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One engine has a Holley 4150 650 cfm. The sections include: Avenger systems, Carburetion, Carburetor Numerical, Fuel Injection, Throttle Bodies, Fuel Pumps The size of the jets within your Holley carburetor will control the flow of fuel from the fuel bowl to the combustion chamber. Many of these carbs use the 6. Holley's carburetor rebuild kit includes all the parts and information necessary for a professional build. Holley even made a 4 bbl carb that's almost a dead ringer for the 4100, this carb is the Holley 4010. A Holley is as complicated as a toilet. These Holley 4160 adjustable float carburetors are easier to tune than full race carburetors with temperamental secondary metering blocks and dual pumps. Please refer to your carburetor’s owner’s manual for any additional information. Holley 4160 4150 Side Hung Fuel Bowl Set. 23 gears. i will add to this page as more part numbers become available. Parts orders placed before 3:30pm EST will normally be shipped same day (if the item is in stock). walkerproducts. 5. This means, that there are no exceptions, and whatever package is installed, the file is diverted. Agreed on a double pumper. Will include custom SS fuel rail with asking price. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers holley model 4160 carburetor, list-8409, d8pe-aea 1977-78 ford 410"-428"-429"-460" service replacement holley carburetor been on a shelf in my garage for a few decades Please, tick the box below to get your link: Get manual | HLY0-3310SA, Carburetor, Model 4160, 4-Barrel, 750 CFM, Square Bore, Manual Choke, Vacuum Secondary, Dual Inlet, Polished, Each. Holley casting numbers decode and identification. The 0-80551 model 4160 is one of the popular marine carburetors from Holley. Part Number: Model Number: CFM: Created by Fred Teufert: R1848-1: 4160: 465: 12/16/2000: R1849: 4160: 660: Email me : R1850-2: 4160: 600: http://www. it is not a complete list of all carbs made by holley over the years. New and Used Car and Truck Parts and Accessories On Sale Holley 4150 4160 4500 Brass Carburetor H80508 - Holley 4160 Series 750 CFM 4 Bbl Carburetor with Vacuum Secondary and Electric Choke One of the most widely used Holley carburetors of all time! Its dual feed fuel inlets assure you get all the fuel you need and its 750 CFM of airflow makes it the perfect performance upgrade carb by: Cobalt327 (Click here to edit this page anonymously, or register a username to be credited for your work. Holley carburetors powered every Monster Energy NASCAR® Cup team and nearly every NHRA® Pro–Stock champion for four decades. 5 in it originally. US made. co. Holley has produced carburetors for everything from a Ford Model A to Detroit's classic muscle cars to the race bred Dominators. 4500 Holley Carbs. Holley 4150G carburetors have a governor diaphragm assembly on the passenger side and were used on trucks. Please provide us with the carburetor number off your carburetor, boat year, boat make/model, engine size, and type of sterndrive or inboard in the text boxes below. No. Since the beginning of the 2300, 4150, 4160, 4165, and 4175 model production, there had been a common problem of blowing the power valves. Have an older 4 barrel Holley carb. A mixture which is too rich, meaning the mixture does not have the proper quantity of air, can result in fouled sparkplugs and poor gas mileage. Re: Holley carb flooding I had a similar issue once and the problem was a torn power valve gasket so you might give that a look. com. For example, the number "65" indicates that the valve will open when engine vacuum drops to 6. View and Download Holley 4160 installation instructions online. net: R1850-3 TeamRush, I just acquired what was represented to me as a Holley 4160 6948 600 cfm carb. The aluminum construction results in a product that is 40 percent lighter than Holley's other carburetors that are constructed from zinc. 5 power valve and the carb had a 6. Recent seal rebuild kit installed. com. holley - 5 walker products inc. View sales history, tax history, home value estimates, and overhead views. This DIY book covers Holley carburetor repair and adjustment, and a bonus section shows you how to choose a Holley carb based on your engine's size and its volumetric efficiency. Failure to follow these instructions may result in poor performance, vehicle damage, personal injury, or death. Model 4160, 390 cfm, 4-Barrel, Electric Choke, Single Inlet, Dichromate Finish, Ford Kickdown, Adjustable Float Carburetors Choose One New Holley 0-8007 - $575. We picked up the 37-485 kit for rebuiding most Holley 4150 and 4160 carburetors. Will also hold down the base plate of a cold air scoop. 1970 Torino . you don't need a special holley needle/seat unless you're running a 4x4 and then i would recommend a spring loaded needle/seat assy . The Y41-2F remanufactured four barrel Holley Model 4160 600 CFM marine carburetor comes with an electric choke. Both of these models can be single- or dual-feed and units with vacuum secondaries have a single accelerator pump. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Rebuild and Adjustment Manual for Models 2010, 2300, 4010, 4011, 4150, 4160, 4165, 4175, and 4500 WARNING! These instructions must be read and fully understood before beginning installation. You won't wanna miss the end result comparison between these two Holley Intakes! holley 4160 on 12a troubleshooting RX-7 Car Forums . The problem of the PV rupturing every time the engine pops died with disco, unfortunately the myth lives on. vacuum. This application includes the Racing Beat-modifed 465 CFM carburetor that is included with our stock port and street port intake kits. 5 in. I built a block off plate and installed a universal electric pump and filter setup that is intended for use with carburated applications. Holley 4-Barrel Carburetors - Camaro, Chevelle, Chevrolet, Corvette, Chevy II / Nova 1964-67 Holley Components - 4160 Series (Single Fuel Inlet 585 CFM 275 to 390 HP) 1965-72 Holley Components - 4150 Series (Dual Fuel Inlet 780-855 CFM 375 to 450 HP) Holley Carburetor 390 Cfm. the following is a partial list of holley list #'s for some of their most popular carbretors. These classic Holley 4 barrel carbs features all metal parts and vacuum secondaries. I was able to find a new Holley diaphragm at Advance Auto for about $3 and it was an easy repair. what happens is when the floats are adjusted before installation, ill step on the gas but no gas comes out. My question is the intake manifold. 1967 Shelby GT500 Carburetors. 251 inches. Now, Holley EFI products power these cars and are dominating the performance world. 00+. but when i start the car the idle is at 3500-4000 now that is bad lol any idea of what i may have done wrong or forgot to do i am generally good with cars but this is my first carbed car please help As for the Holley 4160 I have never seen one that didn't have a power valve on the primary side, they never have on on the secondary side. Hg, "85" indicates 8. O. Items 1 - 15 of 19 Electric Choke Vacuum Secondaries-Model 4160. (1) Adjust air vent rod and valve by checking the clearance from valve to seat with a drill with throttles closed. 00 A 500 cfm Holley would probably be more than enough unless you are using the car on a track. 300 cfm can probably work but may not give you much more performance than a stock Quadrajet. 2 beds, 1 bath, 1062 sq. I don't know about 94's, but on a regular holley the power valves don't really do anything immediately off idle, that's the job of the accelerator pump. Instructions cover carburetor repairs and adjustment. The secondary metering plate uses a fixed orifice for secondary Holley Carburetor Tuning: Idle Circuit Mods for High Duration Camshafts - Duration: 12:02. X 0 1 2. Any holley made since the early eighties do not need the PV check valve kit . This 600 CFM marine carburetor is universal and therefor suitable for most marine engines out there. Explanation of the identification and differences between a Holley 4250 and 4160 carburetors. Ford Mustang Galaxie Fairlane Torino Mercury Cougar Cyclone Boss Applications. the following is a partial list of holley list #'s for some of their most popular carbs. We are a leading provider of Holley Carburetor 936 Carburetor, find a wide and ever-changing deals for sale. Some carbs have an adjustable bolt you can screw in or out to let air past the throttle blades, Holley even has a carb that has an adjuster beneath the air cleaner stud. How to Tune a Holley (basic) by Lars Grimsrud SVE Automotive Restoration Musclecar, Collector & Exotic Auto Repair & Restoration Broomfield, CO Rev. The 416 Yes, I would expect the expanding fuel to escape out the float vent, which on the 4160, has J tubes that direct the vent into the carb throttle bores. I need some help picking a carb for my 390 build. Outside of a p. My plan is to start out with 67 jets up front first,but if I get a 4160 playing with the plate well I have not been there yet. Racing and Automotive, How to's and advice 123,557 views Buy Holley 0-80508S Model 4160 750 CFM Square Bore Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke Replacement Carburetor: Carburetors - Amazon. This is one of the purposes of the vent. New 3-14-01 This tech paper will discuss basic set-up and tuning of Holley vacuum secondary carbs for optimum street performance and drivability. Two floats, 2 mix screws, 4 jets, a power valve (vacuum operated enrichening valve) and an accelerator pump with a few small fuel circuits that are easily fouled by dirt and crud. Gaskets, floats, choke parts, diaphragms, needle and seat assemblies, and small parts. 4160-C . (Has 9834 on it which is a 4160 universal I believe). 1968 1967 Holley List 1850-1 2927 Carb Carburetor parts chevy pontiac 600 650 in Holley Double Pumper Carburetor Manual Choke List 6210 Spread Bore. A stock Holley 4160 should run on a stock 360 without changing The Holley 4150, 4160 Carburetor Handbook, will teach you the basics of idling, choke, power, accelerator pump, main-meetering, fuel inlet, and more. When the company was based in Michigan it was a major producer of carburetors for many Detroit-built automobiles. A Holley carburetor diagram with an exploded view of the carb, step-by-step instructions, and detailed tuning guide are provided. 5:1 static compression. Purchase a Holley Renew KitR next time a carburetor rebuild is due and you'll be assured of using only genuine Holley factory service parts. Holley 4160 Carburetor for sale. Rebuild and Adjustment Manual for Models 2010, 2300, 4010, 4011, 4150, 4160, 4165, 4175, and 4500 WARNING! These instructions must be read and fully understood before beginning installation. US manufactured and ethanol ready. Holley 0-8007 Model 4160 390 CFM Square Bore 4-Barrel Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke New Carburetor in Carburetors. I'm replacing my automotive Holley on my 351w ford commander with a marine Holley 4160. Holley® has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. Once you know the correct stock jetting for your particular Holley carb, you can determine whether you live or race at an altitude above sea level. I'm going to buy a new Holley 4160 in the next few days and I've got a few questions for the ones of you who have owned these carbs. uk S6/3 S6/3 Holley 870 cfm 4 barrel “4160” Carburetor Features; Vacuum secondaries, MECHANICAL choke, dual inlet fuel bowls, power valve protection. The 4160 is the Model number and according to the PAW catelog, this Model came in many different 4-BBL ratings from 390 cfm up to at least 750 cfm. Locate Holley Fuel Bowl on sale right here with the largest selection of Holley Fuel Bowl anywhere online. Holley 4160 aluminum street carburetors are offered in electric chokes for easy warm-ups or manual chokes allowing you to control the warm up. Finished up putting the intake and carb on my '82 today. Fast Kits Like the Trick Kit, Fast Kits use only quality Holley parts and include step-by-step instructions and detailed tuning guide. If you are seeing this screen, click below to go to the non-frames version of the site. Discover Holley 600 Rebuild Kit on sale right here with the biggest choice of Holley 600 Rebuild Kit anywhere online. The front and rear floats are set. Other carbs have notches milled into the throttle blades right at the transfer slot. list # cfm stock jetting power valve type What makes the Holley 4180 different from its aftermarket 4150/4160/1850 cousins is the tamper-proof metering block that makes it virtually impossible to adjust the idle air mixture. 00 Ford applications and repair kits Holley 4160 2328 C1AE-AM 2938 1962 8 390 (Center - Set of 3) Holley 2300-C Again right out of the box the Holley started up and performed well although burning rich due to the 7500ft altitude. I see several advertisements for Holley Carbs that will work on the 1955 292 YBlock. We carry floats for most Holley carburetors. With squarebore carbs I prefer the 4150 as it has a metering block with jets and often a power valve on the secondary side. For every 2000 foot increase in altitude, you can reduce the jet size by one size. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Holley Carburetor 390 Cfm for your automobile About Holley Carburetor Handbook, Models 4150 & 4160. Holley 2300C, 2300G, 4150C, 4150G, 4150MG, 4160C & 4160 w/mechanical secondarys Holley 4000 Carburetor Manual Holley 4000 Visual Instruction Manual Holley 4150C Carburetor Rebuild Manual Holley 4150EG Carburetor Manual Holley 4150EG Governor Manual Book, Holley 4150 & 4160 Handbook This 80-page softbound handbook is an excellent source of information on Holley's famous 4150 and 4160 series carburetors. Got one on the 46 with a 4180 Holley, had the same combo on the 69, before we injected it. Apparently the diaphragms used by Holley for the accelerator pump can start leaking when they are not very old. Holley carb hook up - Register and search over 40 million singles: matches and more. You are correct in that the instructions are marginal at best. The Holley 0-80492 from the 4160 series is another 600 CFM marine carburetor. The most noticeable difference in the 4160 is the thin secondary metering plate, which is used in place of the secondary metering block. The bottom view of the pump housing. The beauty of the Holley is The Model 4160 P/N 0-8007 is calibrated for use on V-6 and small V-8 engines. We offer a plethora of Holley Carburetor 390 Cfm for your vehicle needs. In 1992, Holley figured out how to fix an age-old power valve design flaw. FWIW you can lean a 4160 way down on a 289/302 i've got 59's in the primarys on the 46. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. Race-ready right out of the box! For amazing response from an affordable production carburetor, your search stops here. I've been chasing a carburetor flooding problem now for several weeks with no real good news to share. Guys, please check the actual Holley part number as well. I would not expect fuel to find its way into your bilge, the 4160 marine carburator is designed to not do this. Hg, etc. The Holley 50cc accelerator pump will substantially increase fuel capacity over the standard 30cc pump system. Holley 4150 4160 4500 Brass Carburetor Carb Jets Kit 2 Each Sizes 64-99 This kit consists of two (2) each of thirty-six (36) different jet sizes, ranging from #64 to #99. 427 Galaxie carburetors. a. The engine is a 427 Sideoiler with a set of street/strip ported Edelbrock heads, a street roller cam, and 10. Find great deals on eBay for holley 4160 and holley 4150. The pictures below show the types of gas inlets, where to find the throttle plate number, fuel pump overflow tube, and where to find the carburetor number. just use the . 001 inches; the inside-diameter gasket surface of the Dominator measures approximately 7. - This Auction Is For One Brand New Magnafuel Anti Reversion Plate For A Holley 4150 / 4160 With A 1 11/16" Bore. If you unscrew the plug on each float bowl the fuel should just trickle out of the hole. If these Ford Holley 4160 Type Marine Carburetor *Remanufactured Our Part No. Order Holley Carburetor Parts & Components for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Although published data shows that early 1967 396/375 cars received the Holley 4160 series (list number 3811), no cars have been observed with this carburetor. Find Holley 4160 Adjustable Float Carburetors and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Replace your old carburetor with original Holley performance 4160 carburetors. Most Holley carbs, including the 4150/4160 series, have a 1/4-20 threaded center hole to accept an air cleaner stud. One of the things we noticed over the years is the lack of information concerning Holley List numbers and the specifications for individual carburetors and their stock jetting. This carb works only with the 292YBlock 4160 Manifold with Flanged Intake. Each kit contains all parts and gaskets necessary to restore like  Feb 24, 2017 Both 4150 and 4160 Holley carbs used basically the same body, although there could be differences like mechanical or vacuum secondaries  302 CID (5. Locate Shiny Fuel Holley 4160 today on the internet! Discontinued and Out of Stock. Get yours online today and pick up in store. Buy a new Holley Polished Aluminum 600 CFM 4-Barrel 4160 Series Carburetor with Electric Choke from CJ Pony Parts. Holley Carburetor 4160, I am having a problem with it running rich, I have checked the Power Valve and Acceler? It does not run rich in idle circuit or when accelerating, The richness is caused by something in the run circuit, I have a multimeter attached to O2 sensor since day one. it is not a complete list. Features: Model 4160; Vacuum secondaries; Electric choke; 30cc accelerator pump; Single fuel inlet  Mustang and Ford carbutetors. If you don't find the products you are looking for, please call 714. holley 50259 carburetor model 4180 e5he-9510 $ 325. HOLLEY, Carburetor, Model 4160, 4 Rebuilt Holley Street Model 4160 carb 750 cfm with vacuum secondary gaskets included rebuilt by certified mechanic very good condition guaranteed show contact info. 1850S2 Holley 4BBL Vacuum Secondary 600CFM Our Price: $495. Don't need an entire carburetor kit? Walker offers individual carburetor components, washers, o-rings, gaskets and needles & seats -- just to name a few. Buy Holley 0-80457S Model 4160 600 CFM Square Flange 4-Barrel Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke Carburetor: Carburetors - Amazon. 1. Remove the four bolts or screws from the primary and The Holley 1850/4150/4160 really is a marvel of engineering because it is easy to service and so common there is always someone out there who knows a lot about them. Each unit is CNC machined from solid billet aluminum for added strength and durability and features changeable idle feed restriction, 4 emulsions for more aggressive tuning, and additional racing application upgrades. CK63 Holley 4150, 4160 carburetor kit for 1968-1971 Chevrolet, Ford and Mercury: CK133 Carburetor repair kit for Holley 4160C carburetors Holley 2300 & 4150 & 4160 2 Barrel & 4 barrel float. Carburettor Model 4160 600 cfm Square Bore Manual Holley is the only modular carburetor company that has been in business for over 100 years and has powered every Holley 750 4160 80508-1 With trick kit rebuild kit . Please send me a PM if you know where I can get one. 240. rebuild to the base, does anyone have a fix? Application: For Holley 4160 Model carburetors - 750 CFM- 3310, 80508 - Dual inlet single metering block. My L79 has an oddball 585cfm Holley 4160 (LIST 3043) that includes a build date and a GM part number of course. Hello all. Hey guys. 3 liter) V6 marine engines. 5, […] HOLLEY CARBURETOR REBUILD KITS. The Holley 4180C is an emission controlled design introduced in 1979. 750 CFM, square bore, vacuum secondary carb. This vehicle was a bit of a basket case, especially under the hood. The pump housing cover removed with the diaphragm visible Holley 0-80457S This carburetor is available in a variety of configurations for street, strip, and track performance. 00 SMI - STAGE TWO - 1850 (600 CFM) 4160 HOLLEY SINGLE FEED FOUR BARREL: Nat,Something else to check is the float level. We dropped in on MCE Engines Mustang and Ford carbutetors. Ford Holley 4160 Type Marine Carburetor *RemanufacturedOur Part No. list # cfm stock jetting power valve type. VERGASER ÜBERHOLSATZ HOLLEY Marine Psu Vergaser GSR 4160 Reparatursatz Reparatur. APN 342600A0870000004040000. May 1, 2017 Understanding the Holley 1850/4150/4160 carburetor. Holley Service Guide No. Holley 4160 (3310-4) idle screws won't adjust vacuum/stalls in gear. com today. The Holley Y41 model 4160 four barrel marine carburetor with electric choke that you have chosen has the following variations. They come with everything you'll need, including gaskets, power valves, and other hard and soft parts. 097 adjustable part #6-506 and they work just fine and these also have the viton tipped needle to help prevent wear Order Carburetor Rebuilding Kit for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. If these The 4160-style carburetors are shorter in length, making them more compact and simpler to build but they have a minor shortcoming. Illustrated Parts Break Down 1) Choke Plate 2) Choke Shaft Assembly Holley Carburetor Identification Codes. This Holly carburetors new aluminum will hold its shine and can also be hand polished for a custom look. R-3667-1A . ft. Kits are available for all Holley Marine Carburetors. Holly Carburetor Models 3160 & 4160 illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly page 1. Holley 4150 Carburetor Manual Holley 4150C Carburetor Rebuild Manual Holley 4150EG Carburetor Manual Holley 4150EG Governor Manual Holley 4150G Carburetor Manual Other Free Holley Manuals Application Carburetor Number (list) 1957 Ford Truck 1214 1959 Ford Truck 4150G 1855, 1856, 1857, … Holley 4160 Carburetor - List-9776 - 450 Cfm - Dual Quad Tunnel Ram. with vacuum secondaries. teufert. All 4010 and 4011, Holley’s and many newer 4150 and 4160 series carbs come from the factory with this power valve blowout protector. Shop for Holley 750 CFM 4 BBL model 4160 classic carburetor with confidence at AutoZone. The carb is a brand new Holley 4160 (vac sec with elec choke single inlet side Holley 4160 venturi dripping! Is it needle and seat; Welcome to Club Hot Rod! The premier site for everything to do with Hot Rod, Customs, Low Riders, Rat Rods, and This is a discussion for the topic holley 4160 600 stumped!!!!! on the board Engine Mechanical / Electrical The popular replacement four-barrels are the Holley models 4150 and 4160. Holley 4160 Overview Holley 4160 Adjustable Float Carburetor (Image/Summit Racing) The Holley 4160 carburetor was introduced as an updated version of the 4150 in the 1970s. Holley's Model 4160 four barrel carburetors are designed for budget minded enthusiasts and are calibrated for use on stock to mildly modified engines. We decided to go electric to solve this problem. Fisher 4160 Controller Manual 4150K - Fisher Controls 4150K Pneumatic Pressure Controller & Transmitter Simple Type: PRESSURE CONTROL 20PSI INPUT 3-15PSI OUT BRONZE, 4160 Fisher. 3 LS dyno mule, aka Monster Mouse. Holley jets range in size from 40 to 99, with the stock jet size differing based on the carburetor model and engine application. 95 I don't put myself forward as the world's leading expert on Holleys, but I do have some helpful ideas. Holley's catalog includes all the automotive and marine products offered. Black smoke film in the water and no hole - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic it's very common on holley carbs especially if you've used teflon tape to seal you fuel line fittings . The other day I ordered a Holley 4160 rebuild kit and happily dug into the carb to fix a few little problems (like the pivot pin for the back bowl's float which keeps falling out). 2 Service Manual for 2300, 3150, 3160, 4150, 4160, 4165, 4175, 4500 OEM Part Number 36-71, published by Colt Industries Holley Carburetors Division in 1974 The second Holley Service Guide is a complete technical package that covers the Holley 2 and 4 barrel models not explained in Holley Service Guide No. Models 2300, 4150, 4160 Instantaneous response! Pull strongly through the RPM band! A "must" for tunnel ram setups! This kit is for those who demand ultimate performance from their Holley carburetor(s). You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Now my question: which carb should I keep? And which Holley carb should I buy? So my nearly 3 year old Holley 4160 has a vacuum leak on the driver side where the secondary shaft passes through the base. 43-829YEngine Size: 351ciCarburetor Type: HolleyChoke Type: Electric Choke What Has Been Done to This Carburetor?1. . They are tunable, but to increase fuel, you need to replace the plate with one having larger holes on the bottom edge of the plate, or drill out the holes in the original plate. Make sure the motor is cold. Budget-minded enthusiasts, like you, will be rewarded with maximum performance from your stock or mildly-modified engine. I think it's Holley P/N 134-131 (for 4160 style carbs- ones that DON'T have a secondary side accelerator pump), but don't quote me on that. HOLLEY CARBURETOR REBUILD KITS. These two dyno charts show a comparison between a 1000 cfm 4150 HP Holley carb with downleg boosters and an 1150 cfm Holley Dominator carb. Holley carbs are calibrated for sea level operation and an inlet air temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I know i can just get the My Holley 4160 carb floods like crazy at idle fuel pressure @6 psi virtually new carb and gone through by very - Cars & Trucks question 1990 MC Prostar 190 with 351 Ford, 4160 Holley Carb. 0 out of 5 stars. I noticed a bog on WOT and confirmed an extremely lean  The Y41 remanufactured Holley Model 4160 four barrel marine carburetor with electric choke. i am replacing a holley 4160 w manual choke with a holley 4160 80457S electric choke carb. vacant land located at 4160 S Holley Rd, Holley, NY 14470. Re: Leaking Holley 600 (80457S) 4160 03-22-06 06:44 PM - Post# 901483 In response to SuperSport Hi SS, I had this problem on my 600cfm Holley vacumm secondaries elctric choke carb #80457-2. Later they manufactured carburetors for both street and racing applications such as the Holley "Double Pumper" and "Dominator". For the complete story on Holley fuel systems, pick up Holley Carburetors & Manifolds. 00 HOLLEY 4BBL 600CFM 4160 SERIES CARBURETOR HO0-80457SHere at last from Holley are the new and improved 4160 model 4-barrel carburetors. Trans. 43-829Y Engine Size: 351ci Carburetor Type: Holley Choke Type: Electric Choke What Has Been Done to This Carburetor? Holley 4160 carburetors use a metering plate on the secondary circuit that has precisely-sized holes to meter the fuel feeding the rear of the carb. The full radius design helps to increase the airflow for drag racing. --local Specifies that all packages' versions of this file are diverted. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this advertisement is for you. Good shape overall. 00 Datsun 620 510 L16 L18 L20 Custom Built Nitrous Set Up Holley Nos Offenhauser $2,000. Buy a new Holley 4160 Series Carburetor Rebuild Kit for your Four Barrel Carburetor from CJ Pony Parts. However I much prefer the 4175 as it, like the Q-jet is a Spreadbore carb. Holley 4160 series. If there is an icon in the performance world, it has to be the Holley four-barrel carburetor. The beauty of the Holley is that from a plain-Jane 600-cfm to a 1,050-cfm. Hg or below. After installation on the engine a reset ting may be made. HOLLEY Square Bore with Milled Choke Horn. list # cfm stock jetting power valve type Properly adjusting a Holley carburetor's air/fuel mixture is one of the most commonly overlooked and important considerations. Holley "Trick Kits" and "Renew" kits are the easiest way to revive your carb. Holley 4160 Series 4 Barrel Carburetor The Holley 4160 Series 4 barrel carburetor is the perfect addition to top off your Mustang's carbureted engine! Vacuum secondary helps heavier vehicles with automatic transmission performance, street gearing, and engines built for low-end horsepower. Casting Identification ID. Holley Four Barrel Carburetor List Numbers, Stock Jet Sizes, CFM, and Stock Power Valve Ratings | Ho… The power valve in the carb is stamped with an A2 and a 30, but I thought power valves were 4. See if maybe the carb, if off of a 351, has a number like HOL-0-80551. 9169. My car has a Holley 4160 carb (1850-3' 600 cfm) and I would like to know what primary jet I should be running. holley model 4160, model 4180 carburetor. This carburetor is a fiSquarefl flange carburetor and should NOT be used with adapters on fiSpread-Borefl type manifolds, since adapters on may affect cylinder-to-cylinder fuel distribution. This carburetor was made by Holley , The Holley Brothers Company was started in 1905 in Detroit Michigan then became the Holley Carburetor Co . Other than that, I went to the factory supplied lighter vacuum spring (not a good idea if you still have a 302ci engine). Parts are just part of what we do. Also for: 4150, 34-6, 34-6s. I put that same kit on a 4160 myself. They have a universal throttle lever and power valve blow-out protection. I ask because I plan on a bigger carb than the 600 on my mild 360 right now. 95 Have your carburetor rebuilt for $229. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers It includes the entire line of Holley products: carburetors, manifolds, fuel pumps, and filters. The 4160 and 4150 carburetors have the same 5 x 5½-inch bolt pattern (the same bolt pattern as the early Carter and Ford four barrels). These carburetors are equipped with Holley's all-new Tru-Set needle and seats, which have eliminated the need for external adjustments. A marine carburetors fuel metering system is calibrated to compensate for unique engine loads found on boats. Holley® has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. Holley Carburetor Number Master List - Page 25 - R-3360A to R-3671A Next page Holley 2300 Carburetor Manual Holley 2300 Carburetor Rebuild Manual – from a 1962 repair manual. BELLE MONNAIE 10 Cent 1814 R, um die double L Atelier WOLSCHOT - Ref:185/M01; 1 Generation 2 Appearance 3 Encyclopaedia entry 4 References Generation Stilettos make up about 0. I've two of them on the shelf as the carb is older then most of the people selling them, they're relatively cheap to buy. The jets are contained in a plastic case that is designed to keep them separated and make them easily accessible. The least expensive online catalog for all your Holley 4160 needs. Looking for Holley 4160 today? Find Holley 4160 and other automotive parts and accessories for sale on Ebay. 1967 Chrysler, 440 Eng. 5% of randomly generated weapons (on the floor, in shops, or as death drops). do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Description HOLLEY RENEW KIT 4160 SERIES CARBS HO 37-754 Do you need to refurbish your Holley remanufactured carburetor? A Holley remanufactured kit brings your carb back to original specs and like-new condition! Do you need to refurbish your tired Holley carburetor? A Holley Renew kit brings your carb back to original specs and like-new condition! These carburetor Renew kits from Holley come complete with all of the necessary gaskets, O-rings, pump diaphragm(s), needle and seat(s), power valve(s), detailed instructions, and hardware for a complete rebuild. Floods terribly at idle. Be sure to get the specific kit for your carb. D 2 0 0 0 4 6. This is a Holley list number 80457-2 four barrel carburetor. Quadrajet was stock on GM. Description 1 Dashpot Nut 2 Dashpot Assembly 3 Da shpot Bracket Screw 4 Dashpot Bracket 5 Throttle Lever Extension Screw 6 Throttle Lever Extension Nut Buy Holley 0-80457S Model 4160 600 CFM Square Flange 4-Barrel Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke Carburetor: Carburetors - Amazon. 5 valve you would have to have 17 in. Holley 4150, 3160, 4152, 4160 - Carburetor Parts & Kits for Rochester, Carter, Holley, Edelbrock, Ford Motorcraft QJet, 4G, 2G, Mercarb Marine, AFB, AVS Thermo-Quad Actually, the 4150/4160 carb air cleaner inside-diameter gasket surface measures approximately 5. This four barrel carb has a fuel metering system that is calibrated. Fixing Yesterday’s Mistakes. Shop for Holley Carburetor Fast Kit for Holley 4160 with confidence at AutoZone. the old set up has a 1 inch tall spacer setting on the intake manifold … read more Well which model 4160 is it? Number on the air horn. We carry a huge selection of Holley carburetor parts for many different Holley models. Levibrandon Dayton, Nevada, USA 1965 F100 Longbed Flareside Quick Fuel 3-2000 Holley 4160 Carburetor Non Stick Rebuild Kit 390 600 750 CFM. 2843151 . Non-adjustable needle and seat float. I am moderately experienced in 4160/4150 Holley carbs, and can answer most questions about them. I'm intending to sell one of the carbs and buy a Holley Brawler series carb. Turn this screw in until it seats lightly and back it off one full turn. The Autolite 2100/4100 are pretty similar to a Holley 2300/4150/4160, so you should be a step ahead of where you think you are. To use the 8. 4160 pdf manual download. Butterflies work well and it's tight, choke works, it is in good View a vast selection of Holley Carburetor 936 Carburetor, all carefully selected. Find Holley 4160 On Sale Now. [2] Although Holley rates this carburetor as 780 CFM, Chevrolet specifications and advertisements showed it as 800 CFM. I was wondering if the Holley model 4150 has any significant advantages over the Holley model 4160? The only reason I ask is because the 4160 has a polished option and looks better but I know that looks don't mean anything. Shopping with Michigan Motorz is 100% secure! Our website is fully encrypted with SSL certificates. It is a H4-4160 . Still using 1950's technology? Upgrade your carburetor with PROFORM's new race-oriented billet metering blocks. Author Mike Urich covers the fuel inlet system, idle system, main metering system, power system, accelerator pump, choke, metering system and much more. It boggles my mind to think that Holley actually paid someone to write those! I followed the instructions as best I could make them out, and got the kit on, and everything seemed to function properly. High performance enthusiasts are always looking for ways to make their street machines faster. CONVERSION KIT, less metering jets. Can someone tell me the inlet thread size on the Holley and what kind of fitting I will need? The automotive holley that is currently installed has a barbed fitting going into the inlet on the carb with a rubber fuel line from the fuel pump. Description Ref. This Holley carburetor rebuild kit contains all serviceable parts for use when rebuilding a Holley 4160 series carburetor. Is it a "flat spot" or is it a stumble? If your accellerator pump is spraying too much fuel, it will mostly flood (stumble)for a second, until the engine speed comes up enough to accomodate the Carburetor Kit Components Walker Products. Part# 0-80457SA Model 4160, 450 CFM, Tunnel Ram Carburetor-4160. Holley #0-1850S New Shown Below: Calibrated For Street Performance Model 4160, 600 cfm, 4-barrel, Manual Choke, Ford Kickdown, Doesn't Work With A. and it didn't resemble the typical 4150/4160 Holley carb in any way, shape or form with the exception of the Holley baseplate bolt pattern and the Holley logo. The Holley 4160 has no secondary metering block, so it uses a shorter transfer tube from the front float bowl to the rear. Holley 4150 and 4160, 4-barrel Carburetor rebuild kits and parts. hey there, ive got an 82 12a with a 600 cfm holley vacuum secondaries. "75" indicates 7. 1850-2 600 (f)66,(r)plate 134-9 6. 4160 holley carburetor - $100 (Lincolnton) < image 1 of 2 > QR Code Link to This Post. Air Cleaner Threads . Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. It is, however, recommended to plug SECONDARY power valves, due to the inconsistencies encountered with WOT, low vacuum operation, which is when the secondaries are open. Its a summit stage 2 intake and holley 600 vacuum secondary carb. A leader in fuel systems, Holley offers less weight with more performance--Model 4160 aluminum street carburetors. This one is calibrated for OMC & Volvo (4. D. ENGINE . Automobile Parts and Service Toggle navigation Community Chevy Automotive Sales Inc. Anyone know how to determine if my intake manifold is a 4160? 1955-79 Thunderbird Classic Holley Carburetor 750 CFM, Electric Choke Part #: 4160C holley 4 barrel carburetor list numbers and stock jetting/jet sizes. 5 power valve so it wont open until Hi guys what are your thoughts on the 4150-750 with the rear block haveing the jets one can play with,on the 4160 theres a plate not so easy to play with the jetting. Specify the gas inlet type, fuel pump overflow tube, throttle plate Holley's new Model 4160 600 CFM aluminum street four barrel carburetor is constructed from aluminum, which compared to its zinc counterpart equates to a weight savings of over 5 lbs. 00. I just ordered and installed a renew kit from Holley in my 4160. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Some holley carbs have . Like I said, I'm running a 4160 with vac secondary on a 258 straight six, on a Jeep CJ7. It has 2-stage power valves and was a lean runner. This stubstack is designed to be used on Holley 390-850cfm square bore carbs (4150/4160), that have had the choke horn milled off, but do not use an air cleaner. Each kit contains all parts and gaskets necessary to restore like new performance to your marine carburetor EXCEPT the spacer gasket loacated under the carburetor. 080 holes drilled in the throttle blades. In some cases, I may not be able to answer specific questions, but I'll do my best. You will need a source of 12 volt power to heat up the bi metal spring this must be energized only when engine is running so make sure do holley 3160 and 4160 exploded diagrams the old car manual project rh oldcarmanualproject com 4150 650 carburetor diagram 0 80508sa 750 cfm classic holley carburetor image choke vacuum cover after rebuild or when converting to manual Holley 0-8007 Model 4160 390 CFM Square Bore 4-Barrel Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke New Carburetor I recently switched over to a 4160 Holley (600 cfm) that I had on my shelf onto my 318 with 8:5:1 compression, hooker headers, 3 angle valve job to heads, Comp XE268 cam, 2500 TC, and 3. Holley Performance Products is an automotive performance company based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. double pumper carb, and the other a 4160 750 cfm. Some models have it already, others have the throttle plate orifice resized smaller so that the pressure from a pop doesn't rupture the diaphram. It puts out only 4-7 PSI and is supposed to not need a fuel pressure regulator. the problem is somewhere in the carb, yes i know that its a little big but its the only carb i have. Both engines idle roughly and have a light off-idle stumble. Quick question for some carb guys. - Includes Reusable Rubber Gasket Holley 1850 Carburetor Manual Read/Download Holley 0-1850S - Holley 4160 Adjustable Float Carburetors Carburetor, Model 4160, 600 cfm, Square Bore, Manual Choke, 4-Barrel, Vacuum. $1,895. View Details. This carburetor has a part number of R4368 LIST 4368 and used on 70-72 Chrysler . This really is the only sure way of knowing that your Holley carburetor will be brought back to original specifications and "like new" condition. One of the most widely used Holley carburetors of all time! Its dual feed fuel inlets assure you get all the fuel you need and its 750 CFM of airflow makes. HOLLEY 4160 4-BARREL PERFORMANCE CARBURETORS. I am looking for a lead on a Holley 4160 with carburetor number R-6254A. Real Steel Tel: 01895 440505 e-mail: sales@realsteel. Holley to Performance 120-4160 Window/Door Air Cleaner Assembly is the location where the versions of file, as provided by other packages, will be diverted. It includes the entire line of Holley products: carburetors, manifolds, fuel pumps, and filters. 4150K and 4160K Series Pressure October 2007 4150K/4160K Controllers and Transmitters Manual Backup As shown. Buy Holley Carburetor Handbook 4150 & 4160: Selection, Tuning and Repair by Mike Urich (ISBN: 0075478003037) from Amazon's Book Store. )(A) Screw holes-Four total, one in each corner used to fasten float bowl assembly/metering block to main body Carburetor, Model 4160, 600 cfm, Square Bore, Manual Choke, 4-Barrel, Vacuum, Single Inlet, Aluminum, Each. We ship parts and engines worldwide!* MERCURY PARTS CAN ONLY BE SOLD AND SHIPPED TO ADDRESSES WITHIN THE UNITED STATES. The automatic electric choke is another feature which differs from the other marine carbs out of this series. Champion Carburetor Holley 4160 Marine Carburetor, (4V), Remanufactured, Black LIST 50469-1 Rebuild & Return Service [R50469-1] - Marine 4 Barrel Carburetor, Remanufactured All Marine carburetors come with a special corrosion resistant black ceramic coating. Visit the post for more. 510-37-1542 Model 4160 510-37-1543 Model 2300 510-37-1544 Model 4150 Find great deals on eBay for holley fuel line 4160 and holley 4150 fuel line. The kit came with a 2. Holley is the best for modifying a carb to a specific engine. HP If you want to buy Holley 0-80508S Model 4160 750 CFM Square Bore Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke Replacement Carburetor at cheap, do not miss to see the details here. I'm trying to decide wether I should buy the 3310 manual choke or the 80508 electric choke. CK48 Holley 4160 carburetor kit for 1967-1976 Chrysler, Ford, Dodge and Lincoln: CK62 Holley 4150, 4160 carburetor kit for 1966-1970 Chevrolet and aftermarket double pump carbs. Vacuum Secondary, Single Inlet Budget-minded enthusiasts, like you, will be rewarded with maximum performance from your stock or mildly-modified engine. 4150 vs. So i just got done putting on a holley 1460 on my 1984 mustang. All Trans. 843. Holley 416p carburetor used been sitting for a couple years would most likely We test Holley's Mid-Rise Intake vs. Part# 0-9776. 95. Shop with confidence. The tag says: Motorcraft D5TE FA 4L7 I was wondering if you could give me some recommendations for a rebuild kit, Tric-kit?, or other off road mods I should make. This Review Holley 0-80508S Model 4160 750 CFM Square Bore Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke Replacement Carburetor This carburetor features a vacuum secondary with a metering plate that… Holley 4412 500 Cfm Tmp Carbs Two Barrel - Imca Legal Stage Iv $2,075. Correct list numbers and correct date codes for all holley carburetors. Holley delivers with hard-core 4150 series carbs for serious high performance ranging from 390 to 1000 cfm. I'm new here, but don't know where else to turn! I'll try to be brief, but I'm having a serious problem with my 4160 after a rebuild. Overview 2 Holley 4160 #0-97716 450eFM $300 each or $500 for pair Used only twice for test n tune Just not what we needed for our application. If it's external, then loosen nut and adjust the screw till gas just dribbles out of the sight plug. Each Holley power valve is stamped with a number to indicate its vacuum opening point. You can pick the jets and other parts to your needs. www. On the Holley Truck Avenger, I went 4 stages lean on the primaries and 3 on the secondaries. In the Holley Carburetor Handbook, concise text explains the basics of the fuel-inlet, idle, main-metering, secondary and choke systems. ill try starting it with the manuel choke pulled and it will Fits Most Holley 4160 Style Carburetors w/ Primary Metering Block & Secondary Metering Plate This is the perfect fuel supply line for dual-inlet Holley 4bbl 4160 Series Carburetors. i. For those that do not know there are two different styles of Holley power valves and they have specific gaskets. Find Holley 4160 Adjustable Float Carburetors 0-9776 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Replace your old carburetor with original Holley performance 4160 carburetors. The 4160 series of 4-barrel carburetors comes in a wide range of ratings, from 465-750 CFM, so finding one to replace your old, worn carb and improve performance is easy. Holley 1850-4 (4160-style) Carburetor Rebuild By July 2002, I was finally finishing up the engine rebuild on the AMC 401 V8 in my '77 Wagoneer . I'm running a 600 CFM Holley 4160 vacuum secondary carb on a Goodwrench 350. 0L) V-8. The idle mixture screws were adjusted to get high vacuum reading in Ford and Mustang Holley 4150 carburetor. Yeah, rear metering block conversion is an easy bolt-on affair for your 3310 as pictures, above, demonstrate. The power valve should be rated as half of the engine vaccuum reading at idle with car in drive if its auto. It is List number 6520, which makes it a 4160 type, 600 cfm. We rebuilt the carb with the correct Holley kit from skidim (rebuild done by an "old school hot-rod junky"). Dec 2, 2009 Explanation of the identification and differences between a Holley 4250 and 4160 carburetors. It turned out the secondaries float was set way to high, and had to be adjusted. Consider replacing your old float each time you rebuild your carburetor. Holley Model 4160 Adjustable Float Carburetor 4-bbl 450 Cfm Mech Secondaries. Optional Kit: P/N 703-28 Renewal Kit. It has generous 3/8" tubes to supply plenty of fuel, and the threaded fittings have the necessary 8-21/32" centers for the 4160. phone (323) 232-3359 fax (323) 232-3332 ref# nomenclature part# holley 1904, 1908, 1960 ( 120- series ) see jet chart at end of holley section ( ** ) refer to screw catalog shiny fuel holley 4160 in stock and ready for shipping now on the internet. Measures 8-21/32" Center to center; High flow desing with 3/8" Diameter tubing The spread-bore design allowed the 4165/4175 Holley to bolt directly into place without an adapter. The vacuum secondary helps heavy vehicles with automatic transmission performance, street gearing, and engines built for low-end horsepower. If you have the non external adjustment, the float needs to be level with the bottom of the carb bowl when the bowl is inverted. this a partial list of holley list #’s for some of their most popular carbs. Vacuum secondaries, and adjustable floats make these aluminum carburetors bolt-on performance upgrades for a wide variety of vehicles. The side view of the pump housing. NOMENCLATURE - MODEL 4150/4160 Ref. com ✓ FREE  Jul 18, 2019 Once described as the small block Chevy of fuel delivery, the Holley 3310 carburetor (4150 and 4160 models) landed at #1 on our list of most  Buy Holley 0-1850S Model 4160 Street Performance 600 CFM Square Bore 4- Barrel Vacuum Secondary Manual Choke New Carburetor: Carburetors  Results 1 - 10 of 10 Find Holley 4160 Adjustable Float Carburetors and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Replace your old carburetor  Holley 0-80457S 4160 600 CFM 4 Barrel Carburetor, Electric Choke made by Holley, for as low as $341. Learn about the 4150/4160’s unique metering blocks. i have a 69 F100 390 with auto trans. Brand New. Vacuum secondaries and heat choke. Engine is a stock 351W. 5 4160 I am a new member here, but would like help with my "new" 1957 Ford Fairlane (292??/Fordomatic/B intake). 4160-Style Carburetor Rebuild Kit Part #12750 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Please note that this is a general guideline and may not cover every step required to rebuild your specific carburetor. Vacuum secondaries allow use on wide variety of vehicles Holley 4 Barrel Carburater Information List Numbers and Stock Jetting. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Aftermarket Holley carb numerical listing by carb number Holley HP series carb specs by carb number Holley's accelerator pump instructions are on pages 6 and 7; Holley instruction manuals by part number; Manual, Exploded View and Nomenclaturefor Holley models 2010, 2300, 4010, 4011, 4150, 4160, 4165, 4175, and 4500 Holley technical library 4160 carburetors accelerator pump Adjust by bending air horn air leak applications arrow assembly attachment screws bimetal boost venturi booster bores buretor carbure check ball check valve Chevrolet choke housing choke plate Chrysler CID Engine Curb idle diaphragm disassembly discharge nozzle double-pumpers drag racing fast-idle cam filter I recently replaced my great running 4160 holley with a 670 avenger. Holley - Ford Carburetor Cross Index This web site uses frames, which your web browser does not support. I would stay away from a street avenger, never had any luck with 'em. 1970 Torino Cyclone 429 Scj 4 Spd Do0f 9510 N List 4627 Holley Carb 9a4 Nov 69. Holley 0-80537 Model 4150 750 CFM Four Barrel Marine Carburetor with Mechanical Secondaries All Holley Marine Carburetors are designed to meet Coast Guard specifications. Click the bold underline to BUY or look at a picture of the part. 1. com 4160 with mechanical secondarys has an idle air adjusting screw located in the main body. Holley's Hi-Ram Intake on our in-house 5. Free shipping when your order includes this part. Champion Carburetor Model Holley 4160 Carburetor, (4v), 600 CFM, Electric Choke, Remanufactured LIST 80457-2 [H-80457-2] - Holley 4160 Series Carburetor, Remanufactured Compatible with Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, GM, Buick, Oldsmobile, GMC, Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge. 4160 holley

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