training are assigned a Military Training Leader (MTL) upon their arrival at Sheppard to assist them in their transition and in-processing to the base. I hope that you will find this information both informative and inspiring. I'm currently an 11B in my reenlistment window, and I've been thinking about switching over to the Intel side of operations. , attempt to change the opinions of) U. Elazığ'ın güneydoğusunda yer PDF | OBJECTIVE The clinical significance of the Simpson system for grading the extent of meningioma resection and its role as a predictor of the recurrence of World Health Organization (WHO He deployed to Iraq, likely served as route clearance (mechinized infantry) and hung out in the motorpool a lot. If you want to make the military a career and you want to get promoted quickly, ensure you have a high APFT, do your best at everything, do boards, go MEPS I decided to start this online journal as a way of keeping my family up to date on how things are going with my training, and also to hopefully help any others out there that are currently in DEP for the Army. Even if you haven't specifically been through 74D training if you've reclassed as a E5 I'd like   What to expect and maybe how long the reclass is? Should I wait until I re-enlist to reclass? My main objective would to become a crew chief, but I'm not sure  If I enlist in a 35 or 25 mos how soon would I be able to try and reclass to 17c? brand new soldiers trying to packet drop out of initial contract ASAP after AIT). ARTs are fulltime Department of Defense civil service employees who are required to serve as members of the Air Force Reserve one weekend a month and at least 14 days a year of annual training. He is very very unhappy and angry about the new MOS he was given. My GT is way over 110 and I qualify for a top secret clearance and am willing to reclass into any critically needed job. This publication discusses common business expenses and explains what is and is not deductible. AIT: AIT is completed in two parts. May I visit my son or daughter during advance individual training (AIT)? Yes, you will need identification before you can sign them out from the unit. I know I don't wanna be stuck behind a desk more than I have to. By: Jim Tice November 22, 2015 . They conduct a wide variety of investigations to include deaths, sexual assault, armed robbery, procurement fraud, computer crimes, counter-drug operations and war crimes. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. 3. United States Army Counterintelligence is the component of United States Army Military Intelligence which conducts counterintelligence activities to detect, identify, assess, counter, exploit and/or neutralize adversarial, foreign intelligence services, international terrorist organizations, and insider threats to the United States Army and U. The compensation for being in the Army or Air National Guard or in a Reserve unit is less than full-time pay since the commitment is only on weekends. More information about these opportunities and other considerations concerning occupations related to MOS 68A can be found below. 15w Reclass from Infantry, Questions about job : army - reddit. Thoughts? Keyword Research: People who searched 25b also searched. This can take several weeks, or even a couple months. 7: 8631: 17: 25b: 0. We are feeling overwhelmed with gratitude today after being at the 65th Governor's Parade at Camp Williams. After you complete Basic Combat Training (BCT), you're ready for the next step. The information below the line is just for older, research purposes and Google search results. Advanced Individual Training Civil Affairs / Psychological Operations Advanced Individual Training at the Special Operations Center of Excellence. Twitter PDF | zet Bu çalışmada ağırlıklı çakıştırma yöntemi kullanılarak Büyükçay Havzası'nın erozyon risk analizlerinin yapılması amaçlanmıştır. Airmen need to bring with them all of the items they were issued from Basic Military Training at Lackland AFB. 6 percent effective Jan. Description . com/jaysan-britt I want to go into the fire service full time as a career once I graduate college, and it's incredibly important that I do well in AIT. As you're asking about AT I'm guessing your RC. First, I salute you for wanting to do what you do; I did that as well when I was sworn back in '05. The reclassification branch of hrc is the reclassification authority for the army and will manage the atrrs ts function to identify a priority mos for all ait failures. These Soldiers create, examine, and monitor contractual agreements between an organization and the vendor who is providing supplies or services to the unit. One thing that keeps popping up when I look into reclassing is EOD. Below are the Army Branches (MOS branches). Even though I was going on a mission in less than 10 minutes and the mount would help me be more combat effective, the guy who never left the wire kicked me out not because it made tactical sense, but because he can. And i have no interest in doing any of that. Failing AIT is not a way to get another job, because you will end up in a much worse job. com Reclass for 15W WITH U5 (Grey Eagle) and don't play the which platform will I fly game. Keyword CPC PCC Volume Score; 25b mos: 1. ANG Public Affairs does not act as an operator service. He has three weeks until his AIT class starts, etc. Note. Bringing quality young men and women into the Army - people who will complete their tours of duty and make a contribution to the Nation’s defense - is the objective of the U. What It Takes; How to Join; Basic Training; Prior Service; Fitness Calculator Reddit! Wong this Thread! I cant remember if it was just the reclass guys or all the students though. An influx of 89D(EOD) shitbag dropouts got reclassed to 15T and I was stuck behind  12 Feb 2019 Applicants that have approved ETPs must successfully complete 35P AIT. On top of this I am in AIT in an MOS that I do not like. Even if I got my EMT afterwards I can't see a fire department hiring someone who washed out of Army medic training. I am looking to reenlist/reclass to the mos 37F. I think if anything the focus needs to go back to training and less on the million dollar toys. And the kids i have seen fail and reclass as artillery, cook, 88m etc. In accounting, the term reclassification is often used to describe moving an amount from one general ledger account to another. submitted 1 year ago by Indelimma123. Socialize with the army national guard Facebook. DEMA provides unique capabilities and services to the citizens of Arizona in three distinct roles: community, state and federal. reclass. Generated by Army Career Tracker Reporting Page 2 Report generated on: Oct 18, 2019 ACT Career Map - 12B - Combat Engineer SOLDIER FOR LIFE More Info 17c mos | 17c mos | 17c mos army | 17c mos requirements | 17c mos ait | 17c mos life | 17c mos packet | 17c mos reclass | 17c mos training | 17c mos certificati Describes job duties for Army MOS 17E Field Illumination Crewman. Well, he's been telling me he hates it, can't take it, doesn't want to do it anymore and even tossed around "refuse to train" so he can quit. Given that I have a background in computer science and foreign language (3/3 Arabic), I figured I should give SIGINT a serious look. Examples of Reclassification. To be authorized to reclass or reenlist for a new MOS, there must be a "Y" under the "In" column of the MOS the soldier wishes to reclass or re-enlist into, regardless of promotable status. com Marine, Navy and Army Jobs. My reserve unit is currently getting ready to go to Irwin . All enlistment  27 Feb 2019 2016 but I've also read here and on reddit that they don't give age waivers. U. CID Special Agents primarily investigate felony-level crime across the Army and provide investigative support to field commanders. I was at my 1st unit after AIT for roughly 3 months when I signed up for  24 Dec 2013 The first group of soldiers to complete their training for the Army's new Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) were awarded MOS 25D, cyber  4 Apr 2018 What You Really Need to Know About AIT & Tech School At that point, the Army is simply going to reclass you into a different MOS. The prior service program is an enlistment option that allows a select number of people who separated from military active duty, the Guard or Reserve, to Welcome to the United States Air Force. First of all, if you are prior service (any branch) and an E-5 or below, you will be able to skip AF Basic and go right to Tech School. Is it a good path to take the 5-17, come home and heal, and return to AIT or is that too risky? Can she stop the 5-17, ask to recycle or reclass into a new MOS (one less physically demanding), heal and continue training without ever being separated? MED Board is the last option since she wants to be in the army and serve. Department of Defense. 17c | 17c | 17c mos | 17cm in inches | 17c army | 17c mos army | 17crcaca009 | 17c to f | 17ce | 17capital | 17crnimo6 | 17cdcacw066 parts | 17cdcacw066 | 17c r The following listing reflects courses currently available for distribution to the Army Reserve and National Guard. Pay and Benefits. reclass map layer information which is based on an already reclassified map (for the user's convenience), no r. Is leaving the service the right thing for you to do or should you stay? There are financial pros and cons to both staying in the military and getting a civilian job. Getting ready to come off an everlasting assignment in USAREC, yes I'm the soul seeker. BASIC PAY AND ALLOWANCES. Enlistment and Reenlistment Bonus Guide – Everything You Need to Know about Bonuses Enlistment bonuses and reenlistment bonuses are just one way that the military entices people to join the military or choose to reenlist for additional service. The killer is, there is nothing wrong with his service. Army headquartered at Fort Lee, Virginia, and is responsible for the movement of personnel and matériel by truck, rail, air, and sea. Needs of the Army, are jobs no one else wants to do, like cook, services, etc. The term grunt used to refer to just Infantry and later to combat arms soldiers in the Army. Not currently in this situation, but if a soldier was to fail ait and refuse to reclass what would happen? Less than a month after announcing the upcoming deployments of thousands of U. 086% • failed to conduct proper risk assessments or react when risk factors increased; resulted in x Soldiers injured during the rating period In hot spots around the globe, the Green Berets are often the first in and the last out. I contacted my recruiter who is a good friend and he told me that this was a situation that I could Probably reclass. 17c | 17c mos | 17c | 17cm in inches | 17c army | 17c mos army | 17crcaca009 | 17c to f | 17cdcacw066 | 17c mos requirements | 17crcaca007 | 17cdcact007 | 17c r U. This page advertises positions Air Reserve Technicians in the Air Force Reserve. Read about Guard and Reserve Pay. The MEB process begins when the service member’s physician refers him to the IDES because of a medical condition that is not expected to improve enough for him to return to full duty within one year. The things that are right under your nose and never are a part of or experience. The Transportation School Trains and produces Transportation professionals, Develop viable Doctrine, & Integrate transportation concepts and capabilities to deploy and distribute expeditionary forces, U. You really want to progress your career, find the IO and SO's and get some knowledge of what you need to study outside of 5 & 9's. Infantry has done their training at Ft Benning GA since 1918 and their training is called OSUT because they stay in one place and it’s more of a continuation of basic training than it is an AIT. In 2012, all service members received a pay raise of 1. reclass map layer (i. Each branch listed below has it’s own set of Army Jobs based on it’s respective section of the US Army. If I fail AIT and have to reclass, that's pretty much the end of my fire career. Thanks to “SB TUCKER” for the Update!! This info is from a 68W! –D/C– Oct 26, 2011. Advanced Individual Training (AIT) is where you will learn the skills to perform your specific Army job. Before he left for basic he Reclass in AIT- Reserve Component (how long, state) - Military Life and Issues -Relocation, families, vets, bases, Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, VA loans - City-Data Forum Air Force tech school reclassing? military. How To Reclass To X Ray Tech Army. 46s mos | 46s mos | 46s mos army | 46s mos ait | 46s mos goarmy | 46s mos reclass | 46s mos requirements | mos 46s series | 46s mos asvab score | 46s mos cool | Now hiring: Army needs counterintelligence agents. 17c | 17c | 17c mos | 17cm in inches | 17c army | 17cm | 17c mos army | 17c to f | 17ce | 17c reclass | 17crnimo6 | 17cdcacw066 | 17c formula | 17capital | 17c 35T MOS Civilian Jobs. So if I did fail i am thinking i would just refuse to reclass. These 68Ws spent 0 time training as medics and instead thought of themselves as glorified taxi drivers. Army Special Reaction Teams (SRTs) are specialised military police units that are trained to respond to crisis situations at Army installations. That's 9 weeks of holding under to start training. Does anyone know if that is still the case? I know a packet has to be submitted and approved to attend the school. Get OCS application information at ncosupport. It was NOTHING like AIT. I have a few quick questions that pertain to 4187's, AIT class dates, and reclasses/prior service at AIT. Husband Wants To Reclass. I know at one time 37F was in high demand. You or your spouse have just been selected for Army flight school. 5 yrs, and back in early 2014 I had to reclass due to AIT failure *failed training*, and then to the needs of the army put . Important Information: We strive to provide information on this website that is accurate, complete and timely, but we make no guarantees about the information, the selection of schools, school accreditation status, the availability of or eligibility for financial aid, employment opportunities or education or salary outcomes. Search jobs and career information here. Contracting NCOs, Contracting Specialists, or Contracting Officers are part of a logistical supply plan. 17c | 17c | 17c mos | 17cm in inches | 17c army | 17cm | 17c mos army | 17c to f | 17ce | 17c reclass | 17crnimo6 | 17cdcacw066 | 17c formula | 17capital | 17c 35l | 35l mos | 35l | 35l counterintelligence agent | 35l counterintelligence | 35l army | 35l reclass | 35l counterintelligence agent packet | 35l counterintel When you join the Army, you are assigned a military occupations specialty (MOS). The general rules for deducting business expenses are discussed in the opening chapter. Promotions in the Army can seem complicated. The security accreditation level of this site is UNCLASSIFIED and below. © 2019 United States National Guard ELIGIBILITY. For the entire cycle. On-line ordering is now available. Official Home Page of the Arkansas National Guard. I'm a 15W 7D. Moving With AIT – Ask A Soldier Reddit Need some opinions on MOS submitted 8 … then reclass If I failed an mos and refused to reclass, would I be chaptered out of the Army? If so, what kind of chapter would it fall under I have been stuck in AIT for over seven months, therefore Procedures for the reclassification and retraining of AC Soldiers, to include prior-service trainees, who fail to complete IET/AIT, or Officer Candidate School (OCS), Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) Soldiers who are administratively released from training. Some services even has a AIT length qualification for those who fail an AIT, thier rules say your new AIT cannot be longer than 8 weeks. Army Special Reaction Team (SRT) U. The chapters that follow cover specific expenses and list other publications and forms you may need. 35P - Cryptologic Linguist - Is now in the BEAR program ALERT: Effective 1 October, 2013, the BEAR program is COMPLETELY RESCINDED for ALL MOSs. , reclass table) will ever be stored as a r. After my active duty assisgnment I signed up to be in a NG Ambulance Company for a year and to maybe reclass if I liked it. e. Yet another typical "11B OSUT question" : army - reddit. Fort Leonard Wood is a thriving and prosperous installation that has evolved from a small basic training post more than 75 years ago to a premier Army Center of Excellence that trains about 82,600 military and civilians each year. I am on leave right now, but yes, I will be talking with the retention NCO as soon as I am back at work (August). What to expect in AIT as a reclassing NCO. reclass of a r. If you didn't find what you're looking for, you can browse all careers, or try a key word search with a short description of your job. Beside each Army Branch name is a number, this number is the total number of MOS’s in that branch. Refusing reclass in ait. The duties in some Army jobs cross over to the Air Force. : army - reddit. Army has announced changes to Officer Candidate School OCS for FY 2011. So does service in the Marines and Navy. ARMY 68W (68 Whiskey) Army Combat Medic. troops to Afghanistan to relieve existing forces ahead of the spring fighting season, the Army says those soldiers The mission of the Warrant Officer Candidate School is to educate, train, and inspire candidates so that each graduate is an officer of character; committed to doing what is right legally, morally, and ethically both on and off duty; an officer who is committed to professional growth through life-long learning; and who embraces the requirements I got to hang out with a 35M-type broad. ait reclass reddit

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